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Published on July 30th, 2012 | by Nir A.


FAQ on belt buckles – tips on wearing a belt buckle

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The oldest belt buckle dates from the first century when Romans ruled the fashion of the time. This little item survived through the years and made it to the 21st century, but few people know how to choose a belt buckle, nor how to wear it.

First, you should match your belt with your shoes and your buckle should fit in nicely with the belt and the entire outfit. When you wear a pair of black shoes, for example, you should match them with a black belt. As for the belt buckle, it must be matched with your other accessories. If you wear stainless steel accessories, your belt buckle must belong to the same chromatic family and material, so you could choose a stainless steel belt buckle or a platinum one.

What not to wear: silver-like accessories and golden belt buckle or vice-versa.

Don’t mix styles: if you wear a t-shirt with denim pants don’t put on an elegant belt with a stylish belt buckle. Instead, choose a sporty belt and a playful belt buckle or a western-style belt buckle. It will give you a smart/sporty look.

On the other hand, when adopting a smart office look and wearing a grey jacket on top of a dress, you can accessorize your outfit with a black, simple belt and a golden belt buckle, like Cameron Diaz.

Even if big belt buckles are old-fashioned, you can still wear them if you like, but be careful how you match them and when you wear them. On a crazy night out or on a weekdays outings, a big, flat belt buckle can take your outfit to a whole new level, but it’s inappropriate to wear this kind of buckle at work or when attending a classy event.

A good idea is to match a big western belt buckle with a big cowboy-style hat. Throw in a suit jacket, denim pants and a white shirt and your outfit will be complete, whether you are a man or a woman.

A huge mistake when it comes to belts and buckles is wearing them with suspenders. No matter how wacky, sporty or colorful you want to look, no matter how small is the belt buckle or how thin is the belt, never wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. These two pieces just can’t be mixed!

If you aim for a gaga look choose a plain belt and match it with an oversized belt buckle with a message on it, like Madonna.

If you need more inspiration on belt buckles take a look on how celebrities wear them and get inspired by the cool designs on

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