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Mar 30

There is more to it than just the belt. Some may regard it as just an object that holds up pants but nowadays, it is considered to be a fashion accessory. Over the years, people have learned to design things that most if not all people find a necessity. A very good example is the belt. If you were born in the early 90’s, would you have seen different styles of belt buckles? Let alone biker belt buckles? Certainly not. Before it was only a piece of leather strap with a rectangular steel buckle but now, you can find almost any design that you can think of.

Before, you can imagine how hard it could have been for them to match their belts to their outfits. How can they have made their outfit unique with using just a simple black or brown leather belt and a steel buckle? Now that is hard especially for those who are very fashion conscious. In the times today, if you are the western type, there are western belt buckles. If you are the biker chic, there are also biker belt buckles. The list goes on and on as many people have different styles and preferences. But whatever style you choose, it is for sure that there is a belt buckle out there that will fit you and your personality perfectly.

Finding the right belt buckle for you can be hard too. When you go to the big shopping malls and department stores, you might probably find only the common belts and their buckles. Something that they expect most people will buy. But if you are not the ordinary, typical people, then your problem is solved. All you need to do is log on to your computer, browse through the net and look for the Hot Buckles site. As mentioned earlier, you can be a biker but your preference may e different from that of the other. If you are the fierce type, then you can go for biker belt buckles like the American Bad Ass design. If you are the sexy chic, then you can go for a more feminine design like the Motorcycle Biker belt buckles.

Nevertheless, whether you are a biker or the exact opposite of it, all you need can be found at From the simple rhinestone belt buckles down to the most eye catching biker belt buckles, Hot Buckles has them all. But if and if what you want is not there, their staff is more than willing to help you find the best belt buckle for you with the most affordable prices. That is how Hot Buckles works.  So is there anything more that you can ask for? Nothing. Be hip and be in style with Hot Buckles.

Mar 19

Nowadays, we don’t only associate accessorizing to the ladies and women. Men have now been more open-minded when it comes to the use of accessories. But even if they have slowly adapted to their use, they have been very particular on which to use so that they don’t look trying too hard just to fit in. Men have now slowly conquered the field of accessorizing which was once noted as woman-dominated. Men have played the game and have shown great potential in mastering it as well.

Some of the accessories men use is watches, glasses, hats, shoes, ties, belts and belt buckles as well. There are a lot of choices in the market on such add-ons but it takes a very particular eye to make the final decision on which to use. Amongst the many accessories men use, we will direct our attention to belt buckles and where to look for the best. Gone are the days when men just used belts and buckles to hold their pants up. Now they utilize it as a statement of their individuality and personality. Some men now buy belt buckles not just for aesthetic purposes but for collection reasons as well. It gives them a certain high when they are able to buy a new one to add to their collection. There are a lot of cowboys that collect Western belt buckles to stay true to their roots.

Choosing a great looking belt buckle can be crucial to most men as it is often a focal point of attention by many. There are a lot of belt buckle types available in the market today. There are simple ones, patriotic belt buckles, steel belt buckles and even Western belt buckles which is very popular to many.

First, why would one want to use belt buckles? If we trace back our history, we would see a lot of men use it for identification purposes. Confederate and Union soldiers had a distinct buckle to use. When you find a similar piece then consider it as a treasure.

If you want one that is unique and a collectible one, you can start the process by knowing from what era it is and what are the features you are looking for. From there you can do some research and studying with history and look at the many choices. Familiarize with which ones are great and with a higher value, this way, you can easily spot of which you want to add to your collection.

Now that you have an idea already, you can start by surfing the net and checking online shops that sell belt buckles. There are many shops that offer different styles of belt buckles, may it be Western belt buckles or collectible ones. If you are not comfortable with searching on the web, you can make a visit local antique stores and malls, flea markets or even garage sales. You might just find amazing pieces at the most unexpected place.

Remember that if you wish to lay your hands on a great piece, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in order to find the ideal one. Enjoy the hunt! Belt buckles earned the hard way are the most treasured ones.

