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Published on March 17th, 2014 | by Nir A.

Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2014

The first two flittering months of 2014 went by so fast and while most of us are still trying to digest the retrospectives of 2013, the “HOT” trends of January and the bright light red February are becoming vague and could hardly even be remembered. The coming year’s fashion forecast is sunny with a chance of avant-garde design; ranging from sailor chic to peekaboo fabrics – this year’s summer is going to be hot and extra crispy with varying styles and moods.


Here are some of the most talked about fashion trends for the summer of 2014:


1. Ventilated Wear

Please excuse the verbal diorama as I call things as I see them and see through fashion clothing is as good a word as “ventilated wear.” It hints off your skin (and sometimes a lot of it) and yet you would still look glamorous in it. The new modified fabrics which looked like a fusion of netting and embroidery fits perfectly with the coming hot season. You can choose from a variety of quintessentially feminine pieces from Burberry Prorsum and Nina Ricci’s clothing line. I know for a fact Katie Holmes did when she attended the New York Fashion Week lately.

katie holmes in silhouette dress


2. Blue Usher’s in Summer

Cobalt blue or navy blue makes the sailor chic “major” this year, especially as April approaches and already Olympia Le-Tan and other designers have splayed out their individual interpretations of the marine theme. Blake Lively was also spotted at the New York Fashion Week and she was gorgeous in her sailor chic outfit. Her blue top and front slit skirt with brown rose prints has heads turning, even though she’s already hot and famous. Her dress also sports a huge brown leather belt which compliments her overall appearance. In fact, if you didn’t know Blake Lively and you met her for the first time in this event you would still think she’s a mega fashion supermodel or a movie star.

blake lively in sailor chic dress


3. Shades of Gray is the new Cool

They say that gray is an 80s thing. However, in 2014 the color gray has achieved a cultural renaissance and prompted the craze of the gray fashion revolution. Diane Kruger’s swan-inspired dress during the Mercedes-Benz fashion week might just be the best example of the color gray in all its glory. Calvin Klein’s Pre-Fall collection and some of Armani’s soft, dove gray suits and capes are something to look forward to as well. Even men in gray shirts, faded jeans and leather boots are considered at least “fashionable” today.


dianne kruger in swan inspired gray dress


4. Sporty Chic

Designers have decided to allow fashion devotees a range of movement for their 2014 version of the sporty chic fashion wear. From tennis skirts to roomy silhouettes, you will feel a lot more comfortable in this summer outfit craze, especially if you’re always in between meetings to errands and social engagements. Olivia Palermo, the Project Runway judge was spotted in an event in Australia promoting the Chadstone chain of shopping malls. She nailed the sporty chic look down under in her white overalls.


olivi palermo in sporty chic outlook


5. Optical Illusion Fashion

Perhaps none is more artistic in fashion design than someone that can confuse the eyes through their intricately woven dresses, and the Altuzarra collection is one of the best when it comes to these things. Natalie Dormer and Anna Friel wore the optical illusion dresses that made them look like a superhero, a wall décor and a flower vase. If not for their adorable smiles and fluid movements I could have sworn they’re not standing there.

natalie dormer in altruzarra dress

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