Black Bullet Leather Belt



Highly crafted black leather Belt with 1.5" silver bullets around with rivets in between

Black leather Belt with 1.5" silver bullets around with rivets in between

  • Size: 1.5" Wide
  • Weight: Very Heavy!
  • Material: Leather & Metal
  • Interchangeable Buckle

Top Positive Reviews

  1. Sergey K. says on 01/13/2010:

    Sergey Kopytin's review

    Really great heavy belt. Bullets are made of metal, NOT of painted plastic, like in many other places.

  2. Rudy V. says on 08/10/2009:

    Rudy Villarreal Jr.'s review

    I freakin love this belt the first day I wore it people were stopin' me left & right, "hey where did you get that?", I can tell this belt will last me a very long time, I really like how heavy it is too.

  3. michael c. says on 08/4/2008:

    michael clark's review

    I lost my mind when my girl surprised me with this belt!! at first i thought people were looking at my pamts because i had something on them... but then i realized how envious they were!! i can be fully naked with some socks and this belt on and still get crazy compliment!! i love this belt!!!!!!!!!

  4. bob t. says on 06/24/2008:

    bob timy's review

    this is sweet i rock this belt ive seen them before but i never got it so i will problre get it

  5. michael r. says on 06/21/2008:

    michael rinaldi's review

    This belt is bad ass it is one of the flyest belts out there. it gives any jeans an upgrade

  6. keyauna r. says on 06/11/2008:

    keyauna richardson's review

    This belt is absolutely gorgeous and looks so authentic!!! I bought it for my boyfriend and I think I reeled him in closer with it...he could not stop saying, "thank you"...We are both in the military and well, it is right up our alley. I just purchased the bracelets to go with them (hadn't noticed them before), the whole look is so unique for the "Hip Hop" generation though it is under the "biker belts"...Again, it's authentic look, reasonable price and quality is great...I am not sure how wear and tear would be on this belt, but then again, it is not an everyday belt, so it just may my boyfriend has insisted that he'd wear it every day...naked...bow chicka wow wow! Thanks Hot Buckles!!!

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Black Bullet Leather Belt

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