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Jan 07

Spring just came by fast as lightning and summer, yes hot summer, is fast approaching. From the cool air to the burning sun, the temperature rises. You might not even notice the changes at first but by the time you realize the heat, your plain pants and t-shirt spring attire just won’t do. What could your fashion clothing be? May I suggest a wardrobe change or a closet update?

Yes, you can definitely do a wardrobe change. But hey, that does not mean taking your entire wardrobe and changing it. It also does not mean taking your clothes out and replacing everything else with new ones you recently bought from a very expensive store from that very famous mall people keep telling you about. People who say fashion has a price never heard of fashion as something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit. That quote was from George Santayana, a philosopher. To think, a philosopher said that about fashion would make you think twice about buying new expensive clothes. If there is a way to create a fashion clothing trend with only your old clothes and a few cheap ones from the small stores in the streets, why not try it right? Practicality. If you need a pen to write your homework, why buy a pen that costs twice your allowance for a day when you can buy a pen that costs only a quarter? So in fashion, why buy something you cannot afford when you can put together clothes from your closet and not spend a single dime. You can still be a fashion queen with your simple clothes. After all, fashion is all about innovation and being resourceful. Make use of what you have in the closet.

Since it is summer, it is all about the colors. Bright colors easily catch the eyes of the people; it is a good way to get noticed. Search your closet for anything colorful, bright, and pleasing to the eyes; anything that looks fabulous with golden hues and bright blues. Add those colors and make them match skirts, shorts, shirts, and blouses. Pair those with a pair of your shoes, slippers, or flats. Do not forget to accessorize. Put on a belt if your outfit is too plain. Belts may be used for pants that are too loose for you to wear but in our case, it is for fashion. It adds accent to your waist.

If you are not into colorful outfits, why not go for the laces. Pick out a blouse or a frilly skirt. No frilly skirt? Go for short flirty shorts. High waist adds that feminine look on you and flaunts the shape of your body. Accessorize with some black bumblebee sunglasses and some pearls or a retro band.

You can also go for the plain whites. Simple yet chic. Remember those bright colors you looked for in your closet? Grab one of those to accent your plain whites. Go for the menswear-inspired pants and a white blouse with a popping bright yellow. Bring your hair down and wear colored heels. Now that will be an eye catcher.

You can check out more of these amazing styles online. Put together your favorite outfits and you can create wonderful fashion clothing for the summer!

Jun 03

5 Best gifting Ideas on Father’s Day – Get 15% off “DAD11″

Dad Belt Buckle







Make it a memorable day for your dad on Father’s day June 19th. One can be his/her dad prize possession by gifting his/her them with the best gift.

On this unique day, many e-commerce stores are offering huge discounts! While buying any gift from any store one just has to think about its usefulness, quality and everlastingness. For that you have to know your Dad’s LIKES. “It is a wise father who knows his child. But it’s a very wise child who takes time to know his father.”

And apart from all these, I have found some evergreen gifting ideas for your awesome dad on this memorable day. One can choose any of them to make this day a one to remember.

5 best Gifting Ideas for this Father’s Day:

  1. Give your father the best belt buckle! Like an Awesome Cocky Buckle, He would love to wear it with a White Cracked Leather belt.
  2. Belts can also do well here. As in his routine life he can wear with love, this can be the best gift!  Tan Distressed Leather Belt, Black Cotton Web Belt with Rhinestones, Black Thin Leather Belt, Brown Leather Dress Belt and lots of variety of belts you can find to choose and make you father happy.
  3. As our busy father’s routine life can’t be imagined without wallet in his pocket, a new beautiful wallet with a wonderful design and shape can be the best gift from you. And a wallet like Distressed Leather Chain – can be the astonishing gift if you put one valuable photograph of your lovely family in it!
  4. Caps can also be used as a splendid gift for your father if he likes to collect them. Lots of caps with various designs, colors and brands are available online like White Swarovski Crystal Cross Cap, Sparrow Tattoo Inspired Cap or Olive Swarovski Crystal Split Skull Cap.
  5. Sunglasses are also to be worn in your fathers’ daily life and can be taken as a useful fashion accessory. So, this can also be an impressive gift of this year. Have some trendy and branded collection of variety of sunglasses with good quality. Some of them are: Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy for Men, Oakland Raiders Sunglasses.



Have a dazzling and delightful life with your Dad!

Hotbuckles Inc. Wishes you a Happy Father’s Day!

May 09

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Feb 23

If your wish to put your best face forward and learn the tricks of applying beautiful makeup, these tips will definitely help.

1. Look Natural

Even after applying detailed makeup, you must look natural. If you use colors for your face, keep them in harmony with other shades. If you have light skin or hair color, try teaming it with darker shades that highlight your features. Using oil control moisturizer with movable powder is essential for makeup on oily skin types.

