3D Skeleton Hand Belt Buckle



Amazing 3D design, hand has a skull ring on it's wedding ring finger.

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Skeleton Hand Belt Buckle

  • Designed to fit a 1.5” W belt.
  • Buckle Size: 4.75" W x 2.5" H.
  • Buckle Weight: 3.5oz

Top Positive Reviews

  1. Antoinette L dot S. says on 01/16/2012:

    I luv this buckle!

    I owned this buckle an I bought a new pair of jeans an I was taking a road trip from Cali to Houston TX. an forgot it in Las Angles, So I'm trying to get other one thanks for having it available.

  2. Christian K. says on 03/25/2010:

    Christian Keymolen's review

    Super dope. Lots of detail and it has a real nice Chrome look to it! The buckle was big but not uncomfortable!!! IF YOU WANT A FRESH ACCESORY THIS IS DEF A HOT BUY!!!!

  3. Kent F. says on 02/7/2008:

    Kent Fuller's review

    Amazing detail. Very shiny finish, and its pretty big. But not TOO big mind you. It WILL catch peoples attention. The best buckle I've bought yet!

  4. SUHAIMI S. says on 10/23/2007:

    SUHAIMI SALIM's review

    wow!!!wonderful bukle.shining with a real style of design....
    GARANG & BERGAYA BEB !!!!!!!-mimis ipoh.

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3D Skeleton Hand Belt Buckle

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