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Published on March 5th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Custom Western Belt Buckle Made for You

The belt has gained popularity over the years from the simple item that people wore to hold up loose pants to being a stand out fashion accessory in the fashion industry today. More than just putting pants in their place, belts are worn for other purposes. Nowadays, it is more of an accessory that is either worn around the waist or some even worn loosely over the shirt. This is a common fashion trend that has spread fast across the world. But what makes the belt so fashionable? Is it the belt strap or the belt buckle? Well, actually it’s both. But if to choose between the strap and the buckle, then the buckle has wider options and designs to choose from as compared to the strap. The strap needs to be sturdy and strong so it has to be made out of leather, cloth, silicone or a metal chain. The buckle is usually made up of steel but numerous designs can be incorporated into it. This is how custom belt buckles have gained popularity. One of its designs is the custom western belt buckle.
Before moving on, let’s first talk about the advantages of having custom belt buckles. Basically, it is unique and there is a very small possibility that someone else will have the exact same thing. But what makes the custom western belt buckle at Hot Buckles online store apart from the rest? Well, at Hot Buckles, their buckle designs are especially made by their designers that you couldn’t see elsewhere. Second, their belt buckles are of high quality. And third, their belt buckles are sold at a very affordable price. But if you want your own personalized buckle, then you can have one with more or less the same amount too.

What are some of the custom western belt buckles that Hot Buckles has to offer? Since this is only one category from the custom buckles, they have three under western: first is the Chrome Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle, second is the Silver Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle, and third is the Silver Western Custom Inscription Belt Buckle. All these three are at a low price of $19.95 only. So if you want to be the cowboy type of person, or you idolize people like Willy in Wild, Wild West, then you can choose your very own custom western belt buckle. Don’t forget though that when you decide to put your name, a word, or initials on your buckle, make sure that you limit it to not more than 7 letters to ensure that it is clear and readable. Who would like to have a custom made buckle but it cannot be read? That would be deemed useless, right? Grab your very own custom western belt buckle at Hot Buckles now!

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