2. Appropriate makeup

You must know the occasion you’re dressing for. You must be differently prepared if you’re going for your convocation or a party. Try using more colors for nighttime makeup than for daytime.

3. Lips

There are different lip colors that suit different skin tones. To make your lipstick last long, coat your entire lips with it. If your lips are thick, draw a line within them, but don’t do the contrary for thin lips, to accentuate your looks.

4. Hair color

Hair color must be in accordance with you skin and natural hair color. If you have light hair, go for light colors. Get the roots of hair colored as well.

5. How much is enough

Makeup must brighten all the good areas and hide all the unattractive ones. Too much of makeup can be equally harmful:

* Using dark and thick eyeliner or shadow will spoil your entire makeup.

* Too much mascara with a dark blue eye pencil makes the face look unnatural and ugly.

* Use foundations that make your face look soft and natural.

* Applying powder unfairly will make those facial lines obvious.

6. Rarely wearing makeup

Women, who don’t wear makeup, don’t know its application. However, they must start with one base at a time. Try using basic things and then move on to comprehensive makeup.

7. Touchups

Touching up will keep your makeup fresh all through the day. Touchup all places that have lost color to keep your look perfect and fresh.

Feb 15

Changes are part of lifecycle and innovation is part of website cycle. Working on this aspect few months back, we at redesigned our web-store that sells all types of belts, buckles, caps, watches, handbags and other style fashion accessories.

Though we were sure out customers will like our new approach, we decided to conduct a poll to know their views. There by a poll named as “How you like our new design” was conducted and thanks to all our viewers, we got an overwhelming response. The visitors were asked choose one out the following five options: Wow; Love it; I guess it’s OK; could be better; and I want old one back. The poll was recently closed and here we are with the results.

We know everyone has a different lookout and prospect to analyze something. But when we asked for user reviews more than 77% accepted our new design with their position notes. Many others helped us with their creative inputs to make the site better. We are thankful to all of them who appreciated our effort and helped us make the site better.

These results are going to help us in improving our web-store as well as website in the future. Belts, buckles, caps, watches, handbags and other style fashion accessories are fashion-products and their selling mainly depends on “how they look” and “how they are presented”. Keeping this in mind we started with few changes and will go on with future necessary changes. However, we will always require our client’s support and their feedback. This keeps us going and gives us the enthusiasm to go for a lot more improvement. Once again Thanks all you viewers for overwhelming response.

Feb 05

There are some ways to keep yourself up-to-date with updated fashion.

1. One way is to search on the net for new fashions and choose the one of your choice. You can search the market for checking the up-to-date fashion.

2. There must be different clothes for work and for casual life. The work clothes can be used for casual purposes after their uselessness for work or after they are old enough to be used in a formal place.

3. You can make your choice from many options. There are many things which remain in fashion. You can make your choices for colors. Unfit clothes must be avoided as fit clothes are in fashion for a long time. There is a trend for contrast so that different colors can be used to make yourself attractive.

4. It is possible to make amendment to old clothes so that these can be made new. You can add some laces to old shirts or some shining metals could be used to have a new and better look. In this way you can use your old clothes for many new occasions with a better look. This thing is economical and used to a large extent, these days.

5. You can also do some shopping according your requirements for new clothes. You must keep in mind that your new clothes could be used for a long time by adding some modifications to them at a later stage to make them use able for a long time.

6. You can match your clothes with your eyes or hair. There are different matches for skin as well. A reasonable match with body is also good. Using any matches according your requirement is helpful to keep yourself attractive and fashionable. One can choose from many options to remain in fashion according to his budget.

7. You must organize and manage your store of clothes in such a way that it can be retrieved according requirements. You must choose the styles which are in demand. There is a need to follow the prevailing fashion. Make slight changes, but do not try to be different to a large extent. Media is promoting styles and fashion. We must follow them and make reasonable adjustments according requirements.

Feb 02

Emerging needs in the fashion world tends to change the trend in the clothing. In this modern era, women are not restricted to wear the traditional outfits as they have shifted their taste towards the trendy modern attire. The outcome of this taste is the hottest outfit skirts. These women skirts come in a variety of irresistible fascinating designs, hue and shapes.

Women are very much conscious about their style and looks. Every woman love to look different and more appealing from all other women. They always prefer to change their looks by trying new fashionable dresses and demand for newer ones. One of the dresses that hit the demand is the skirts. Women feel to be in the comfort zone when they wear this apparel on them. Wide ranges of skirts are found abundant in the market. Depending upon your figure statistics you can select the skirts. Pencil skirts, miniskirts, long skirts, short skirts, summer skirts and denim skirts are some of the popular attractions. You can also fetch skirt variety which gives you a pleasing feminist look.

Just go for miniskirts if you want to be hot sexy and fashionably trend as well. Wear some t-shirts or tank tops that go with the skirts. This is affirmatively going to compliment your presence. You can also wear some accessories like necklace, bracelets and any other extra accessories that compliment your attire. Wearing wedge shoes, gladiator shoes or any other high heels shoes is just going to give a good finish to your dressing.

