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Jul 21

Let’s admit it. Belts these days have gone from mainstream to unconventional. Gone are the days when one purchases it merely for the purpose of fastening the two ends of any clothing, particularly pants. They are now a staple in one’s wardrobe used to represent or send a message of your personality, your principles and beliefs and how you take into perspective the entire world surrounding you. Equally important to the belt are the belt buckles. It is probably the most important portion of the belt that makes one decide whether to buy the belt or no. The better the belt buckle and the more suited it is to your preference, the more chances there is that you would purchase the said belt.

The history of belt buckles traces back to 1600s when sailors had difficulty holding up their pants. They were very particular with this since they were faced with situations where their pants sag easily because of getting too soaked with the seawater. They started using leather strips instead of strings and clasped the two ends of the strips with a buckle.

From its humble beginnings, belts and belt buckles have now changed dramatically. It has now gone to explore the use other materials in its production. Nowadays, belt buckle varieties may cover those made of steel, wood, and even LED. Some buckles may also differ with how big or small they are, how discreet or flashy they may be and how simple and intricate they can be. Its functionality has also evolved. They can now accommodate other roles aside from the usual clasping of the two belt ends. They may be used to hold objects like cellphones, money and there are also those that literally send messages to the ones that may get to read them.

Wood belt buckles in particular have a growing number of enthusiasts. More and more individuals today are opting to choose this specific kind of belt buckle. It has a natural feel to it and for those eco-friendly consumers, wood belt buckles are the ultimate go-to when it comes to accessorizing as well as advocating natural awareness. It has the tendency to last longer and they are able to withstand styles through the ages. This sure piece of belt buckle is one wardrobe accessory that can stay in your closet for a lifetime and never go out of fashion.

It can be a challenge as to what type of belt buckle to buy and where it could be purchased. The best venue to check is online where there are millions of sellers to choose from. is the website to check and order for wood belt buckles. You have the liberty to select the best among the rest and better yet, have your desired belt buckle customized to your own preference.

Jul 18

Ever got tired of that boring belt of yours? Well, try something cooler than that black out-of-style leather belts you had for years. Throw them out and replace them with these fashionable buckles from and if you’re an avid fan of the all-time favorite superhero, the Superman belt buckles would be perfect for you!

As many would want an ordinary belt to keep their pants up their waist, a number of people, men and women, are now experimenting on fashion belts with large and edgy styles and some just wanted to play and bring back their childhood. By childhood I mean those days when we are hooked up with superheroes, fantasy and play without being able to get tired.

Fashion is not just about elegance – buying expensive couture dresses from world-class designers, or wearing clothes half your actual size. Fashion is about being comfortable on what you are wearing; it’s more of expressing yourself. For some, it starts with fashion belts, and with these Superman belt buckles, you can be who you are while, at the same time, looking good.

Would it be perfect for that casual walk on the beach or while roving around the mall for window-shopping? People, especially the Superman enthusiasts, will definitely take a pause and scan through your belt buckle. They might even have the audacity to ask where you got it in the first place. It is going to be captivating. You can also order a Supergirl belt buckle for your partner.

If you are now going loco, visit now and check out other cool belt buckles for both men and women. They have a caboodle of Superman belt buckle designs to choose from and other Superman items that are made available for your interest. And if Superman or Supergirl was not your favorite childhood superhero, you can also search and scan through a list of other superhero belt buckles and items available on their online store.

The days when belts are used to tie around your waist just to hold up you pants are now officially over! Belts are now must-have accessories that will match and add up to your sense of style. Belts nowadays serve another purpose: expressing yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be the last to have these belts and belt buckles! Ready your credit cards, go online, scan, and order your first ever (and that would certainly be not your last) fashion belt buckles. Buy the Superman belt buckles now and be the new head-turner in town!

Jul 14

What is an LED belt buckle? This kind of buckle is like any other ordinary belt, only this kind of belt makes use of LED or light emitting diode that presents messages. This kind of belt has a flexible band which is usually made of leather or cloth. The best buckle on one end of the belt decides the quality of its fashion without taking into consideration the quality of the belt. Unfortunately though, these are belts that usually do not come cheap. The use of LED or light emitting diode alone makes it expensive in itself.

Most people would normally use expensive leather belts or some classic belts. However, LED belt buckles and the aforementioned belts are not one of the same. These kinds of belt buckles are like message boards that can be seen flashing below the waist. You can put whatever message you want to put there including your name, your phone number, your address or even a short phrase or motto that you want to share to the people who will come across it. These belts and buckles are blings that one would enjoy wearing and showing off to other people wherever they go.

