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Published on June 28th, 2014 | by Irev

Getting Customized Belt Buckles

Things that are customized often make great gifts as they emanate the sense that the giver took time to think about what to give the receiver.  In addition, customizing something can be an avenue to showcase some of your characteristics, likes, or even beliefs.

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Almost anything can be customized these days like shirts, car parts, fans, towels, glasses, jewelry, and other accessories, including belt buckles. Customized belt buckles aren’t difficult to do as long as you follow this guide:

First, determine the type of belt buckle you want. If you want a buckle that’s solid and rectangular, go for a box-frame one. If you want to showcase a keen fashion style, perhaps the box-out buckle is what you need. If you prefer a large one, go for the clip buckle that’s often heavily decorated. If its simplicity you need, then the frame-style buckle is recommended.

If you want a highly secure buckle, the plate-style, snap or tang buckle will be a great choice. Of course, you can also go for the classic type – the traditional belt buckle that is often made from brass, nickel, or silver. If you aren’t sure what type to get, it is advisable to provide an image of your desired buckle.

Second, determine the design of your customized belt buckles. Like in the first step, providing an image or images of your desired design is advisable. Include the memory, idea, or event that you would like to celebrate through a customized buckle. If it’s a company logo you’d like to include, make sure to provide a high-resolution photo and that it is in a format that is accepted by whoever is going to create your custom belt buckle.

Usually, JPG/JPEG or EPS formats are preferred and the size of the photo should be at least 2MB. Designing a custom belt buckle also involves picking the metal to use in creating it: bronze, gold, silver, nickel, or steel? Embellishments like commemorative engravings, pretty jewels, and precious stones can also be chosen in this process.

Third, determine what style your custom belt buckle will take. Consider what kind of clothes you have or for what occasion or event will you use the buckle for. The width of the buckle can also be used as a guide: often, smaller sized ones are considered better for dresses, while thicker ones are recommended to be paired with pants.

Fourth, as with any other customized stuff, it is important to consider your budget for customizing your belt buckle. If you’re on a tight budget, jewels and stones may be out of the picture. In addition, for engravings, you may want to keep them short, but direct to the point. It is also recommended that you inquire about the services of various customizers and research about their quality before settling for one.

Finally, regardless of how simple or complex you want your customized belt buckle to be, make sure that whoever’s going to create it will seek your approval first on its final design and style.

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