The skirt is easy wear attire and it explores your bold and beautiful figure. Even the professional office going women can go in for skirts. Party wear fancy denim skirts are also available in abundant in the market stores. Skirts are availed for women of any shape, size and age. Ensure that you take a trial before buying one.

Oct 21

You are sitting at home in your comfortably flannel pajama pants and a pizza stained t-shirt. With a bag of potato chips in one hand and the remote in the other, you excitedly switch on the tube to watch the event of the year… well, at least of the week … the Academy Awards.

Which films have been nominated? You are not sure. Who is the Oscar favorite for “Best Cinematography?” You do not care.

What will Halle be wearing?
How many diamonds will fit around Nicole’s thin little wrist?
Yes! Those are the questions!

And thus we see the reason for the relationship between fashion designers and our favorite A-list celebrities. Calvin, Donatella, Marc, and the rest of the gang are certainly not fools! Fashion designers are aesthetically driven – they seek to create physical beauty inspired by their thoughts, ideas, and visions. This physical beauty is known to us as clothing. And how beautiful it truly is!

And what can be better than a meticulously constructed and designed floor length Vera Wang gown? A meticulously constructed and designed floor length Vera Wang gown on Julia Roberts! Fuse the most beautiful fashion designs with some of the most beautiful faces, bodies and people and the result borders on sublime – a sensory delight that keeps us tuned in and left wanting to emulate.

Flashback to the months leading up to my senior prom…just weeks after Gwenyth Paltrow won her Academy Award for “Best Actress,” the racks of Macy’s were overflowing with replicas of Paltrow’s bubblegum pink ball gown. As much as we value our individual tastes and fashion sense, there is at least a part of us (no matter how small), that emulates the beauty we find in the world. This is natural, right?

I have heard that a celebrity wearing your gown/tux/creation to a red carpet event is worth over a million dollars in advertising. Further, they tell me that slipping a gorgeous frock onto an Academy Award winner is worth tens of millions of dollars in advertising. This does not seem to be much of a stretch. Beauty sells – making the relationship between fashion and celebrity brilliant….

Oct 10

This summer it is “boho” chic. Last summer, it was preppy sailor simplicity. In the late 90′s it was the grunge look. Yellow is the new black. Jeans are the new business casual. Yes, I am writing of fashion trends.

The latest look, style, and color floods the covers of magazines, the shelves of retailers from Saks to H & M, the bodies of celebrities and television characters and, undoubtedly, is able to get enough of us to buy into it (literally and figuratively) to validate the whole cycle.

So, while most of us are easily able to grasp this continuously perpetuating cycle of saturating the public with the latest, greatest duds, questions remain: how does a trend start? Who makes this decision? Why does it work?

Well, to be perfectly honest, there is no definitive answer to the myth that is a fashion trend. But, while the exact formula is beyond the consumer, we can be sure that it takes the work of several different interdependent fashion industry professions to convince us that espadrilles, suspenders, and terry-cloth suits are worthy of our dollars and donning.

Fashion designers gather their inspiration, whether it comes from popular culture, music, politics, a celebrity muse, or something else entirely. Then, they design – usually a spring and fall collection. With a slew of inspired, perfectly crafted designs ready to hit the runway, they show their collections.

It could possibly be said that the trend begins at the fashion show. Fashion writers, buyers, photographers and celebrities line the runways, waiting to take in, criticize and praise the designer’s work.

Writers go back to their offices and verbally comment on the design they have seen. If a collection is deemed great, the editor may be persuaded to feature the clothing on the cover of the month’s issue. This is also influenced by fashion publicists – professionals who are paid to get the designer’s duds in front of larger audiences. Thus, we read about the latest fashion trend.

Photographers snap photos as the models parade down the runway and sell them to parties interested in the designer’s work. The photos show up in newspapers, industry magazines, fashion magazines and various other media outlets. Thus, we see the latest fashion trend.

Buyers, if impressed, order pieces that their clientele will be willing to pay hundreds or thousands to own. Other designers, those focused on mass production of more affordable versions of the latest trend, gather their inspiration here too. Thus, we can purchase the latest fashion trend.

So, as you can see, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly how a fashion becomes a trend. What you can know, with certainty, is that it took many professionals in the fashion industry to get you to the cash register with your bohemian-inspired peasant blouse.

Oct 05
black Dress

Take a timeless tip from the past and update your plain black dress from last year with accessories. Not only will it save time (searching) and money (could be spent on manicures) but, it will put the glam back into your special evening. Audrey Hepburn gives us millennia gals an example of how it can be done right. Just take a look at how she puts it together with an up-do, gloves, and sparkle.

… And always remember if you look like a Bombshell no one cares if you are wearing diamonds or rhinestones….