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Oct 16

From Cap to Toe

It’s getting a little chilly during mid October and as leaves start to fall from the trees and change their color from vibrant greens to caramel brown hues, you’re probably feeling like there are ice lips whispering to your ears or an igloo attached to your head that give you that frosty feeling of nuclear winter. As much as putting an Ushanka is the biggest solution to your arising problem, having a hat that resembles a furry mammal from Russia would not be the best idea. But if you don’t have the strength to deal with the coldness or simply just want some hair accessories to hide a bad hair day situation or worse, early signs of baldness that some unfortunately experience. Then my humble suggestion is just wear rhinestone caps.

I know, what’s running inside your mind, that you don’t want hat hair because in total honesty, static flatness is very unflattering and unappealing. However, rhinestone caps are not only functional like most apparel should be but they also give you that extra bling to make up for their basic look and form. If you’re a sporty type who likes to work out or maybe jog around the park wearing some v-neck plain tee and sweatpants, paired with running shoes that takes athletic chic to a whole new level, why not wear a Black Leather Cross Trucker Cap, it gives a simple outfit a tough exterior and add some rough attitude. You can definitely pair a crop mohair sweater and some high-waisted leather skater skirt with an Olive Swarovski Crystal Split Skull Cap to give some punch and personality to your 90’s inspired look. And who can ignore one of the latest and hottest in trendy caps today, snapback cap with catchy and provocative word that would make an instant statement piece. Whether you’re just wearing the classic staples or a laidback look, wear FUKK Gold Black Snapback Cap or a BOSS Gold White Snapback Cap to always look trendy and fashionable.

Now, provided that you have agreed with all my sentiments about hair, caps and whatnots, invest in functional and stylish pieces that would last every season and can go with all the clothes in your closet. Shy away from pieces that what you think is trendy at the moment but don’t go well with your style. Always trust your basic instinct in choosing clothes because if you feel good, then you’ll look good from head to toe.

Jun 21

We would like to announce our 15% OFF Independence Day Sale as a celebration of love and giving from the Hot Buckles Team! We are offering you 15% off qualifying purchase orders of $35.00 or more on starting today June. 21st – ending Midnight July. 4th which you will be entitled to redeem a 15% off discount with the following coupon code “STARS15” by placing the code with the field titled Vouchers Code and clicking the Add button. You will beapplied the discount amount to your grand total. you have until Independence Day to get in touch with your American Independence.

Thank you for Shopping with us at!

Happy Independence Day Everyone! – From The Hot Buckles Team


Superman Logo American Flag T-Shirt

This stunning Superman Logo American Flag T-Shirt is a great choice this season. Very Trendy colors and designs for in door and outdoor use. Dress up for all occasions.



Distressed American Flag Black Womens T Shirt

American Flag Womens Black T Shirt is a great choice this season. in style with American Pride! Go USA!


Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, So make sure your prepared for the history in the making of 2013. We have all the trending accessories that you need to make it this day!

May 23

There are a lot of forms of footwear being made around the world. And out of those forms of footwear, the flip flops are considered as the most simple and comfortable ones ever made. It consists of a thin rubber sole that is held on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that runs from the side of the foot and passes between the big toe and the toe next to it. However, not all people are contented with the generic design of a flip flop so they resort to have cool graphic flip flop slippers.

Cool Graphic Flip Flop

These kinds of flip flops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be utilized for everyday use such as going to the store to do some grocery shopping or walking the dogs around the park. Most of the time, people use these flip flops during the summer, since the weather at this time is always warm and sunny and rains pour in on occasion. For fashion fanatics, the cool graphic flip flop slippers are one way for them to remain trendy and feel comfortable at the same time. Without it, then they are left with no choice but to compromise comfort for the sake of fashion.

