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May 23

There are a lot of forms of footwear being made around the world. And out of those forms of footwear, the flip flops are considered as the most simple and comfortable ones ever made. It consists of a thin rubber sole that is held on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that runs from the side of the foot and passes between the big toe and the toe next to it. However, not all people are contented with the generic design of a flip flop so they resort to have cool graphic flip flop slippers.

Cool Graphic Flip Flop

These kinds of flip flops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be utilized for everyday use such as going to the store to do some grocery shopping or walking the dogs around the park. Most of the time, people use these flip flops during the summer, since the weather at this time is always warm and sunny and rains pour in on occasion. For fashion fanatics, the cool graphic flip flop slippers are one way for them to remain trendy and feel comfortable at the same time. Without it, then they are left with no choice but to compromise comfort for the sake of fashion.

Flip flops with cool graphics can be found anywhere, be it over at your local shop or over on online stores. But if you want the best ones out there, then is the place to be for the best cool graphic flip flop slippers you can ever find. Hot Buckles is generally known for selling belts and buckles in a wide range of designs but as of late they have expanded their goods by including flip flops in their stock as well. They have a variety of slippers that are sold in different sizes and colors and they are the most affordable ones out there.

Flip flops, no doubt, have proven to be very popular amongst all people coming from all walks of life. They are highly comfortable, easy to wear, and, to a certain extent, can be worn in any particular occasion. They may not be the most presentable forms of footwear but it can never be denied that it is the most used form of footwear than any other footwear combined. And these flip flops are made even better with cool graphic flip flop slippers that can easily turn people’s heads and get their attention in an instant.

May 13

Timing is crucial in an emergency situation. Which is why 95% of emergency responders look for jewelery indicating a medical alert when someone is in trouble.
In cases where you might be unconscious, incoherent, or unable to communicate, medical alert jewelery lets medics know about your medical condition when you can’t.

Many years ago, medical bracelets used to be big and clunky which is why some people actually chose not to wear them. But today’s stylish medical alert bracelets are doing a lot to prevent real-life fatalities and fashion emergencies too.

Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelet with Stainless Steel MeshMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel Leather Straps.jpgMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel and Black Leather.jpgMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel Bangle.jpg

Stainless steel jewelry that is fashionable, elegant and instantaneously recognizable is the new style of medical id. From ultra-thin bangle bracelets, to stainless steel medical id pendants, and leather banded id bracelets; anybody can look great and feel great knowing that their medical condition won’t prevent doctors from knowing how to save their life.

Alert bracelets and other medical id jewelry provide precise information so medics can take action fast and eliminate the potential for error. In many cases, the wrong diagnosis from emergency staff can cause more damage and waste precious time. With a medical id bracelet, health professionals know exactly what your condition is. This is the best way to inform professionals what medications you need, what medications you might be allergic too, and whether or not they are treating a chronic condition when you can’t speak for yourself.

More than ever, people are telling the story of how their alert bracelet saved their life. People who have life-threatening allergies, seizures, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s get the fast response they need because of their personal medical alert.

It’s all about life-saving information that is fast and accurate, but also nice enough to wear all the time. Who knew that being responsible and safe could look so good? Companies like offer custom laser engraving on medical id accessories bought from their site and they offer dozens of styles to ensure you keep safe, look good, and feel good too, knowing how your medical bracelet alert will prompt medical professionals in an emergency.

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May 13

custom wedding belt buckleSo what are you talking now about custom wedding belt buckles??

Before the belt buckle, bride and groom would simply tie-the-knot to keep their pants up. Lucky for the fashion forward, times have changed and so have traditional weddings.

More than ever, themed weddings and wedding gift buckles are on the rise and Hot Buckles™ is delivering special order belts that make your reception extra memorable.


“People definitely want something customized to fit their unique theme or personalities. Before, big orders for custom buckles were almost exclusively for corporate events, but more wedding planners and friends of the lucky couple are contacting us for their themed buckle needs. …working with customers for wedding buckles, I learned they want buckles that really capture the moment and add to the unique style of the occassion”, Custom Department

Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas this year include:

Hawaiian Luau Ceremony (think flowers, fire, casual coolness and foooood!)

Barefoot Beach Wedding (focus on the fun and frugal)

Military Wedding (honor, rank, pride, and purpose)

Outrageously Offbeat Weddings (anything goes, geek chic to wild inside jokes),

Black and White Weddings (simple class and outright elegant fonts), …

Country Chic/ Cowboy and Princess Wedding (think cowgirl boots and western buckles).

Limited only by your imagination, custom belt buckles for your wedding can be rhinestone, western, chrome or black, round, rectangle… Submit custom graphics or a list of names to be inscribed to find out why is the #1 spot online for custom wedding belt buckles delivered on time.

From everyone at Hot Buckles, “Congratulations on your stylish future together!”

May 01

How you can be one hot tamale for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is an annual celebration that captures the festive spirit of Mexican fervor. When Mexico refused to pay interest to the country of France, the French invaded and tried to occupy Mexico. But the pride and determination of the Mexican people could not be defeated on May 5th, 1862. The Battle of Puebla is the historic site of this holiday victory where a festive parade is still held every year. Not to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, this victory played an important role in Mexico’s independence.

The party goers and parade people of the town of Puebla have mock sword fights, play traditional games, and dance to mariachi music. There is lots of sounds and music, eating and drinking, and festive fashions (think big belt buckles, fancy boots, and rhinestone hats ) all take front stage for a celebration without limits.


You may not remember the Mexican victory over French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla…. heck, after all the food, parties, dancing, and good times, you might not remember this May 5th in the morning. But, you still want to look good right?

The Hot Buckles website has an ever growing supply of fashionable buckles, belts, wallets, iPad and iPhone cases featuring Mayan culture and Mexican heritage at its best including; The Virgin of Guadalupe, traditional and grunge style Mexican Flags, Mayan belt buckles, and the popular Hecho En Mexico belt buckle!

Happy Cinco De Mayo from everyone at, your favorite fiesta fashion webstore!