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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Nir A.

Custom Wedding Belt Buckles for Keeps

Gone are the days when the common wedding souvenirs are lame figurines, key chains, magnets, and other boring and disposable stuff. Now, the pressure is on to find that unique and creative memento for your own wedding. Worth a keepsake that are becoming very popular are custom wedding belt buckles.

Weddings are generally fun and exciting but are also stressful and elaborated during the planning—from the venue and menu, down to the guest list and souvenirs. Every couple only hopes that their wedding day would be as memorable to their guests as it would be to them.

That is why they give away wedding souvenirs to their guests so they will have something to take home that would remind them of that special day. Sadly though, not all souvenirs are for keeps—either they would just collect dust in one corner of the house or would be better off in the trash.

Don’t fret! Souvenir ideas that are very creative and useful are out in the market today. Most common ideas are scented candles, luggage tag, candy jars, bracelets, slippers, and the list goes on.

custom wedding belt buckles

But if you’re looking for are personalized and affordable souvenirs, custom wedding belt buckles are perfect for your wedding. Not only are they stylish and attractive, they also spell fun to the otherwise ordinary wedding fashion.

Surprise all the guests by giving away belts with their names inscribed on the buckles. You can also make the celebration extra entertaining by giving each member of the entourage a label on their belt buckles like “Charming Ring Bearer” or “Groovy Dad of the Bride.”

And who said belt buckles are just for the machos? Be daring to start a trend by making your bridesmaids wear belt buckles too. Just make sure to add a feminine touch that would flatter their figure.

The buckles can come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You may also find ready-made designs at, the number 1 online shop for custom wedding belt buckles.

What is very special about custom wedding belt buckles is the idea that your guests can wear them not only on the wedding day but anytime they want to and they will surely be reminded of you every time they do. For keeps it is.

So don’t stress yourself out in looking for the perfect wedding souvenir; just submit your own design and order your custom wedding belt buckles at for a hassle-free transaction and on-time delivery. So, go ahead, and tick “wedding souvenir” off your long to-do list.

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