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Published on March 5th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Fashion Accessories That Set You Apart

Ever since the beginning of time, after Adam and Eve realized they were naked, from then on fashion was born. It was when they started to sew leaves and barks together to cover up their body when fashion came into the picture. Although they were still unaware about it, deep within, there was already style incorporated into their clothes. But do you think they don’t have fashion accessories at that time? Of course they do. Early people or cavemen so to speak, wear aside from the leaves, barks, and skins of animals, were using pearl, and shell necklaces, bone headbands, and a lot more. You can see pictures of them wearing such in museums. Those were their fashion accessories.
After millions of years, there has been great change in the world of clothes and accessories. Fashion came to be and its popularity has spread fast like Ebola. Nowadays, most if not all people especially women are already very fashion conscious. It is almost an everyday struggle for them on what to wear. Some even can’t resist shopping. Their feet itch if they can’t go to the mall at least once in a week and when they are there, it never happens when they can’t buy something new. But you can’t be sure that you are the only one wearing your outfit. Think about this: even actresses going to the Grammy’s or the Golden Globe’s have the same dress, how much more when what you are wearing is just bought right from the department store? Then there are just two solutions to this. First, you tailor your own clothes (can sound impossible if you don’t know how to sew clothes) or second, you can use fashion accessories to give you a new look. If asked to choose between the two, then accessorizing with fashion accessories is more realistic and easier.

Accessorizing can mean a lot of things. You can put a belt around your waist; wear a pair of matching shoes with your bag may it be the design or the color; wearing jewelleries whether true or fancy; doing your hair; and putting on makeup that matches the occasion. These are the most fashion accessories that you can easily access. But this is not at all easy. You need to mix and match too. Sometimes a monotone color shade is nice to look at while sometimes contrasting colors can also be a head turner. It all depends on your style and imagination. Most importantly is how you strut yourself down the sidewalk. Your clothes and fashion accessories will be nothing if you don’t have the confidence to go with them. So don’t forget the formula to successful fashion: the right clothes + the right accessories, plus, the right amount of confidence.

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