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Aug 09

There are a lot of types of shoes being created around the world. And out of those types of shoes, the shoes are regarded as the most simple and relaxed ones ever created. It includes a slim rubberized only that is organized on the feet by a Y-shaped band that operates from the side of the feet and goes between the big toe and the toe next to it. However, not all individuals are satisfied with the common design of a turn failures so they hotel to have custom flip flops.

Custom Flip Flops

These types of shoes come in a variety of forms, dimensions and shades. They can be used for daily use such as going to the store to do some shopping or have a stroll with their pets around town. Oftentimes, some individuals use these shoes during the summer time season, since this season is always heated and the rain rarely pours in at the most inopportune times. For fashion lovers, the custom flip flops are one way for them to stay stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Without it, then they are left with no choice but to sacrifice comfort for the benefit of style.

Flip flops with awesome designs can be found anywhere, be it over at your local shop or over on online retailers. But if you want the best ones out there, then is the place to be for the best custom flip flops you can ever find. Hot Buckles is generally known for promoting straps and buckles in a variety of styles but currently they have extended their products by including flip flops in their stock as well. They have a variety of flip flops that are traded in different dimensions and shades and they are the most cost-effective ones out there.

Flip flops, without any question, are proven to be very popular amongst all individuals coming from different places and races. They are extremely relaxed, easy to put on, and, to a certain level, can be used in any specific event. They may not be the most formal and satisfactory types of shoes but there is no denying that it is the most used form of shoes than any other shoes that ever existed. And these shoes are created even better with custom flip flops that can easily turn individuals’ leads and get their attention in an immediate.

Jul 26 Announces it’s yearly 25% OFF Back to School Sale

We would like to announce our 25% OFF Back to School Sale as a celebration of  going back to school! School is right around the corner for all teenagers and kids. We have all the trending accessories that you need to have everyone going back to school fresh! We are offering you 25% off qualifying purchase orders of $45.00 or more on starting today July. 26th – ending Midnight Aug. 4th which you will be entitled to redeem a 25% off discount with the following coupon code “SCOOL25” by placing the code with the field titled Vouchers Code and clicking the Add button. You will be applied the discount amount to your grand total.

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Jun 14

We would like to announce our 15% OFF Father’s Day Sale as a celebration of love and giving from the Hot Buckles Team! We are offering you 15% off qualifying purchase orders of $35.00 or more on starting today June. 10th – ending Midnight June. 16th which you will be entitled to redeem a 15% off discount with the following coupon code “DADDY15” by placing the code with the field titled Vouchers Code and clicking the Add button. You will be applied the discount amount to your grand total. you have until Father’s day to get your Dad the love he deserves.

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Apr 11

Traditionally, the hottest belt buckles have been worn on leather belts. But, todays trend-setters, early adopters, and fashion elite are breaking conventions with new LEATHER BELT BUCKLES. Made from 100% full-grain leather, you can now purchase your own piece of fashion extravagance from the world’s largest online buckle supplier.The exclusive new leather belt buckle designs from are moving fast. Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite music celebrities and sports stars wearing their leather belt buckles in magazines and on TV. You can order your leather belt buckle in an oval or rectangular frame. We have designs you are sure to love on our graphic leather buckles. Our custom department takes your personal vision and creates a one of a kind buckle that will make people around you take notice.



Contact to start your custom leather belt buckle creation. Made to order with no minimum orders, our leather belt buckles are worn by the brave and the bold. Full-grain, premium quality belt buckles from are not for the plain Jims and Janes out there. From a redneck wedding to an executive power statement, these leather buckles are for more than keeping your pants up. Keep your appearances tip-top too!

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Nov 16

This Season you want to give out the best gift, that’s why you need to wrap up these unique custom and personalized 3D Face dolls! These fantastic stuffed dolls come in various sizes as well as various types of stuffed animals. They come in three sizes; small key chain size, medium and large! We have many dolls to choose from, including frogs, tigers, pink bunnies and many more.

The best thing is these dolls are not just for kids also they are very popular for giving to boyfriend/girlfriends, family members and friends. You can get to representing a couple one for him and her. You can even use your baby’s face! These are very memorable gifts for the holiday that no one can forget. You can even use these toys as funny gifts depending on the face you have us add.

You send us the image of the face you want to add to the doll and we create a 3D sublimation version and adhere on the doll!

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Sep 09

There’s a new way to show American pride by supporting a candidate for presidency, and that’s on your belt! Bringing fun into the political arena these cartoon characterizations are playful at a time when the political debates are about to get heated. So show you have American pride and a sense of humor with these cute buckles. Because you need a belt to hold your pants up, and now you can have fun with it as well.

Available for a limited time at these smart little square belt buckles are not going to be around forever, so you better hurry. I am wearing my favorite candidate’s buckle right now, but no I am not going to tell you which… that’s for a whole other type of blog!