Flip flops with cool graphics can be found anywhere, be it over at your local shop or over on online stores. But if you want the best ones out there, then is the place to be for the best cool graphic flip flop slippers you can ever find. Hot Buckles is generally known for selling belts and buckles in a wide range of designs but as of late they have expanded their goods by including flip flops in their stock as well. They have a variety of slippers that are sold in different sizes and colors and they are the most affordable ones out there.

Flip flops, no doubt, have proven to be very popular amongst all people coming from all walks of life. They are highly comfortable, easy to wear, and, to a certain extent, can be worn in any particular occasion. They may not be the most presentable forms of footwear but it can never be denied that it is the most used form of footwear than any other footwear combined. And these flip flops are made even better with cool graphic flip flop slippers that can easily turn people’s heads and get their attention in an instant.

May 01

How you can be one hot tamale for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is an annual celebration that captures the festive spirit of Mexican fervor. When Mexico refused to pay interest to the country of France, the French invaded and tried to occupy Mexico. But the pride and determination of the Mexican people could not be defeated on May 5th, 1862. The Battle of Puebla is the historic site of this holiday victory where a festive parade is still held every year. Not to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, this victory played an important role in Mexico’s independence.

The party goers and parade people of the town of Puebla have mock sword fights, play traditional games, and dance to mariachi music. There is lots of sounds and music, eating and drinking, and festive fashions (think big belt buckles, fancy boots, and rhinestone hats ) all take front stage for a celebration without limits.


You may not remember the Mexican victory over French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla…. heck, after all the food, parties, dancing, and good times, you might not remember this May 5th in the morning. But, you still want to look good right?

The Hot Buckles website has an ever growing supply of fashionable buckles, belts, wallets, iPad and iPhone cases featuring Mayan culture and Mexican heritage at its best including; The Virgin of Guadalupe, traditional and grunge style Mexican Flags, Mayan belt buckles, and the popular Hecho En Mexico belt buckle!

Happy Cinco De Mayo from everyone at, your favorite fiesta fashion webstore!

Apr 25

America’s Favorite U.S. Flag Belt Buckle

United States of America Grunge Flag Belt Buckle


No matter where you stand on policy and politics, one thing is for sure… The American Flag is historically a beacon of possibility, hope, freedom, and determination. Celebrate the 4th of July this Independance Day Holiday by making the penultimate patriot fashion statement.

Since January 2013, our American Flag distressed buckle has been a top seller, even surpassing our Batman Begins accessories and the very last of our Lucas Arts* Licensed STAR WARS merchandise (*btw, the rights to Star Wars have been bought by Disney and collectors are buying up all of our remaining Lucas Arts Star Wars stock, like 3D buckles, lunch boxes, wallets and graphic belts.)

If you took a snapshot of belt buckles worn by Americans across the United States, you will see more and more people donning this exquisite statement of liberty and justice.

Join your fellow Americans, show your pride, your passion, and your patriotism. Give this buckle as a gift to veterans, active duty, police officers, emergency response, and anybody else who sings, “…this is my Country!”  Snap any of our full-grain leather belts onto this American Flag beltbuckle for true Red, White, and Blue style.

Distressed American Flag Black Womens T Shirt Grunge American Flag Flip Flops AMERICA EAGLE TATTOO IPHONE 5 CASE

Apr 01

One of the most notable accessories known to man is the belt buckles. For belt buckle lovers, it will take more than just the average simply-designed belt buckle to get them through the day. For them, a belt buckle is not just that accessory that is useful and beneficial to daily living. It is also a fashion accessory worthy of showing off for the world to see. Be it wood belt buckles, fashion belt buckles, razor belt buckles, the designs available for you to choose from are endless. And all it takes is one unique design to make it all worthwhile.

Belts have long been in existence since time immemorial. Their main usage is to hold up loose pants that keep on falling down from the waist. Most people turn to belts simply to use it as an excuse to keep loose pants that they like, as well as styling it with authentic and one of a kind buckles to give it a bit more of an edge. Wood belt buckles, for example, have a wide range of designs that it becomes hard for a belt buckle lover to choose the one that suits them best.

