Mar 17

The first two flittering months of 2014 went by so fast and while most of us are still trying to digest the retrospectives of 2013, the “HOT” trends of January and the bright light red February are becoming vague and could hardly even be remembered. The coming year’s fashion forecast is sunny with a chance of avant-garde design; ranging from sailor chic to peekaboo fabrics – this year’s summer is going to be hot and extra crispy with varying styles and moods.


Here are some of the most talked about fashion trends for the summer of 2014:


1. Ventilated Wear

Please excuse the verbal diorama as I call things as I see them and see through fashion clothing is as good a word as “ventilated wear.” It hints off your skin (and sometimes a lot of it) and yet you would still look glamorous in it. The new modified fabrics which looked like a fusion of netting and embroidery fits perfectly with the coming hot season. You can choose from a variety of quintessentially feminine pieces from Burberry Prorsum and Nina Ricci’s clothing line. I know for a fact Katie Holmes did when she attended the New York Fashion Week lately.

katie holmes in silhouette dress


2. Blue Usher’s in Summer

Cobalt blue or navy blue makes the sailor chic “major” this year, especially as April approaches and already Olympia Le-Tan and other designers have splayed out their individual interpretations of the marine theme. Blake Lively was also spotted at the New York Fashion Week and she was gorgeous in her sailor chic outfit. Her blue top and front slit skirt with brown rose prints has heads turning, even though she’s already hot and famous. Her dress also sports a huge brown leather belt which compliments her overall appearance. In fact, if you didn’t know Blake Lively and you met her for the first time in this event you would still think she’s a mega fashion supermodel or a movie star.

blake lively in sailor chic dress


3. Shades of Gray is the new Cool

They say that gray is an 80s thing. However, in 2014 the color gray has achieved a cultural renaissance and prompted the craze of the gray fashion revolution. Diane Kruger’s swan-inspired dress during the Mercedes-Benz fashion week might just be the best example of the color gray in all its glory. Calvin Klein’s Pre-Fall collection and some of Armani’s soft, dove gray suits and capes are something to look forward to as well. Even men in gray shirts, faded jeans and leather boots are considered at least “fashionable” today.


dianne kruger in swan inspired gray dress


4. Sporty Chic

Designers have decided to allow fashion devotees a range of movement for their 2014 version of the sporty chic fashion wear. From tennis skirts to roomy silhouettes, you will feel a lot more comfortable in this summer outfit craze, especially if you’re always in between meetings to errands and social engagements. Olivia Palermo, the Project Runway judge was spotted in an event in Australia promoting the Chadstone chain of shopping malls. She nailed the sporty chic look down under in her white overalls.


olivi palermo in sporty chic outlook


5. Optical Illusion Fashion

Perhaps none is more artistic in fashion design than someone that can confuse the eyes through their intricately woven dresses, and the Altuzarra collection is one of the best when it comes to these things. Natalie Dormer and Anna Friel wore the optical illusion dresses that made them look like a superhero, a wall décor and a flower vase. If not for their adorable smiles and fluid movements I could have sworn they’re not standing there.

natalie dormer in altruzarra dress

Nov 27

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Oct 30

Old hallows eve or in layman’s term Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s the only night where it’s legit to dress inappropriately or disguise yourself with some DIY hair wig and a large white sheet with 2 holes that would frantically not scare everyone except yourself. However, if you feel that you’re too old to dress the part but you still want to have a little touch of creepiness and sinister atmosphere to relive the true spirit of Halloween. Why not try these hot belt buckles that would surely be a great accent to a night of terror and fun.

One of the most popular Halloween symbol are ghosts. Ghostbuesters Belt Buckle is an iconic character that would bring back those nostalgic moments from the show. It features the good old Ghostbuster icon and what makes it so cool is it glows in the dark. Now, you have no reason to be afraid of the dark. Second would be, one of the most popular super heroes of all time the Licensed Batman Belt Buckle featuring it’s trademark logo. If you are in the mood to be a protagonist for a night or you just can’t get enough of your favorite super hero, why not wear this belt buckle? Next on the list is the classic Cross Bones Skull Belt Buckles. It has the badass vibe that would highlight your whole look. Just pair it with some denim jeans, leather jacket and some black boots and you are good to go. Fourth on the list is the Black Cat Belt Buckle. In old times, black cats usually cause bad luck but this belt buckle somewhat brings good omen to your whole outfit. With its cute design, every girl would definitely want to wear one. And last would be the Alian Skull Belt Buckle. It has an eerie and scary design and it would surely be a statement piece not just for Halloween but throughout the year. The good thing about these belt buckles is that they can be customized. You may choose what design that you might fancy and you can add a high quality snap on leather belt in a discounted rate.