If you want to look for high quality belt buckles that rose to great prominence in the fashion industry, then head on over to for LED belt buckles that are out of this world. There are a wide range of belt buckles with LED or light emitting diode to choose from. The message that you want to put in your belt depends on you. But if you are into other things besides belts with LED, also provide other custom belt designs. They cater both to people who are fond of belt buckles and those who only need belts to hold their pants down.

For most people, belts are commonly used to hold down the pants so it would not fall off the waist. But there are others who go beyond the belts normal usage. They use the belt as a fashion accessory, a statement they want to make to other people and something that they can proudly show off wherever they go. Some would go for diamond-studded belt buckles, others would prefer their belts simple and manageable while some would go above and beyond and purchase LED belt buckles and put whatever message they want to put on them. Either way, a belt is a very useful accessory that one cannot go by without.
Jun 18

Glow in the dark belt buckles have already become a hip today especially with the new generation who loves to hold a variety of special events during night. If you would notice, the most common of types of buckles are those that are made of are made of plastic, metal and wood. However, today these shining, shimmering buckles have seemed to take the night by storm, making nocturnal people even happier than they used to be.

A buckle is one of the most important parts of a belt. Oftentimes, it is the first that anyone would notice at first glance. It is also one of the most important factors that consumers consider when buying belts. Thus, it is important that buckles are durable, high-quality, and stylish.

Today where buckles have become one of the best symbols of fashion, it is important to take note of its design that fits your personality. Some of the available buckles that you can choose to wear include rock star buckles, emo buckles, angel buckles, nameplate buckles, fantasy creature buckles, automotive part buckles, flags of different countries buckles, and many more.

Glow in the dark belt buckles are best for a variety of night events, such as acquaintance parties, Halloween parties, birthday parties, weddings, or simply during night outs. You can choose from a wide variety of designs depending on the type of party that you are going to attend. When you are wearing the best glow in the dark belt buckles with the best design, you can be the lead fashion model for the night. For instance, you can have a glowing rock star buckle when you are out for a party, especially if you love rock music or anything that rocks. It does not only inspire you but hone you as a person who is a lover of rock motifs. Who knows, you might bump into another buddy who has the same taste of fashion as yours. Considering this possibility, glow in the dark belt buckles may not only be for fashion and fun, but also for finding friends.

A friendship that starts from a glow in the dark buckle might be the most unique story one could ever hear. If this ever happens, you will become the very first person in history. When buying glow in the dark buckles, it is important that you consider the same factors such as buying an ordinary belt. Some of the most important things that you should look in buying the best buckle include durability, brand, style, size, design, and quality. Being mindful of the helpful criteria in buying an excellent glow in the dark buckle simply makes you a wise consumer.

Jun 05

To some, belts are mainly used to hold down the pants so it does not fall off the waist. But to others, a belt is more than just a needed accessory. For them, it can also be a fashion accessory – that is if you know how to distinguish a fashionable belt when you see it. There are thousands of belts that the average citizen can choose from, whether if it is just a simple belt to use for its purpose or a belt that has a particular design that can complement the current outfit you have.

But no matter what kind of belt you’ll purchase, the most important thing that you must always consider is its buckle. The buckle is a very integral part of the belt. The most common types of buckles are those that are made of plastic, metal and wood. There are those that are often seen in the market as well like hip hop belt buckles, cowboy and cowgirl belt buckles, Texas belt buckles, war belt buckles, military belt buckles and others. One can also get belts that are embroidered with fancy designs like stones, diamonds and rhinestones to name a few. Whatever the preference one has, what matters is that the belt works like a charm.

Do you ever wonder what accessory you want to pair up with your jeans to make it a little more stylish? Ever considered getting a kind of accent that can make your outfit like a million dollars? Or you simply want something that can keep your outfit from looking dull and “uncool”? Well fret not, because all you need is one hot belt buckle that can work its magic on an outfit to make it look more fabulous than ever before. And you can get one of them belt buckles over at has a wide array of belt buckles for you to choose from, ranging from designs that suit a person’s individuality and unique style. They are the leading online store that sells wholesale belts and other items that are available and to explore on their homepage. When it comes to belt buckle designs, sells a variety of designs that suit your interests. These designs include hip hop belt buckles, animals, fantasy creatures, automotive parts, flags of different countries and other designs you can pick as you wish. You can never go wrong with these durable and attractive belt buckles that will surely last a lifetime.

May 12

Ever wondered what to pair with your plain jeans to make it a little stylish? What about wearing an accent to make your dull outfit extravagant? Or you just want to wear something that goes well with the trendy boyfriend loose jeans? Then these cool belt buckles from Hot Buckles are the best accessories for you to step up your style level and release your inner fashionista. Belts have been worn by people since the Bronze Age. In the western world, belts were commonly used by men since it is part of their utilitarian uniform but in the early 17th century women have started to wear them by sporting them with skirt and blouse combo. Belts design and purpose have evolved through the years. It is not only functional but stylish at the same time and Hot Buckle belts are the best example to that.

