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Published on November 24th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Function and Style in Bottle Opener Belt Buckles

Gone are the days when accessories remain accessories. One very creative and useful thing to add to your wardrobe essentials are bottle opener belt buckles.

Have you ever experienced going to an outdoor party or something of the sort, with cold drinks for everybody, but no one remembered to bring a bottle opener along? It is very common, and I bet most of us have experienced this a number of times already. With bottle opener belt buckles ready, you never have to worry about such party bloopers.

Style and Design

Thinking about this kind of belt buckles, it is natural to wonder how they are supposed to look like, and whether they can be any stylish at all. Well, if you have never tried this one out, you are in for a surprise. They come in various creative designs that you can choose from. And boy, are they stylish. Often, they also come with witty and funny phrases that are sure to be a big hit among your friends.  They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Below is an example of a belt buckle that has a unique shape. There are many others that come in the shape of a guitar, a beetle, and others. If you want the big, noticeable ones so you can brag about them to your peers, you are sure to find those that fit that category. There are also bottle opener belt buckles that are less conspicuous, if you want something sort of low-key.


There is absolutely no question about the usability of these buckles. You can use them to open bottles in several ways. Since this kind of buckles are attached to your belt, you can use them to open your own beverage bottle just as you would use a bottle opener attached to a fridge or a wall. If your party is really lacking a bottle opener, like if nobody remembered to bring one along, then you can remove the buckle from your belt so it can be passed around for everybody’s use. It’s very easy to use, and well, it encourages camaraderie and stimulates good humor from among the people in your crowd as well.


Another really good thing about bottle opener belt buckles is that they are very cheap. You can buy the ones with really good quality yet you don’t have to spend a lot. And you can buy them practically anywhere. And it is very easy to buy one online too. When you buy one online, you also have the advantage of being able to browse through more choices than you would have at your local store.

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