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Published on July 23rd, 2014 | by Irev

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

One of the most romantic and memorable events that can happen to a couple is getting engaged. But before the actual proposal and the magical “yes,” one must have the proper knowledge when it comes to picking an engagement ring.


The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Traditionally, it is said that an engagement ring should be 2 months’ worth of the buyer’s salary. It’s up to you to follow that or not. What’s important is selecting a ring that you can afford. If you have a tight budget, you may want to consider the engagement ring given to your mother or any heirloom ring that has been with your family or your significant other’s family.

Next, pick the right band – that’s the circular part of the ring that encases the finger. The most common metals used for this are gold, silver, and platinum, although sometimes, other metal combinations are opted. Durability is often associated with gold and platinum, but silver can also be a good choice.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring
1. Stainless Steel Clear Crystal Ring ┃ 2. Stainless Steel Spinner Ring ┃ 3. Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Ring ┃ 4. Women’s Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Ring ┃ 5. Women’s Stainless Steel Engagement Ring ┃ 6. Women’s Stainless Steel Multiple Levels Ring and CZ’s ┃ 7. Women’s Stainless Steel Clear Square Cubic Zirconia Ring

If you want the ring to have a gemstone, then you should also pick the right setting for it. The setting holds the gemstone in place. Some platinum settings are combined with a gold band, while others have visible prongs for holding the gemstone in place. For the gemstone, it is recommended that you choose one that matches or represents the personality of your future spouse. In addition, consider the activities that your beloved engages in. Outdoor activities may easily wear out a ring, so if you’re going to include a gemstone, make sure that it and its setting are durable.

This one’s a bit tricky to know, but is highly important on your quest to finding the right engagement ring: your partner’s ring size. You can’t ask your significant other directly as this may ruin the surprise. What you can do is to sneak out a ring your loved one often uses and let a jeweller determine its size. If you can’t sneak a ring out, you can hazard a guess. The average ring size is 7, but of course, guessing is risky. Another tip is to better go with a bigger size because it is easier to size down a ring rather than sizing it up.


When the above items are in order, it’s time to canvass for a good jeweller. You would want someone who has good quality, but who can also adhere to your budget. You can research for jewellers online or ask your married or engaged friends for their recommendations.

Before finally purchasing an engagement ring, you may also want to consider what your significant other would want. You can do your research by asking about rings in general or asking your common friends. Or, you can buy a temporary ring, and then purchase the actual engagement ring together.

Finally, no matter how much your chosen engagement ring would cost, never forget to ask for a certificate of authenticity and warranty! Getting the ring insured is also a good idea. Collect the ring just right before your proposal so you wouldn’t worry about keeping it safely for a long time.

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