Hot Buckles is the leading online shop that sells wholesale items like belts. Although there are many online shops now but Hot Buckles is one of a kind because it sells an assortment of different designs like animals, fantasy, automotive, biker, couture, crown, flag, glow in the dark, skull, wallpaper buckle series, big belts, cool belt buckles, eagle, bull, flask, guns, knife, leg, hip hop, punk, lighter, spinners, sports, stashers, tattoo, vintage, wood and even bottle opener. You can really find everything you want because there are so many great designs to choose from that can go well with your outfit. You can also buy fashion belts like snap on belts, Tatau couture, biker belts, bull’s eye tattoo belt, canvas, cargo & military belts, chain belts, studded belts, rhinestone belts, full grain, dress belt, jeans belt, kids belt, brand licensed belt, printed belt, western belt, wide fashion belt and women’s belt . They are perfect accessories to complete your everyday look or if you want to make a fashion statement. But that’s not all, Buckle Belts also sells customized belts and you have the freedom to choose what design to put or make. You can put your area code, graphic design, laser engraved and even your name and initials. They are ideal if you want to give personalize gifts or souvenirs. They are also very durable and robust and can last for a long period of time. And the best part of all, they are very affordable and convenient. They are selling wholesale so you can really save a lot of money. So if you want something that you can retail online, a gift for a friend or a souvenir for a party or any occasion then buy Hot Buckle Belts and you wouldn’t regret it.

If you want to contact them, you can call or fax them through 954-925-0023 or you can visit their site and place you orders now.

Apr 10

There is a huge difference between the belt and their buckles before as compared to now. First of all, they were only seen as purely something that holds pants up. This was the very reason that the belt was invented. Fashion at that time was still at a low and it was only the elite who were very fashion conscious at that time. But nowadays, the belt is more than just holding pants up. Some even see it as purely a fashion accessory and use it even though their pants fit perfectly. This usually happens among the female denomination and it affects both the affluent and the meagre. But whoever said that men are excused from being fashion forward? As a matter of fact, more and more men are becoming fashion conscious and there are a lot of male fashion designers known all over the world. This is for this reason there are a lot of belt buckles with various designs that emerged. To mention one that you least expect are the military belt buckles.

The military is known to be strict and snappy. Clean and pressed uniform, shiny boots, and short hair. But hey, when you talk about fashion, even the military is not excluded. Whoever said that the military is barred from being fashionable, right? In fact, at Hot Buckles online store, they have come up with the idea to make military belt buckles for those people who have dedicated their lives to protecting their countrymen. You may ask what a military belt buckle looks like. It is actually easy to spot because of its unique design. It is usually made up of metal and is shaped in a rectangular solid shape. They are considered “belt slides” because all you need to do to adjust the strap is to pull it and lock the buckle. It is as easy as that.

At Hot Buckles online store, you may see that the military belt buckles per se have the same style and design but what differs are the belt straps that go with it. If you find one that you like and you are not even part of the military, then you don’t have to make a fuzz about it. You can buy as many as you want and you don’t need to be a military for you to wear one.

Don’t settle for less. Whether you are a diehard fashion addict or you are spick and span like in the military, Hot Buckles have hat you want and even what you didn’t expect to want. From biker belt buckles to military belt buckles to sports belt buckles and a lot more. So the next time you want a new belt for you, drop by Hot Buckles and surely you wouldn’t have to look anywhere else.

Apr 02

Finding the perfect fit to your pants is a tough one. But what’s even worse is when you have lost weight and your pants having that perfect fit isn’t what is used to be anymore. But say no more because the belt is there to save you the stress and hassle. As easy as putting a belt around your waist, your pants will be that perfect fit once again. But a belt can be a fashion yes or a fashion no. What do you mean by this? Well, if worn the wrong way then it can hurt your entire outfit. But when worn correctly or it simply matches to the occasion, then you will look priceless too. Yes, the belt can be your best fashion friend or your worst enemy. This is for this reason that nowadays, a simple belt strap and a plain rectangular belt buckle won’t do the trick anymore. Although this best one you can use to formal events, other than that, bottle opener belt buckles and all other designs are what’s in and hot right now.

Drinking is an innate function of human beings that they cannot live without. Of course, this is drinking water. But water can actually be drunk from the faucet if it is clean and safe. But other drinks like sodas and alcoholic drinks need to be made and bottled up to keep their freshness and taste intact. So how do you open these? It is simply with the use of a bottle opener. Of course, this is when you are trying to open the glass bottle and not the plastic bottle. Now wouldn’t it be a great idea to have bottle opener belt buckles so that when out of nowhere you decide to enjoy a drink in a place where you can be alone? Yeah, that can sound great. It is so handy dandy.

