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Published on February 23rd, 2012 | by Nir A.


Fashion Belts: More Than Just Holding Pants Up

Years ago, fashion was only concerned mostly with the clothes you wear and how you wear it. It really focused on the clothes per se. But as the years came by and because of the creative and innovative minds of the people, they have brought accessories and designed them in such a way that they bring out fashion in them too. Before, belts were merely used to put pants up when they were loose. Now, there are fashion belts that serve dual purposes. First is to put the pants up in place and second, is to make a statement to their fashion. Nowadays, whether your pants are loose of fit, you can wear belts that add to your fashion.

Because of the big transition of belts into the fashion world, lots and lots of styles and designs have been made. The typical belt which has the primary purpose of holding pants up has now incorporated fashion into it. From the simple black leather belt, fashion belts like the use of rubber, gems, chains, and a lot more are being used. They also come in different thickness. There are thick strapped belts and there are also thin strapped belts as thin as your finger. Aside from its thickness, they also come in different colours and you can collect all colours to match anything that you wear.  Nowadays, the tuck in shirt style is revived and both men and women have been doing it. This not only shows off the fashion belts that you are wearing but for women, they are also accentuating their curves. Apart from the typical belt that you wear around your pants, there are also fashion belts that you wear over your clothes. Women are the ones who most commonly do this. Like the typical belt, they also come in different styles, designs, thickness, and colours. You can wear it around your waist, above your waist or below your waist. They can be worn with loose clothes or fitting clothes. Either way, they also accentuate the body curves. But most importantly, it adds to your fashion statement. And as what they say, it’s the accessories that set you apart from the others.

Thinking of buying fashion belts just for you? Then log on to and be awed by their wide array of belt styles and designs. Surely there is a belt that will fit you and your taste for fashion.  So if you want to make your own fashion statement, then you can do so with the use of fashion belts. Remember, the biggest mistake that most people commit is letting their clothes wear them. Be different. Know what is right. Don’t let your clothes rule you; rather, you rule your clothes.

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