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Published on August 7th, 2014 | by Irev

Customized Anniversary Gifts

Customized Gifts for Anniversary-01

Anniversaries are often associated with couples, but they can also apply to corporations and other groups. Regardless of which kind of anniversary you’re celebrating, there’s no denying that it is something worth celebrating. Of course, a celebration isn’t complete without gifts, and the best kind of anniversary gifts are customized ones because they are often well-thought of and unique. Picking a customized anniversary gifts is easy, as long as you know what the recipient likes, and here are some ideas:

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Nothing beats something you created yourself, so why not give the recipient a collage of your memorable pictures together? For couples, pick photos that show your love and affection for each other. For other kinds of anniversaries, choose pictures that depict your company’s achievements or what your group believes in. These days, collages can be even made from different photos that are grouped in a way that completes one big picture: a heart, the face of your loved one, your company logo, etc. Have the collage framed so the recipient can hang it anywhere he or she pleases.

An alternative to a framed collage is a scrapbook or a compilation of your years together as a couple or the achievements of your company or group. Aside from pictures, this can contain trinkets and keepsakes such as tickets to the movies or plays you’ve watched together or articles about your company’s projects and progress through the years. Or if it is just for one employee, you can include notes from his or her superiors acknowledging his or her value to the company. Such do-it-yourself gift will rely much on your creativity, which in turn will also show your thoughtfulness for the recipient.

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Customized plaques are also unique anniversary gifts, particularly for corporate ones. Aside from the name and position of the recipient, include the number of years of his or her service. For romantic anniversaries, you can create your own titles like best husband or sweetest girlfriend, and include your anniversary date.

If you want something that the recipient can be proud of anywhere he or she goes, then customized jewelry is your best option. This is highly recommended particularly for women, although there are also jewelry pieces available for men. Ideally, regardless of the kind of anniversary, to customize this kind of gift, the complete anniversary date should be etched or engraved on the piece of jewelry. If there is still room, then you can also include your initials (for couples) or your company’s logo.

For something sweeter, literally, go for customized food, particularly desserts! Donuts, cupcakes, and other sweets can be used to convey an anniversary message for your sweetheart! For other kinds of anniversaries, you can have colourful candies with the company logo or initials of the recipient. You can also request that the color of the candies be the same as your company or group’s color/s.

Other suggested customized gifts to give on anniversaries include custom belt buckles for your employees/colleagues or for a loved one. Another is custom flip flops since it is summer. This is a perfect gift they can use when hitting the beach or just taking a summer stroll. If your employees or loved ones are techie, it is best to give them custom gadget covers.

Anniversaries are truly something to look forward to each year, so make sure to go out of your way to surprise your loved one or valued people.

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