But you may think that having bottle opener belt buckles can be a fashion don’t. You can just imagine how the typical bottle opener looks like and it is the one that you use around your waist. Well, here’s the good news. At Hot Buckles online store, their bottle opener belt buckles are designed in such a way that people looking at it won’t even realize that it can actually open a glass bottle. To mention a few of their top seller designs are: Licensed Felon Knuckles Bottle Opener, Dallas Cowboys Tailgater Belt Buckle, Drunk Bottle Opener Belt Buckle, Confederate Flag Bottle Opener Belt Buckle, and Bass Bottle Opener Belt Buckle. These are only 5 out of the hundreds of bottle opener belt buckles that they have to offer. Not only are they unique, but prices are also affordable and reasonable!

Mar 30

There is more to it than just the belt. Some may regard it as just an object that holds up pants but nowadays, it is considered to be a fashion accessory. Over the years, people have learned to design things that most if not all people find a necessity. A very good example is the belt. If you were born in the early 90’s, would you have seen different styles of belt buckles? Let alone biker belt buckles? Certainly not. Before it was only a piece of leather strap with a rectangular steel buckle but now, you can find almost any design that you can think of.

Before, you can imagine how hard it could have been for them to match their belts to their outfits. How can they have made their outfit unique with using just a simple black or brown leather belt and a steel buckle? Now that is hard especially for those who are very fashion conscious. In the times today, if you are the western type, there are western belt buckles. If you are the biker chic, there are also biker belt buckles. The list goes on and on as many people have different styles and preferences. But whatever style you choose, it is for sure that there is a belt buckle out there that will fit you and your personality perfectly.

Finding the right belt buckle for you can be hard too. When you go to the big shopping malls and department stores, you might probably find only the common belts and their buckles. Something that they expect most people will buy. But if you are not the ordinary, typical people, then your problem is solved. All you need to do is log on to your computer, browse through the net and look for the Hot Buckles site. As mentioned earlier, you can be a biker but your preference may e different from that of the other. If you are the fierce type, then you can go for biker belt buckles like the American Bad Ass design. If you are the sexy chic, then you can go for a more feminine design like the Motorcycle Biker belt buckles.

Nevertheless, whether you are a biker or the exact opposite of it, all you need can be found at From the simple rhinestone belt buckles down to the most eye catching biker belt buckles, Hot Buckles has them all. But if and if what you want is not there, their staff is more than willing to help you find the best belt buckle for you with the most affordable prices. That is how Hot Buckles works.  So is there anything more that you can ask for? Nothing. Be hip and be in style with Hot Buckles.

Mar 19

Nowadays, we don’t only associate accessorizing to the ladies and women. Men have now been more open-minded when it comes to the use of accessories. But even if they have slowly adapted to their use, they have been very particular on which to use so that they don’t look trying too hard just to fit in. Men have now slowly conquered the field of accessorizing which was once noted as woman-dominated. Men have played the game and have shown great potential in mastering it as well.

Some of the accessories men use is watches, glasses, hats, shoes, ties, belts and belt buckles as well. There are a lot of choices in the market on such add-ons but it takes a very particular eye to make the final decision on which to use. Amongst the many accessories men use, we will direct our attention to belt buckles and where to look for the best. Gone are the days when men just used belts and buckles to hold their pants up. Now they utilize it as a statement of their individuality and personality. Some men now buy belt buckles not just for aesthetic purposes but for collection reasons as well. It gives them a certain high when they are able to buy a new one to add to their collection. There are a lot of cowboys that collect Western belt buckles to stay true to their roots.

Choosing a great looking belt buckle can be crucial to most men as it is often a focal point of attention by many. There are a lot of belt buckle types available in the market today. There are simple ones, patriotic belt buckles, steel belt buckles and even Western belt buckles which is very popular to many.

First, why would one want to use belt buckles? If we trace back our history, we would see a lot of men use it for identification purposes. Confederate and Union soldiers had a distinct buckle to use. When you find a similar piece then consider it as a treasure.

If you want one that is unique and a collectible one, you can start the process by knowing from what era it is and what are the features you are looking for. From there you can do some research and studying with history and look at the many choices. Familiarize with which ones are great and with a higher value, this way, you can easily spot of which you want to add to your collection.

Now that you have an idea already, you can start by surfing the net and checking online shops that sell belt buckles. There are many shops that offer different styles of belt buckles, may it be Western belt buckles or collectible ones. If you are not comfortable with searching on the web, you can make a visit local antique stores and malls, flea markets or even garage sales. You might just find amazing pieces at the most unexpected place.

Remember that if you wish to lay your hands on a great piece, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in order to find the ideal one. Enjoy the hunt! Belt buckles earned the hard way are the most treasured ones.