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Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Nir A.


Fashion Totes and Handbags that Make a Difference

When it comes to totes and handbags, you are certain that you always get what you pay for. But sometimes that is not always the case. There are times that you would get very expensive totes and handbags that turn out to be fake and flimsy. You would also get bags that, while highly stable and useful, end up being not the kind of bag you are actually looking for. It is a certainty that totes and handbags can be useful in their own right. But would it be better if you get a bag that can give you an opportunity to help Mother Earth?

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Ma’mitons, a brand dedicated to creating some of the most fashionable and eco-friendly handbags across the globe, gives you the opportunity to do just that. Ma’mitons was first conceptualized by Cameroonian-born Priscilla aka Ma’mitons with the goal to help poverty around the world one step at a time. She comes from the village of Bangoulap and was given the rare opportunity to study and earn her bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Maryland. From then on, she focused on linking her own culture to the rest of the world while saving Mother Earth from further harm.

And she did just that through diligence and patience. For many years, she did thorough research and saved enough money to start her own fashion accessory brand you know as Ma’mitons. Most of her products include totes, handbags and many more accessories that you would die to have and they can serve as a great gift for your loved ones as well. Every totes and handbags she has available are created out of natural materials and are handmade with sheer intricacy by some of the best Cameroonian artisans she has ever hired.

The natural materials her brand uses are found somewhere in the forest of Cameroon, which can be found somewhere in Central Africa. The handbags, in particular, are crafted out of leaves known to them as raffia (ra-phia), leaves that grow naturally and are only found in the Cameroon forest. The raffia leaves are purely supple and hard-wearing, which makes it an excellent cloth to use to make clothes and wallets as well. With a cloth that is so durable yet so soft, there is no denying that these totes and handbags will last a lifetime and will be worth your purchase.

Looking at the pictures of totes and handbags on the website, you cannot help but be amazed at how beautiful the bags are and find it hard to believe that these are all handmade. And while they may come at hefty price tags, you are surely guaranteed that these totes and handbags will not disappoint you. And also, what you pay for will go to a good cause. Because every 1% of their sales will automatically go to the SOS Children’s Villages, a charity organization that helps orphans and abandoned children find a new home. Be part of the good cause.


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