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Nov 15

Hey everyone this is the Hot Buckles Team, and this is the official guide on attaching a belt buckle to a belt
How to attach a belt buckle
 1. Grab the snap on belt and unsnap the clasp and the end on the belt. Make sure that the belt was made for interchangeable buckles .
How to attach a belt buckleHow to attach a belt buckle 3
2. Once the clasp is open and un folded, Slide it through the belt buckles back side loop.
How to attach a belt buckle 4How to attach a belt buckle 5
3. Re snap the belt clasp together, attached to the buckle. If you have a differnt style for a belt clasp other than buttons, make sure you reclasp the connectors on the folded end of the belt.
How to attach a belt buckle 6
4. Make sure that both the belt buckles loop and the belt’s back side are facing the same direction.
How to attach a belt buckle 7
5. When Complete, Check to see if the belt and buckle are put together properly , wear your belt and see if it came out correct. If the belt buckle was attached the wrong way, follow this guide again with your buckle rotated.
How to attach a belt buckle 8
Also, see this useful video Explaining how:

Nov 04

The once meek and shy belt tucked under your shirt has now evolved to be a fundamental wardrobe accessory that could complete your outfit. It may not be as discernible as pants, shoes or shirts but it gives users an impact of making him or her look slimmer and of course keeps your pants up. The belt is important but today belt buckles are equally important as well. They keep the belt fastened and can be considered as a fashion accessory as well.

Custom Tattoo Belt BuckleCustom Belt buckles can be used to express your personality. Currently there is a wide selection of them in different styles and finishes. There are those that stick to its simplicity, while there are those with elaborate accents. But if you plan to purchase one for someone close to you, you should consider the person’s personality. You should choose one that represents his individuality thus the custom buckles are most useful.

As the name implies, it is designed to fit the preference of the user. They are carefully manufactured according to the desires of the wearer. Say for example if he wants his initials on his buckle then it is easily done by crafting it from pewter or glass. Then you can personalize it more on how you want it to look such as the material to be used, the font and size of it. And if you want to go trendier, you can style it with LED scrolling light name.

With the holidays just around the corner, it is an ideal gift for just about anyone. Your recipient will surely feel special knowing that you have been attentive in the process of buckle customization. And if you choose the right one, then the receiver would feel you actually know him. You can have the initials of the one who would be receiving the gift or you could design it with the things he loves to collect.

There are many avenues today that craft custom belt buckles well. Some are affordable while there are those that are expensive but you are guaranteed that you will have a one-of-a kind design. You could choose from their available art galleries or you can personally design it.

Now are you considering of giving that special someone a belt buckle? You just have to make sure that it is appropriate for the body size of the person to whom you will be handing such present. Don’t make the wrong move of choosing a large buckle if the recipient has a small or thin frame. And again, you should take into consideration the personality of the person. It won’t be difficult to find one if you know the person well.

Custom Western Belt Buckle

Customized belt buckles are great gift ideas. It shows the effort you have put into in choosing the right one for the person who will be receiving it. If you want the receiver to use it, then make sure that it shows the receiver’s individuality. If you have successfully done this, then you are guaranteed of a happy special someone.