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Oct 18

If my memory serves me right, one of the most famous characters who used watches that I first laid my eyes on was the white rabbit in Lewis Caroll’s famous story, Alice in Wonderland that was published couple of centuries ago. The White Rabbit used his watch to track time because he seems to be always late for something. But in this modern age and time (pun intended), did the functionality of watches change? Due to the advancement in modern technology, we now have different gadgets that give the same purpose that watches offer. We know have smart phones, laptops and iPads just to name a few. So, my question would be, are watches still relevant today?

Few weeks ago, I found myself in a state of horror and panic when I found out my phone gave up on me. The first thing that flashed in my mind, believe it or not, was how I can track time? As they say, time is gold and I really can’t afford missing an important meeting or being late for work. So I’ve decided to finally purchase a watch. We may have endless debates whether watches are just simply arm decorations or a useful tool but, I believe they are both. The omnipresence of high tech gadgets dim the light of the watches in today’s society but we can definitely make them relevant by making them as a stylish accessory that serves both fashion and function.  If you’re wearing corporate attire or a casual ensemble Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Watch gives an industrial look with a hint of playfulness from its bold graphic. While, Ed Hardy Fire Skull Tattoo Watch gives a tough love look with a fire skull print that screams rock and roll chic and will go well with different looks and can adapt to diverse kinds of style.

Before, I owned 3 pair of watches that I hardly ever used until they tarnished and became junk. But I’m having a change of heart and realized that watches are actually useful when high-tech gadgets give up on us. If all else fails, classic watches would be there to rescue us from tardiness and any time issues, not that I consider them as some kind of time machines or something like that. Let’s change the perception that watches are passé because I can’t bear the thought of having to explain to my future son what a watch is.

May 13

Timing is crucial in an emergency situation. Which is why 95% of emergency responders look for jewelery indicating a medical alert when someone is in trouble.
In cases where you might be unconscious, incoherent, or unable to communicate, medical alert jewelery lets medics know about your medical condition when you can’t.

Many years ago, medical bracelets used to be big and clunky which is why some people actually chose not to wear them. But today’s stylish medical alert bracelets are doing a lot to prevent real-life fatalities and fashion emergencies too.

Adjustable Medical Alert Bracelet with Stainless Steel MeshMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel Leather Straps.jpgMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel and Black Leather.jpgMedical ID Alert Bracelet - Stainless Steel Bangle.jpg

Stainless steel jewelry that is fashionable, elegant and instantaneously recognizable is the new style of medical id. From ultra-thin bangle bracelets, to stainless steel medical id pendants, and leather banded id bracelets; anybody can look great and feel great knowing that their medical condition won’t prevent doctors from knowing how to save their life.

Alert bracelets and other medical id jewelry provide precise information so medics can take action fast and eliminate the potential for error. In many cases, the wrong diagnosis from emergency staff can cause more damage and waste precious time. With a medical id bracelet, health professionals know exactly what your condition is. This is the best way to inform professionals what medications you need, what medications you might be allergic too, and whether or not they are treating a chronic condition when you can’t speak for yourself.

More than ever, people are telling the story of how their alert bracelet saved their life. People who have life-threatening allergies, seizures, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s get the fast response they need because of their personal medical alert.

It’s all about life-saving information that is fast and accurate, but also nice enough to wear all the time. Who knew that being responsible and safe could look so good? Companies like offer custom laser engraving on medical id accessories bought from their site and they offer dozens of styles to ensure you keep safe, look good, and feel good too, knowing how your medical bracelet alert will prompt medical professionals in an emergency.

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