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Published on August 9th, 2014 | by Irev

2014 Spring/Summer Accessories Trend

Spring and summer are the most colourful seasons during which you can have a lot of fun. Going on vacations, swimming the beach, taking on a sport, food tripping, and a lot of other fun activities are associated with these seasons. In addition, spring and summer are also great avenues to show off the latest fashion trends, particularly when it comes to accessories. This 2014 learn the hottest accessory trends to spruce up your sense of fashion and style!


Whether you’re a guy or girl, fedoras are recommended in summer because they can shield you from harsh sunlight. They can be worn casually or formally, and they come in different colors. For summer, get one that’s made from straw and has a bright color to enhance your overall fun style!

For jewelry, celestial style pieces are in! Celestial motifs bring people closer to beautiful skies and our mysterious universe. People are often fascinated with the unknown, unchartered, or unexplored, the celestial world to be exact. Jewelry pieces and sets designed with moons and stars as key elements will surely add a heavenly touch to your look.

Aside from celestial styled jewelry, you can also never go wrong with pearls in spring, summer, or any other season for that matter. This year, more pearls are being combined with crystals and metals, making them not just for special occasions or evening wear. They are classy and elegant, but with the mix of other materials, they can also be edgy and fun accessories that can be worn during any time of the day and any event.

Since there are many hot accessory trends for spring and summer, you may have difficulty in picking which ones to get. If you can’t choose, go for cuffs! They can be bold and dimensional, simple and elegant, dramatic and cuff-tastic! Designers have become even more creative as unusual yet amazing cuff designs are now available.

Who says fur is only for winter? Fur accessories can also be worn in spring or summer because they add glamour to a lot of styles. Be it real or faux, fur accessories add richness and softness to one’s overall look. Fur bags, purses, jewelry, or vests can surely make you look hotter!

If you’re not into fur, then perhaps colored haircalf accessories are what suit you better. They can make you look and feel luxurious as the material used can add color and texture. Designers of haircalf accessories have become more creative for the spring and summer seasons as more designs are available, such as animal patterns, dyed colors, geometric prints, and patchwork art.

As mentioned earlier, spring and summer are colourful seasons, but this year, blue is the go-to color for accessories. It is the color of loyalty, peace, tranquillity, and trust, making it a reliable accessory color. In addition, it comes in a wide variety of shades from baby blue to navy blue, from cobalt to turquoise! Any shade of blue looks good on any accessory!

You can do a lot of things during spring and summer, but make sure to wear the right accessories to enjoy them!

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