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Oct 30

Old hallows eve or in layman’s term Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s the only night where it’s legit to dress inappropriately or disguise yourself with some DIY hair wig and a large white sheet with 2 holes that would frantically not scare everyone except yourself. However, if you feel that you’re too old to dress the part but you still want to have a little touch of creepiness and sinister atmosphere to relive the true spirit of Halloween. Why not try these hot belt buckles that would surely be a great accent to a night of terror and fun.

One of the most popular Halloween symbol are ghosts. Ghostbuesters Belt Buckle is an iconic character that would bring back those nostalgic moments from the show. It features the good old Ghostbuster icon and what makes it so cool is it glows in the dark. Now, you have no reason to be afraid of the dark. Second would be, one of the most popular super heroes of all time the Licensed Batman Belt Buckle featuring it’s trademark logo. If you are in the mood to be a protagonist for a night or you just can’t get enough of your favorite super hero, why not wear this belt buckle? Next on the list is the classic Cross Bones Skull Belt Buckles. It has the badass vibe that would highlight your whole look. Just pair it with some denim jeans, leather jacket and some black boots and you are good to go. Fourth on the list is the Black Cat Belt Buckle. In old times, black cats usually cause bad luck but this belt buckle somewhat brings good omen to your whole outfit. With its cute design, every girl would definitely want to wear one. And last would be the Alian Skull Belt Buckle. It has an eerie and scary design and it would surely be a statement piece not just for Halloween but throughout the year. The good thing about these belt buckles is that they can be customized. You may choose what design that you might fancy and you can add a high quality snap on leather belt in a discounted rate.

I haven’t quite figured out how or what I would be this Halloween. But one thing’s for sure, I would surely wear one of these hot belt buckles to celebrate to most frightening time of the year.

May 13

custom wedding belt buckleSo what are you talking now about custom wedding belt buckles??

Before the belt buckle, bride and groom would simply tie-the-knot to keep their pants up. Lucky for the fashion forward, times have changed and so have traditional weddings.

More than ever, themed weddings and wedding gift buckles are on the rise and Hot Buckles™ is delivering special order belts that make your reception extra memorable.


“People definitely want something customized to fit their unique theme or personalities. Before, big orders for custom buckles were almost exclusively for corporate events, but more wedding planners and friends of the lucky couple are contacting us for their themed buckle needs. …working with customers for wedding buckles, I learned they want buckles that really capture the moment and add to the unique style of the occassion”, Custom Department

Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas this year include:

Hawaiian Luau Ceremony (think flowers, fire, casual coolness and foooood!)

Barefoot Beach Wedding (focus on the fun and frugal)

Military Wedding (honor, rank, pride, and purpose)

Outrageously Offbeat Weddings (anything goes, geek chic to wild inside jokes),

Black and White Weddings (simple class and outright elegant fonts), …

Country Chic/ Cowboy and Princess Wedding (think cowgirl boots and western buckles).

Limited only by your imagination, custom belt buckles for your wedding can be rhinestone, western, chrome or black, round, rectangle… Submit custom graphics or a list of names to be inscribed to find out why is the #1 spot online for custom wedding belt buckles delivered on time.

From everyone at Hot Buckles, “Congratulations on your stylish future together!”

Apr 11

Traditionally, the hottest belt buckles have been worn on leather belts. But, todays trend-setters, early adopters, and fashion elite are breaking conventions with new LEATHER BELT BUCKLES. Made from 100% full-grain leather, you can now purchase your own piece of fashion extravagance from the world’s largest online buckle supplier.The exclusive new leather belt buckle designs from are moving fast. Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite music celebrities and sports stars wearing their leather belt buckles in magazines and on TV. You can order your leather belt buckle in an oval or rectangular frame. We have designs you are sure to love on our graphic leather buckles. Our custom department takes your personal vision and creates a one of a kind buckle that will make people around you take notice.



Contact to start your custom leather belt buckle creation. Made to order with no minimum orders, our leather belt buckles are worn by the brave and the bold. Full-grain, premium quality belt buckles from are not for the plain Jims and Janes out there. From a redneck wedding to an executive power statement, these leather buckles are for more than keeping your pants up. Keep your appearances tip-top too!

Visit the site for a closer peek at your new look.