I haven’t quite figured out how or what I would be this Halloween. But one thing’s for sure, I would surely wear one of these hot belt buckles to celebrate to most frightening time of the year.

Oct 21

Shop Your Own Arm Party

wrist cuffs

I’ve always asked myself whether I wanted to yearn for simplicity. It does not only apply to my lifestyle, work ethics but even with the way I dress. They may mention the old cliché quote, “simplicity is beauty” but I just can’t seem to bare seeing myself wear generic outfits like a pair of white button down shirt and jeans. I need to have something that would make me standout and to give me that swag that would take me through the day. I need to have something that others don’t have. As superficial as it sounds, the best way to have a little flair in your outfit or that hidden sparkle is to wear bracelets and making them arm candies.

The definition of arm candy is not only an attractive person clinging on your arm but they are also diverse bracelets piled on your arm that resembles some sort of a party. And some aren’t even parties. Some are gatherings, soiree and even a mass revolution. They make your basic outfit look interesting because they give that quirkiness and eccentricity.

Now, if you’re planning to organize your own arm candies. I’ll give you some calculations to properly decorate your arm. Let’s start off with leather bracelets these bad-ass babies have so many designs to choose from that can be the basic foundation of your arm party. Tattoo Johnny Star Machine Leather Cuff Bracelet, Red Distressed Holy Leather Cuff Bracelet and Brown Marble Full Grain Leather Bracelet are just some of the designs to choose from. Next are wrist bands, They have some athletic façade in them that would be a fresh piece to see from an array of bracelets. They come in different colors and designs, And adding that industrial look to the party is the wide cuff bracelet made from stainless steel and leather that comes in modern, classic and floral design that would highlight the whole look. And lastly are Rhinestone cuffs with feminine and sparkling designs it would surely make your arms shine and would balance out those hard and masculine pieces. They come in turquoise stone, gem rhinestones and even black and wide brown rhinestones.

blue distressed leather cuff bracelet

If you’re planning to standout and stick out from your usual fashion norm, why not try these arm candies? Forget the old saying “less is more” because in fashion, more is definitely more.

Oct 21

The Handbag Diary

The real conclusion has drawn to me as soon as I set my eyes on designer bags. Yes, they look beautiful, stylish and well-made. But as much as you enjoy carrying them on your arms, they bore and tear your pocket like bleach on an overused cotton shirt. If “look for less” is one of your fashion motto’s then I suggest you keep your eyes off these tempting bags. Some lessons I learned way back when I was naïve enough to even think of purchasing one was never buy it for the sake of “social status” or even Label Blindness. Women buy expensive bags while men drive expensive cars to be able to validate their economic standing (at least from my perspective). I believe we should spoil ourselves sometimes but isn’t a $1,000 hand bag kind of goes beyond the limits? But if you want hand bags that are beautiful, stylish and affordable at the same time, why not check out these Fashion Handbags.

Tote Handbags are perfect for work or a night in the town. They are big enough for you to store all your essentials and they are small enough for you to carry. And when you have a fancy dinner or maybe attend a special event, isn’t carrying bulky handbags a turnoff and would just spoil your whole outfit? Evening Handbags are must-have in these occasions. From Rhinestone Studded Fuchsia Sash Evening Handbag to a Black Polyester Evening Handbag. You can choose a wide variety of colors, size and design that would suit your style best. And who says handbags are only for women? Automotive Handbags have this unisex style that can use for both men and woman. It’s sturdy, durable and functional. And as they say imitation is the best form of flattery, so if you want to have a designer bag but not willing to pay the price, why not buy these Designer Inspired Handbags they honestly look good as the originals and serve the same function but are more affordable and easy on the budget.

My lustful attraction to designer handbags has vanished from my system. My infidelity for designer and expensive things may come back to haunt me from time to time and I may crave some when I see these delectable handbags online or inside glass windows. But law of gravity dictates, what goes up must come down and these once “it handbags” becomes just handbags.

