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Jan 25

Hot Buckles was Featured in the LA times on January 18th relating to the Golden globes Frugal Accessories.


Watching the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards show last Sunday was a reminder of the power of a single accessory to transform a look.

Emma Stone, Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams expertly used accessories to add an extra touch of style and whimsy to their red-carpet gowns.

Stone accentuated her maroon and fuchsia pleated Lanvin gown by cinching the waist with a bold leather belt with jewel-encrusted buckle in the shape of an eagle. The belt, looking like something you might expect from a biker, was unexpected and a playful contrast to the ethereal quality of her gown.

Emma stone belt buckles

Add a similar punch of style to your next red-carpet gown with the Eagle belt buckle from for $17.95 or the Rhinestone eagle belt buckle, also from, for $19.95.

Have an outfit you’re dying to buy but need a frugal alternative? Email us a picture. We’re up for the challenge.


– Jenn Harris

Photo: Actress Emma Stone arrives at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 15. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Photo: Eagle belt buckle, $17.95 /; Rhinestone eagle belt buckle, $19.95 /

To read the full Article about Emma Stone Belt Buckle Visit the LA times

Fashion Member is also writing about us.

Jan 13

Nowadays, the fashion industry incorporated to their list on how the child should look like. They produced a lot of products in order to bring that best look that a child can be; just like teenagers and adult groups, they accessorize their looks through fashionable clothes, bags, necklaces, bracelets, and shoes. Kids these days can also have that one and can make them look cooler, and sophisticated through kids belts. Yes, of all the accessories that can be put up to our body, let us not forget the belts because it holds our pants together and keep it from falling from our waist especially for small figures like children.

Kids belts keep their pants on its proper place and help prevent accidents as children are so playful and love to roam and explore their surroundings. Aside from its integral purpose, it attracts attention and adds more beauty to your cute little angels.

Aside from choosing the right belt for your child, it is also important to consider to the season. Winter is almost on its end, on the other hand, spring and summer are on its way as fast as it could, from cold temperatures down to the heat of the sun. You might not notice it first but as the sun rises, you will know that your child’s outfit for winter and spring are obsolete and it’s time for you to buckle and choose the appropriate attire for your child.

As summer is fast approaching, you might consider the possibility that your child will be more playful, fidget, and sometimes, uncontrollable due to the fact of their happiness that finally, they can play outside the house under the warmth of the sun so choosing the right dress and accessories to your child is noteworthy. If your not going to the beach, you may want to dress your child with shorts, pants, or those cute little skirts but in order to maintain their looks all the time and not wanting to see your child with a falling shorts, pants, or skirts, you might consider to accessorize your child’s look with a kids belt, so as to keep their cute little outfits and prevent from getting negative impressions from other people.

In the market, you may find several products of kids belts as that of an adult as well as its design and style. People who have lots of money go for fancier or even customized belts. There are also a lot of websites that you can select and purchase kids belts according to your preference or your child’s preference. It comes in a variety of styles and designs that are made utter simplicity or absolute attention catcher. However, it is not important to have lots of belts for your child, always remember that having just one belt that suits to any dress and occasion, is essential enough to up bring your child’s look and ‘wowed’ the people around.

Jan 07

Spring just came by fast as lightning and summer, yes hot summer, is fast approaching. From the cool air to the burning sun, the temperature rises. You might not even notice the changes at first but by the time you realize the heat, your plain pants and t-shirt spring attire just won’t do. What could your fashion clothing be? May I suggest a wardrobe change or a closet update?

Yes, you can definitely do a wardrobe change. But hey, that does not mean taking your entire wardrobe and changing it. It also does not mean taking your clothes out and replacing everything else with new ones you recently bought from a very expensive store from that very famous mall people keep telling you about. People who say fashion has a price never heard of fashion as something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit. That quote was from George Santayana, a philosopher. To think, a philosopher said that about fashion would make you think twice about buying new expensive clothes. If there is a way to create a fashion clothing trend with only your old clothes and a few cheap ones from the small stores in the streets, why not try it right? Practicality. If you need a pen to write your homework, why buy a pen that costs twice your allowance for a day when you can buy a pen that costs only a quarter? So in fashion, why buy something you cannot afford when you can put together clothes from your closet and not spend a single dime. You can still be a fashion queen with your simple clothes. After all, fashion is all about innovation and being resourceful. Make use of what you have in the closet.

Since it is summer, it is all about the colors. Bright colors easily catch the eyes of the people; it is a good way to get noticed. Search your closet for anything colorful, bright, and pleasing to the eyes; anything that looks fabulous with golden hues and bright blues. Add those colors and make them match skirts, shorts, shirts, and blouses. Pair those with a pair of your shoes, slippers, or flats. Do not forget to accessorize. Put on a belt if your outfit is too plain. Belts may be used for pants that are too loose for you to wear but in our case, it is for fashion. It adds accent to your waist.

If you are not into colorful outfits, why not go for the laces. Pick out a blouse or a frilly skirt. No frilly skirt? Go for short flirty shorts. High waist adds that feminine look on you and flaunts the shape of your body. Accessorize with some black bumblebee sunglasses and some pearls or a retro band.

You can also go for the plain whites. Simple yet chic. Remember those bright colors you looked for in your closet? Grab one of those to accent your plain whites. Go for the menswear-inspired pants and a white blouse with a popping bright yellow. Bring your hair down and wear colored heels. Now that will be an eye catcher.

You can check out more of these amazing styles online. Put together your favorite outfits and you can create wonderful fashion clothing for the summer!

Jan 03

Of all accessories that an average person puts on in their body, there is one accessory that is very important that it must never be overlooked: the belt buckle. This is an accessory that holds a very integral purpose. Aside from being an accessory that is used as an attraction for other people to see, it is an accessory that holds down the pants together and keeps it from falling off the person’s waist.

A belt buckle comes in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes so it makes it easy for you to search for that belt that suits your interest and personal preferences. There are some people, when it comes to purchasing a belt, who would like it better to buy a simple belt that can holds pants together. For the fashion-conscious people, however, they can go for buckles that are replaceable with other buckles.

Most belt buckles are constructed out of high quality metal, counting gold, brass, silver, pewter, sterling silver, bronze, turquoise and many more. People who have plenty of money can afford belts that are fancier and can even customize belts for their own. Those belts that belong in the fancy category are rhinestone-made belts, digital belts, scrolling belts and those belts that light up, which are perfect for dancing and having fun during night time.

If you’re meaning to get a belt buckle for yourself or for your loved ones, there are a wide selections of websites you can go to that can provide you with the best ones. There are websites that sell belt buckles that are made to present sheer simplicity while others are embellished with elaborate accents. In buying belt buckles for loved ones, you must first and foremost, consider the person’s interest and overall personality. If he or she is fond of Goth, then go for belts that are black and have symbols that represent Goth.

Dad Belt BuckleBesides belt buckles, there are those that come with designs suited for different occasions. If you’re meaning to get stunning belt buckles that your old man can cherish and enjoy, then get belts that have the word DAD inscribed on them or anything Fatherly related.

Unlike most men, women are more fashionable by nature. You see them in all kinds of stores in shopping malls looking for the right kind of accessory that compliments their outfits and overall style. Belts are one of many accessories that women feel is a no-no to left out. What’s beneficial about belts is that they are not much of a burden compared to the other accessories.

One single belt buckle is just about enough to make a woman (or man) to look good with the outfit they’re wearing. And it is only in the matter of picking the right belt that can do the job with ease.