Browsing through online stores is one way of looking for the desired belt buckle design and one of the best websites to look for these belt buckles is over at The site is highly renowned for selling some of the best belt buckles that are of the highest quality and sold at the most affordable and reasonable prices. They have wood belt buckles, punk belt buckles, oversized belt buckles, revolver belt buckles, razor belt buckles and other belt buckles that you can buy and start a collection with. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to choosing belt buckles for as long as they are durable and long lasting.

In retrospect, wood belt buckles, along with other belt buckles, were made with the purpose of not just holding one’s pants up, but it also helps accentuate an outfit and make it stand out. Pair a belt with one uniquely-designed buckle and match it with a bland outfit and you will instantly get an outfit that can easily stand-out from the rest of the pack. Belt buckles are an accessory that helps in giving an outfit an added touch. And if you have plenty of money, a collection of belt buckles will be on the horizon.

Mar 21

In scientific terms, Cannabis or commonly known as marijuana has functions as a psychoactive drug and/ or used medically. As a psychoactive drug, it can act as a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen. In effect, the person using such will experience change in perception and mood. Other physiologic effects include increased heart rate, increased appetite and a lot more. It is for this reason that marijuana became illegal to most parts of the world. But medically speaking, it all has its advantages. It can alleviate the feeling of nausea and vomiting, and can help increase the appetite of cancer and AIDS patients. But of course, since it is declared illegal, a doctor’s examination of the patient and his prescription is required. This is an interesting plant in which many are curious of. For some, wearing something with the cannabis leaf may mean that they are “cool.” It is for this reason that there are handkerchiefs, socks, shirts with the cannabis leaf printed on them. There are even pot leaf belt buckles sold over the internet.

No matter what the reason of the person has for wearing such, it is his own way of expressing himself. Just because he is wearing pot leaf belt buckles, doesn’t prove that he is a user of an illegal drug.  So if you yourself would want to have a marijuana designed accessory on you, then why not choose from Hot Buckles’ wide array of pot leaf belt buckles for sale.  What is so good about this specific online store is that it takes pride in its affordable prices without compromising their quality. These are buckles are sold individually without the belt so if you have more than one buckle design that you like, you can buy as many as you want with only buying one belt. All you have to do is change the buckle to fit your outfit or the occasion.

Hot Buckles is not limited only to pot leaf belt buckles but rather, they have over thousands of designs ranging from sports related to western designs. They even have buckles that are for specifically designed for kids. Now that sounds terrific, right? From the name itself, they brag about their buckles to be of supreme quality. So if you want one or more, you can just browse through their page online and once you have chosen the best, you can order it and have it shipped to your doorstep. You won’t even know it that you have your own collection of belt buckles!

Mar 13

The word pewter is a variation of the word spelter, a term used to refer to zinc alloys. Pewter is a form of malleable metal comprised of 85- 99% of tin. The ones that make it hard are usually copper, antimony, and bismuth which form the remainder of the remaining 1-15%. This was traditionally used in Egyptian times before glass and pottery came to be. After which, pewter metal became less popular but are still used in some parts of the world nowadays. Although most of these pewter made artefacts can be seen in churches, some use it for other purposes even up to today. One of which are the pewter belt buckles sold around the world by Hot Buckles online store. Who knew that pewter metal is a good material to use to make a buckle, right?

pewter belt buckles

If you hear the word pewter belt buckles, probably the first thing that will pop into your mind after hearing the first part would be “out dated.” But hold your horses because they are actually the exact opposite once you see the various pewter belt buckles at Hot Buckles. Men and women alike, they have them all. For men, you can have a pewter horse belt buckle or a celtic cross belt buckle while women can have a pewter studded leather belt. A safe design that fits both genders can be a plain rectangular or circle pewter belt buckle which you can actually have it customized or engraved. If from the above mentioned didn’t fit your taste at all, then there is nothing to despair because there are more designs to choose from.

