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Published on March 19th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Hard Fashion: Steel Belt Buckles

Have you noticed that vintage and collectibles are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene these days? You see this in most women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories. But this is not just true for the women; even men have their own share of fashion progress. You may see a lot of men these days sporting key chains, watch fibs, shoes, steel belt buckles and ties as part of their own look. Men are no excuse when it comes to accessorizing. They have adapted to the idea that they can finish off their looks through the use of accessories.

Thanks to accessories, now we do not have to keep buying clothes that are on trend. Simply, adding few key pieces to your entire ensemble and in no time, you can be one hot fashion icon. Majority of the personalities today highly value how they appear as it can increase their self-esteem looking more confident.

Back then, men were resistant in using accessories as most of them would want to stay sleek and simple. They now realized that they can use such accoutrements without looking too over the top. The simple jeans worn by most men can look polished by adding belts and buckles to it. There are a lot of choices when it comes to buckles, depending on their purpose, either to dress their looks up or down. Your choice can speak of who you are and your personality. You may choose steel belt buckles over other choices to show your manliness.

So what should you keep in mind about belts and their buckles? First thing is first, big is casual. For big belt buckles, you use them for more casual purposes. You can dress down your look by using big cowboy buckles, industrial or manufacturing buckles or hometown team belt buckles. To achieve a “rock star” look, you can pair it up with leather pants. However you should be very careful when you wish to venture this kind of style as it can easily go wrong.

Meanwhile, shiny ones are fore the dressier look. Buckles that look shiny and have a polished look can make you look classy. These kinds of buckles are for dressing it up. Such buckles may include highly finished leather belt buckle that has a glossy finish. You can use it with suits or dress pants and not with jeans.

Lastly, wide belts are for a wider look while narrow ones are for a narrow look. Expect that when you use big buckles, people’s attention will be surely drawn to it. So if you are one who has a beer belly, then skip on the idea of using belt buckles as it can only force people to lay their eyes on your gut.

Accessorizing can play on your advantage or disadvantage when it comes to the fashion game. So remember the few tips mentioned here on belts and belt buckles to fully use its potential in making you a fashion expert, rather than a fashion illiterate.

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