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Published on February 26th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Celebrity Buckle Belt Fashion 2012

This is the era of ladies who own more buckle belts than men. Big Buckle belts are an item which has gained wide approval as a fashion accessory. Belts with oversized buckles have taken off the runways this year. A belt with an oversized buckle is the solution for all those who are craving to make a fashion statement. Such a beltcan be a perfect accessory for your solid colored frock. Belts with big buckles have been spotted everywhere from red carpets to streets. There is no doubt that such a belt buckle is a perfect accessory. Readers, get ready to buckle up. Transform your waistline with a buckle belt. Whatever be your body type we have solutions for you.

Big Buckle Belt

Big Buckle Belt


LED belt buckle is a great accessory worn by celebrities. Technology and creativity merge while creating a LED belt buckle. LED belt buckles have gained admirers all over the world. The light emitting diodes in the system make it irresistibly gorgeous.

LED belt buckle

LED belt buckle


British model Dani Smith was recently spotted wearing an oversized belt with a free flowing frock. Patent square buckle belt is another stylish item which can steal all the attention at a party. Laurent’s patent square buckle belt may cost you $44.5. Dani Smith looked elegant in a white vintage shirt dress at a cocktail party. The white belt with half moon shaped silver buckle was stunning.


Our Web belts are another stylish item which you can add to your wardrobe this year. We offer web belts for kids and adults.


The ultra stylish Rooney Mara picked a Lanvin’s black matte belt. It went well with her neoprene skirt. Burberry’s Caiman detailed belt is another option for those who have a lot of money to shell out on stylish accessories. The British model Delivingne wore Caiman detailed belt for an anniversary party. This belt is sure to provide a stylish outlook.

Prada Saffiano Belt

Prada Saffiano Belt


Banana Republic’s leather Contour belt is another stylish item which is perfect for high waisted jeans. They come in colors of black and chocolate brown. The silver rectangular belt adds elegance to it.


Linea Pelle’s wide waist buckle comes with a gunmetal buckle. The inland chain has perfect detailing. Military waist belts can be used by those who want to define the waist of your dress. Prada’s Saffiana waist belt is another item which comes at $470.The old decorative belt buckles are still very much in style. An old belt with a big decorative belt buckle will also be seen during this season. They are making a good comeback with a fun twist.


Big buckle belts are not a mere waist defining accessory today. They have become a great fashion statement. If you don’t have one, buy it now and walk out in style.

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