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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Nir A.

Flip Flops: Mandatory Summer Uniform

Beach Flip Flops

Let’s face it; wearing flip flops during winter months is really wishful thinking especially those who are living in the western hemisphere. I can’t imagine having my toes suffer from frost bite just because I prefer to wear them instead of some tacky old Ugg boots. But fret not because before you know summer time will come like a ray of sunshine and it’s time for beach parties, festivals and whatnots and you can now wear your casually chic footwear.


One of the highlights of any summer would be summer parties. But I always have some hesitations whenever I get invited to one when there are dress codes: festive attire, beach chic, casual black-tie and the list goes on. What is the mandatory item in these parties? Does dressing like a piñata count as festive wear? Or does wearing a sarong over your jeans and booties translates to beach chic? I kept thinking to myself over and over again, how I can look appropriate to any event by not being overly dressed? And then at the back of my mind, I came up with a conclusion to just wear flip flops. If you’re a beach bum and just wanted to spend the whole day on the beach, the Grunge Brazil Flag Flip Flops is a must have. It has the Brazilian flag with rugged effect that’s very androgynous and can be worn if you’re sporting a black bikini or some board shorts. The Mustache Flip Flops which is a very trendy design can be worn over some denim shorts and muscle tee. While the Rose that Grew from Concrete Flip Flops would be perfect for any weekend concert on the valley and would definitely go well with the festival look. And who says flip flops can’t be worn with an evening look? Pair these Cheetah Flip Flops with a maxi dress, add some chunky wooden bangles and a chain neck piece and it would add some safari chic to your overall look.

I think flip flops are the mandatory uniform to any summer party. They are comfortable, easy to wear and carefree. You can take them off easily if you want to make some splash on the beach or run around the garden while having a barbeque party. It’s really the ideal footwear if you want to feel easy breezy.

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