Mar 19

Have you noticed that vintage and collectibles are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene these days? You see this in most women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories. But this is not just true for the women; even men have their own share of fashion progress. You may see a lot of men these days sporting key chains, watch fibs, shoes, steel belt buckles and ties as part of their own look. Men are no excuse when it comes to accessorizing. They have adapted to the idea that they can finish off their looks through the use of accessories.

Thanks to accessories, now we do not have to keep buying clothes that are on trend. Simply, adding few key pieces to your entire ensemble and in no time, you can be one hot fashion icon. Majority of the personalities today highly value how they appear as it can increase their self-esteem looking more confident.

Back then, men were resistant in using accessories as most of them would want to stay sleek and simple. They now realized that they can use such accoutrements without looking too over the top. The simple jeans worn by most men can look polished by adding belts and buckles to it. There are a lot of choices when it comes to buckles, depending on their purpose, either to dress their looks up or down. Your choice can speak of who you are and your personality. You may choose steel belt buckles over other choices to show your manliness.

So what should you keep in mind about belts and their buckles? First thing is first, big is casual. For big belt buckles, you use them for more casual purposes. You can dress down your look by using big cowboy buckles, industrial or manufacturing buckles or hometown team belt buckles. To achieve a “rock star” look, you can pair it up with leather pants. However you should be very careful when you wish to venture this kind of style as it can easily go wrong.

Meanwhile, shiny ones are fore the dressier look. Buckles that look shiny and have a polished look can make you look classy. These kinds of buckles are for dressing it up. Such buckles may include highly finished leather belt buckle that has a glossy finish. You can use it with suits or dress pants and not with jeans.

Lastly, wide belts are for a wider look while narrow ones are for a narrow look. Expect that when you use big buckles, people’s attention will be surely drawn to it. So if you are one who has a beer belly, then skip on the idea of using belt buckles as it can only force people to lay their eyes on your gut.

Accessorizing can play on your advantage or disadvantage when it comes to the fashion game. So remember the few tips mentioned here on belts and belt buckles to fully use its potential in making you a fashion expert, rather than a fashion illiterate.

Mar 19

Gone are the days when one is totally unaware of what fashion means. You don’t have to actually know its definition to realize your actually applying it in how you dress and put on clothes. This has created a huge impact that has made historical changes to the way we look. Men and women utilize fashion in one way or another, depending on how they perceive fashion is. Actually, fashion is not just the ongoing trend of the season but rather how one perceives it is. If you feel a certain look for the day because of this particular mood you are in, the way it is reflected on how you dress is fashion in itself. You are the one that gives the best meaning to fashion and you are the one that best understands it as well.

When buying fashion apparel, you consider a lot of things. Here are a few tips which you can use when you are out shopping for one. First before even heading out to the mall, you should already have a vision of what you are looking for. This saves you more time and narrows down the many options available in the market. You’re done with the first step which is planning, now you are off to the shopping center to buy what you want. Since you already have an idea of what you like, you can easily eye on one that can suite your standards. Filter your choices by checking the materials used seams, color and even the price. This will help you weigh which one you should choose. After careful thought, you have finally chosen your ultimate fashion item. Now your next responsibility is to take care of the item. If you were one who values money, you would totally understand this part right here. Be particular with the conditions set upon buying the item. Take note if it should be machine-washed or hand washed. Avoid getting it in contact of any liquid stains especially those that may be hard to remove. Keep it in the cabinet wherein it is clean, dry and well pressed. There may be more tips but these are just a few. Doing such can offer your fashion apparels a long life.

Thanks to fashion, it can now change how one looks from blah to wow. This is only achieved when you use ideal fashion apparels. You do not have to copy one’s way of dressing just to be in style. With the millions of choices in the market today, you can choose one that will best express who you are and your personality. Different shoppers may have varying standards but it is but wise to buy items that could last a long time especially if you really want it.