Oct 19

Let’s face it; wearing flip flops during winter months is really wishful thinking especially those who are living in the western hemisphere. I can’t imagine having my toes suffer from frost bite just because I prefer to wear them instead of some tacky old Ugg boots. But fret not because before you know summer time will come like a ray of sunshine and it’s time for beach parties, festivals and whatnots and you can now wear your casually chic footwear.


One of the highlights of any summer would be summer parties. But I always have some hesitations whenever I get invited to one when there are dress codes: festive attire, beach chic, casual black-tie and the list goes on. What is the mandatory item in these parties? Does dressing like a piñata count as festive wear? Or does wearing a sarong over your jeans and booties translates to beach chic? I kept thinking to myself over and over again, how I can look appropriate to any event by not being overly dressed? And then at the back of my mind, I came up with a conclusion to just wear flip flops. If you’re a beach bum and just wanted to spend the whole day on the beach, the Grunge Brazil Flag Flip Flops is a must have. It has the Brazilian flag with rugged effect that’s very androgynous and can be worn if you’re sporting a black bikini or some board shorts. The Mustache Flip Flops which is a very trendy design can be worn over some denim shorts and muscle tee. While the Rose that Grew from Concrete Flip Flops would be perfect for any weekend concert on the valley and would definitely go well with the festival look. And who says flip flops can’t be worn with an evening look? Pair these Cheetah Flip Flops with a maxi dress, add some chunky wooden bangles and a chain neck piece and it would add some safari chic to your overall look.

I think flip flops are the mandatory uniform to any summer party. They are comfortable, easy to wear and carefree. You can take them off easily if you want to make some splash on the beach or run around the garden while having a barbeque party. It’s really the ideal footwear if you want to feel easy breezy.

Oct 19

Shaded Days

Whether during hot summer days, where you just want to lay on the sand the whole day with some high SPF tan lotion and some cold refreshment or even during rainy days where you wrap a large scarf around your neck just to give you heat and company, sunglasses would always be relevant in those situations. I have to admit, I’m also addicted to sunglasses. I think they are most brilliant invention after the penicillin, oh well, at least from a fashion devotee’s perspective. As much as it completes your overall look, it also has a vital function that would be beneficial to your health and well-being. Let’s face it; due to some changes in our environment that caused some damages to our ozone layer, UV rays became hasher and can result to eye damage, skin cancer by way of eyelid, cataracts or straight up blindness. I know it, it may seem pretty scary but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that sunglasses are one of the many precautions to prevent these types of health complexities.

I have always been particular in choosing sunglasses because as much as they give me protection they must also look chic. And I find out some pretty notable sunglasses that serve both fashion and function. Having a basic silhouette that would go with many outfits, New York Giants Wayfarer Sunglasses is the quintessential representation of a classic frame. Wayfarer’s have this universal appeal that would go well with different looks, occasions and even time periods. They have the basic and classic look that would last for eternity. Metal frame sunnies, like Thin Black Metal Frame Inspired Sunglasses would give an incognito moment if you don’t want to be bothered or that simply bad-ass facade. And if you’re an outdoor type, who enjoys being on an open environment why not try on a Thin Black Metal Frame Inspired Sunglasses, they are durable and sturdy that can last even after our wildest adventure.

In line with everything I just wrote about why we should wear sunglasses. It is very important that we choose a frame that would suit our style, lifestyle and personality. And an essential point to remember is, we should be cautious enough to know how a simple accessory can prevent some life changing misfortune. Because even if they are just mere accessories that we wear on our faces, as cliché as it may sound, prevention is really better than cure.

Oct 18

If my memory serves me right, one of the most famous characters who used watches that I first laid my eyes on was the white rabbit in Lewis Caroll’s famous story, Alice in Wonderland that was published couple of centuries ago. The White Rabbit used his watch to track time because he seems to be always late for something. But in this modern age and time (pun intended), did the functionality of watches change? Due to the advancement in modern technology, we now have different gadgets that give the same purpose that watches offer. We know have smart phones, laptops and iPads just to name a few. So, my question would be, are watches still relevant today?

Few weeks ago, I found myself in a state of horror and panic when I found out my phone gave up on me. The first thing that flashed in my mind, believe it or not, was how I can track time? As they say, time is gold and I really can’t afford missing an important meeting or being late for work. So I’ve decided to finally purchase a watch. We may have endless debates whether watches are just simply arm decorations or a useful tool but, I believe they are both. The omnipresence of high tech gadgets dim the light of the watches in today’s society but we can definitely make them relevant by making them as a stylish accessory that serves both fashion and function.  If you’re wearing corporate attire or a casual ensemble Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Watch gives an industrial look with a hint of playfulness from its bold graphic. While, Ed Hardy Fire Skull Tattoo Watch gives a tough love look with a fire skull print that screams rock and roll chic and will go well with different looks and can adapt to diverse kinds of style.

