Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Nir A.

From Cap to Toe

BOss Cap

It’s getting a little chilly during mid October and as leaves start to fall from the trees and change their color from vibrant greens to caramel brown hues, you’re probably feeling like there are ice lips whispering to your ears or an igloo attached to your head that give you that frosty feeling of nuclear winter. As much as putting an Ushanka is the biggest solution to your arising problem, having a hat that resembles a furry mammal from Russia would not be the best idea. But if you don’t have the strength to deal with the coldness or simply just want some hair accessories to hide a bad hair day situation or worse, early signs of baldness that some unfortunately experience. Then my humble suggestion is just wear rhinestone caps.

I know, what’s running inside your mind, that you don’t want hat hair because in total honesty, static flatness is very unflattering and unappealing. However, rhinestone caps are not only functional like most apparel should be but they also give you that extra bling to make up for their basic look and form. If you’re a sporty type who likes to work out or maybe jog around the park wearing some v-neck plain tee and sweatpants, paired with running shoes that takes athletic chic to a whole new level, why not wear a Black Leather Cross Trucker Cap, it gives a simple outfit a tough exterior and add some rough attitude.

You can definitely pair a crop mohair sweater and some high-waisted leather skater skirt with an Olive Swarovski Crystal Split Skull Cap to give some punch and personality to your 90’s inspired look. And who can ignore one of the latest and hottest in trendy caps today, snapback cap with catchy and provocative word that would make an instant statement piece. Whether you’re just wearing the classic staples or a laid back look, wear FUKK Gold Black Snapback Cap or a BOSS Gold White Snapback Cap to always look trendy and fashionable.


Now, provided that you have agreed with all my sentiments about hair, caps and whatnot, invest in functional and stylish pieces that would last every season and can go with all the clothes in your closet. Shy away from pieces that what you think is trendy at the moment but don’t go well with your style. Always trust your basic instinct in choosing clothes because if you feel good, then you’ll look good from head to toe.


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