Mar 05

Even for once in your entire life, you can’t deny that you have tried wearing a belt at some point. The belt has been around for over a thousand years but in the earlier times, it was neglected and taken for granted. But what about today? Well, belts nowadays have earned respect. They have been already recognized in the fashion industry as not only an article to hold pants up but also a fashion accessory. Before, the belt was just mainly made up of either leather or cloth strap and its buckle made of steel. There’s no need to describe it because most if not all people can recognize a typical, ordinary belt. Now, there are a lot of changes and innovations to the belt especially its buckle. You can even find a western belt buckle if you want one. Yeah, that’s right. There are already a lot of belt buckle designs to choose from.
In the mall and other business establishments, you can see typical belts and some have new designs. But the problem with this is that their designs are only limited and sometimes you can’t find one that fits your preference. But with Hot Buckles online store, they have it all for you. Whatever belt buckle design that you want, you can find something from their wide array of choices to choose from. If you are the cowboy type like Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens or like Indiana Jones off to an adventure, then you can find yourself a western belt buckle that will fit you. There are over 91 western belt buckles to choose from. From their choices, their top 10 best sellers are the following: the bull belt buckle, the crossed gun belt buckle, the lone star oval belt buckle, the western boot belt buckle, the plain rectangular pewter buckle, the eagle belt buckle, the plain square belt buckle, the rhinestone belt buckle, the western style belt buckle, and the rodeo bull rider belt buckle. But don’t let this be the determining factor on what belt buckle design to choose from. You can choose whatever you like according to your taste and preference.
Buying belt buckles is much cheaper than buying the entire belt. All you can do is buy a neutral color belt strap like black or brown and then you can just change the buckle according to your outfit or occasion. But make sure that you buy the one wherein you can change the belt buckle, alright? After which, you can choose the western belt buckle of your choice. There’s no need to hold back because their prices are very affordable but the quality is not compromised. When you’ve done that, then you are good to go. Mix, match and enjoy!

Mar 05

The belt has gained popularity over the years from the simple item that people wore to hold up loose pants to being a stand out fashion accessory in the fashion industry today. More than just putting pants in their place, belts are worn for other purposes. Nowadays, it is more of an accessory that is either worn around the waist or some even worn loosely over the shirt. This is a common fashion trend that has spread fast across the world. But what makes the belt so fashionable? Is it the belt strap or the belt buckle? Well, actually it’s both. But if to choose between the strap and the buckle, then the buckle has wider options and designs to choose from as compared to the strap. The strap needs to be sturdy and strong so it has to be made out of leather, cloth, silicone or a metal chain. The buckle is usually made up of steel but numerous designs can be incorporated into it. This is how custom belt buckles have gained popularity. One of its designs is the custom western belt buckle.
Before moving on, let’s first talk about the advantages of having custom belt buckles. Basically, it is unique and there is a very small possibility that someone else will have the exact same thing. But what makes the custom western belt buckle at Hot Buckles online store apart from the rest? Well, at Hot Buckles, their buckle designs are especially made by their designers that you couldn’t see elsewhere. Second, their belt buckles are of high quality. And third, their belt buckles are sold at a very affordable price. But if you want your own personalized buckle, then you can have one with more or less the same amount too.

What are some of the custom western belt buckles that Hot Buckles has to offer? Since this is only one category from the custom buckles, they have three under western: first is the Chrome Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle, second is the Silver Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle, and third is the Silver Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle. All these three are at a low price of $19.95 only. So if you want to be the cowboy type of person, or you idolize people like Willy in Wild, Wild West, then you can choose your very own custom western belt buckle. Don’t forget though that when you decide to put your name, a word, or initials on your buckle, make sure that you limit it to not more than 7 letters to ensure that it is clear and readable. Who would like to have a custom made buckle but it cannot be read? That would be deemed useless, right? Grab your very own custom western belt buckle at Hot Buckles now!

