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Published on August 17th, 2014 | by Irev


5 Graduation Gift Ideas (for Him)

When it comes to gift-giving during graduation season, a lot of people find it easier to find gifts for female graduates, while finding gifts for male graduates is another story. It’s actually not that difficult to find the best graduation gifts for your brother, son, guy best friend, or maybe even your husband.


  1. WATCH – Whether he’s graduating from high school or college, giving him a nice men’s watch is another ideal graduation gift. You can either buy a new one or hand him an heirloom watch that’s both memorable and durable. An heirloom watch can also be passed on to his future son or grandson! Giving him a watch can also teach him the value of time and hopefully, he’ll learn how to manage it well by balancing his time between his studies or work and leisure time.
  2. NECK TIE – Another “milestone” gift that symbolizes his transition from boyhood to manhood is a nice tie. For younger graduates, they can use this to look spiffy for their prom or high school dance. For older graduates, they can use the tie at work to complete their professional look. Pick ties that are simple with solid colors like blue, grey, or black and are made from durable material.
  3. SUIT/OFFICE WEAR – Items that are considered formal or office wear for men are generally more expensive than those for women. Hence, a great graduation gift for those who’ll be part of the employment force is a set of such clothing. If you have no idea what to get him, you can also opt to buy gift cards or certificates instead so he can do his own shopping.
  4. BELT – Another great gift you can give him is a belt. A belt is a wonderful idea because this is something he can personally use every day. If it is meant for everyday use, belts with classic buckles are the best option.
  5. BACKPACK – Boys are often more adventurous than girls, so giving your graduate a travel backpack is a brilliant idea. Encourage him to travel while he’s still young and full of energy! Or make it his motivation to find a job quickly so he can earn and save money to visit his dream destination or even travel around the world with the backpack. With the backpack, he can also learn how to efficiently organize his things.

Generally, the ideal graduation gift for him should be something he can use at school or work or something that he’s interested in.

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