Before, I owned 3 pair of watches that I hardly ever used until they tarnished and became junk. But I’m having a change of heart and realized that watches are actually useful when high-tech gadgets give up on us. If all else fails, classic watches would be there to rescue us from tardiness and any time issues, not that I consider them as some kind of time machines or something like that. Let’s change the perception that watches are passé because I can’t bear the thought of having to explain to my future son what a watch is.

Oct 16

From Cap to Toe

It’s getting a little chilly during mid October and as leaves start to fall from the trees and change their color from vibrant greens to caramel brown hues, you’re probably feeling like there are ice lips whispering to your ears or an igloo attached to your head that give you that frosty feeling of nuclear winter. As much as putting an Ushanka is the biggest solution to your arising problem, having a hat that resembles a furry mammal from Russia would not be the best idea. But if you don’t have the strength to deal with the coldness or simply just want some hair accessories to hide a bad hair day situation or worse, early signs of baldness that some unfortunately experience. Then my humble suggestion is just wear rhinestone caps.

I know, what’s running inside your mind, that you don’t want hat hair because in total honesty, static flatness is very unflattering and unappealing. However, rhinestone caps are not only functional like most apparel should be but they also give you that extra bling to make up for their basic look and form. If you’re a sporty type who likes to work out or maybe jog around the park wearing some v-neck plain tee and sweatpants, paired with running shoes that takes athletic chic to a whole new level, why not wear a Black Leather Cross Trucker Cap, it gives a simple outfit a tough exterior and add some rough attitude. You can definitely pair a crop mohair sweater and some high-waisted leather skater skirt with an Olive Swarovski Crystal Split Skull Cap to give some punch and personality to your 90’s inspired look. And who can ignore one of the latest and hottest in trendy caps today, snapback cap with catchy and provocative word that would make an instant statement piece. Whether you’re just wearing the classic staples or a laidback look, wear FUKK Gold Black Snapback Cap or a BOSS Gold White Snapback Cap to always look trendy and fashionable.

Now, provided that you have agreed with all my sentiments about hair, caps and whatnots, invest in functional and stylish pieces that would last every season and can go with all the clothes in your closet. Shy away from pieces that what you think is trendy at the moment but don’t go well with your style. Always trust your basic instinct in choosing clothes because if you feel good, then you’ll look good from head to toe.

Oct 15

Every morning, I always have a debate in my mind whether what kind of outfit I should wear. I have this way of not planning in advance or constantly thinking about it because I want to develop and create it in an organic way and with spontaneity. I based it on my mood, the weather or whatever feels natural to wear that day. I love it when it goes naturally because your outfit will look effortless and not forced, like you’re trying way too hard. Instinct plays a very vital role in choosing the clothes of your back. It may sound like you’re taking fashion too seriously but we live in the world where people are judge as first by the way we look, right? First impressions last and if you present yourself well, people will remember you in good way.

The memo for this season is “less is more.” Minimalism is the new black and maximalist is in the state of fashion oblivion for now. If you’re wondering on how you can make your look stylish by just wearing let’s say, 3 pieces of clothing, then accessorize is the answer. Belt buckles are now back on the runway with the help of designers, such as Stella McCartney and Chloé. They have resurrected it and made it look trendy and fashionable. If you’re dressing up for fall, by wearing a simple gray cashmere sweater and distressed denim jeans, why not put a hint of masculinity by adding an automotive design belt buckle? If you’re out with some friends in some chichi rendezvous why not wear your little black dress with a rhinestone belt buckle to add a little sparkle to your classic piece. But you know, we all have those days, like we feel so lazy to even think about what clothes we wear that we just end up grabbing whatever our eyes first lay on. If you happened to wear just a simple t shirt and some shorts then toughen the look by wearing a skull belt buckle to add some attitude in your semi dull ensemble.

If you’re in the mood to dress up or just want to keep it simple, there’s no reason to look boring because you can add some belt buckles to elevate your outfit. There’s no need to stress on different clothes to wear or pile up some chunky accessories from head to toe. Sometimes, you just have to keep it simple and look put-together because as they say, the devil is in the details.