Mar 05

Over the years, the belt has evolved to how it has been used. From merely used as an article to hold pants up and in place, now it is being recognized in the fashion industry as one of the accessories that is gaining popularity that helps make a fashion statement. But what makes the belt stand out? Other than its strap, it is the buckle that usually gets the attention. This is for the reason that the strap only has limited designs as compared to the buckle that can have unlimited designs that you can think of. Whether it is a small buckle made of rhinestone or a big buckle with your initials engraved, it is the eye catcher. It is usually the one which is the basis on how you can match your outfit with your belt. But wait, you can have a lot of people wearing the exact same belt especially when you bought it from the department store. With custom belt buckles, you are sure that you don’t have any twins. That itself is your fashion statement.

Custom belt buckles are great. But wait, where can you get such? It’s easy. You can find it at Hot Buckles online store. From the simplest designs to the most complicated ones, you can only find them at Hot Buckles. The common custom belt buckles are putting your name or initials or symbols that have meaning to you. Before you decide to put your name or a word on your buckle, make sure to count the letters that they won’t exceed 7 letters. After which, you can choose from custom wood buckles, custom graphic buckles, custom name buckles, custom CNC milled buckles, custom western buckles, custom flask buckles, custom laser engraved buckles, custom area code buckles, custom team buckles, or custom stenciled buckles. Don’t get sad because these are not the only custom belt buckles to choose from. Rather, these are the categories in which there are choices under each category to choose from.

Custom Belt BuckleWhat’s so good about a custom belt buckle? First of all, you are the only one who can have the belt buckle personalized especially for you. Second, prices from Hot Buckles online store are affordable without compromising their quality. Third, as mentioned earlier is the high quality that they guarantee their products. There is really nothing more that you can ask for. Hot Buckles online store has it all for you. From the most elegant belt buckles fit for cocktail parties down to custom belt buckles of your choice, you name it and they have it. So what are you waiting for? Choose the buckle of your choice now. Make yourself known, make your own fashion statement.

Mar 05

Ever since the beginning of time, after Adam and Eve realized they were naked, from then on fashion was born. It was when they started to sew leaves and barks together to cover up their body when fashion came into the picture. Although they were still unaware about it, deep within, there was already style incorporated into their clothes. But do you think they don’t have fashion accessories at that time? Of course they do. Early people or cavemen so to speak, wear aside from the leaves, barks, and skins of animals, were using pearl, and shell necklaces, bone headbands, and a lot more. You can see pictures of them wearing such in museums. Those were their fashion accessories.
After millions of years, there has been great change in the world of clothes and accessories. Fashion came to be and its popularity has spread fast like Ebola. Nowadays, most if not all people especially women are already very fashion conscious. It is almost an everyday struggle for them on what to wear. Some even can’t resist shopping. Their feet itch if they can’t go to the mall at least once in a week and when they are there, it never happens when they can’t buy something new. But you can’t be sure that you are the only one wearing your outfit. Think about this: even actresses going to the Grammy’s or the Golden Globe’s have the same dress, how much more when what you are wearing is just bought right from the department store? Then there are just two solutions to this. First, you tailor your own clothes (can sound impossible if you don’t know how to sew clothes) or second, you can use fashion accessories to give you a new look. If asked to choose between the two, then accessorizing with fashion accessories is more realistic and easier.

Accessorizing can mean a lot of things. You can put a belt around your waist; wear a pair of matching shoes with your bag may it be the design or the color; wearing jewelleries whether true or fancy; doing your hair; and putting on makeup that matches the occasion. These are the most fashion accessories that you can easily access. But this is not at all easy. You need to mix and match too. Sometimes a monotone color shade is nice to look at while sometimes contrasting colors can also be a head turner. It all depends on your style and imagination. Most importantly is how you strut yourself down the sidewalk. Your clothes and fashion accessories will be nothing if you don’t have the confidence to go with them. So don’t forget the formula to successful fashion: the right clothes + the right accessories, plus, the right amount of confidence.