Then again, since pewter belt buckles are made up of a certain metal, you might think that it only has once color- grey.  Well, there are some that retain its original color while some have added colors to it. It is all thanks to the initiatives of Hot Buckles just to fit your needs. They are doing everything they can to maintain and uphold their reputation to provide reasonable unique belt buckles without compromising their quality. Pewter belt designs are only a few of the thousands upon thousands of other belt buckle designs to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Whether you want a belt for a specific fashion statement or you need just one belt that fits all occasions, you can find it at Hot Buckles online store.

Mar 08

Do you believe in the saying “history repeats itself?” It may sound like a cliché bit there is some truth to it. Way back years ago, it was a trend to wear high waist pants, with shirts inserted. And to finish the ensemble was a belt. This was more than 20-30 years ago. But look at the fashion fad now. The statement that was once obsolete has now returned but better. Pants are not the typical bell- bottom style anymore, rather, tight fitting ones. Shirts may have different prints and it may be loose or fit, long or short. As for the belts, there are the usual ones made out of leather and some are made up of specialized cloth, metal chains and a lot more. To top it, buckles have their own unique designs like the marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles

For women, belts are more than just a tool to hold up pants. In fact, they are considered more of an accessory to complement their fashion statement. So nowadays, belts have a dual purpose. And because of such, sales are getting higher and higher. It’s not only the women that find belts to be of such purposes but surprisingly to the men as well. Although it is of primary importance to them to help keep their pants up, they have also injected their own taste of fashion with the use of belts.  This is for the reason that more and more designed belt buckles are on the rise. An example would be marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles may bring about cultural and moral issues because of the 5- star leaf design. To many, it is known to be used as an illegal drug while some also use it for health reasons. Nevertheless, it is not much of a problem because it is solely just a design. Just because you are wearing one of the marijuana belt buckles, it doesn’t mean that you yourself are a user.  It is simply just your own taste for fashion. So if you are thinking of buying yourself a marijuana designed belt buckle just for the heck of it, feel free to buy online at There is a wide array of designs to choose from not limited to marijuana. What’s better is that it comes in affordable and reasonable prices too. Whether you want a belt for fashion’s sake or you need it to simply hold your pants up, Hot Buckles online store have it all for you.

Mexico City Museum of Drugs

Mar 05

People from around the world consider belts as one of the most popular accessories known to man. They have been existing for a very long time and has proved time and time again that it is one of the most useful and practical accessories. Belts are commonly used to hold up pants that keep falling down from the waistline. They are also, more often than not, used as a fashion accessory for women all around the world. Most men like their belts with buckles in them and like to add various designs like revolver belt buckles designs to help accentuate its beauty.

Many million reasons can be pointed as to why there are some people who are obsessed with belt buckles and having belts to their belt collection and collection of a wide range of accessories in general. One of the most common reasons why they purchase belts and belt buckles is because they are attracted to these buckles and use them as a fashion accessory for the world to see. Men in particular like having fashion accessories that are edgier and that give them a sense of masculinity and superiority. Buckles like the revolver belt buckles are the ones that usually do the trick. is an online store highly dedicated to selling a wide variety of belt buckles for people coming from around the world. They have almost every single design that is catered to both sexes. The buckle designs that they sell include revolver belt buckles, LED belt buckles, rock belt buckles, belt buckles for women, military belt buckles, bottle opener belt buckles, rhinestone belt buckles, skull belt buckles, western belt buckles, and a whole lot other belt buckles for you to look at and to have for yourself. These are belt buckles that you will most certainly cherish for the rest of your life.

The best things about the belt buckles like revolver belt buckles that are being sold at is that they are made out of the finest steel and are crafted to utmost perfection. You can see in the pictures that they were made as if to match any kind of outfit. sells belts and belt buckles worldwide, so you can get a piece of these belts and belt buckles wherever you may be. And though they come at high prices, you are most certainly guaranteed with a belt that is durable enough to last a lifetime.