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Published on July 20th, 2014 | by Irev

How to Choose the Perfect Belt (For Guys)

Belts are accessory essentials for men. In choosing the perfect belt for guys, you will most likely lack the cash or the time to track down a decent lizard skin belt. However, this should not slow you down, as all local retail or department stores will have a decent sized rack for belts that you can check out.


In choosing the perfect belt, there are several things that you need to consider. Here are the things that you need to consider in choosing the perfect belt:

Take Note of the Size of Your Waist

First, you should check out the belt’s tag, as this should indicate the size of the belt. You have to take your waist size and go one size bigger. For instance, if you have a waist size of 32 inches, this should translate to a 36-40 size in belts.

Matching a Dress Belt and a Casual Belt

When it comes to choosing a dress belt, it is ideal to pick those that are easier to match. A simple rule when it comes to wearing a belt is that it should match the finish as well as the color of your shoes. With shiny black shoes, you can wear a shiny black belt.

When it comes to casual belts, on the other hand, there is more flexibility. Regardless of color, a casual belt with a dull and matte finish will go well with sneakers and jeans. In addition, you also need to factor the size of the buckle in choosing a belt. If the buckle is bigger, that belt is more casual.

Avoid Making the Belt the Centerpiece of Your Wardrobe

Belts are considered accessories. Therefore, you should avoid making this the focal point of your wardrobe. Moreover, you should avoid buying a belt that is actually more expensive than your entire wardrobe. There are still upscale belts that are reasonably priced.


Consider these Belt No-Nos in Choosing a Belt

If you are easily confused with the choices considering the types of belts, the finishes and belt materials, and the buckle’s styles and sizes, there are some things to avoid when it comes to choosing the right belt. First, you have to remember to leave the garish and extra large buckles to the cowboys. If you are not a cowboy, then reconsider your decision to buy those types of belts.

Aside from opting out on cowboy belts, you should also leave the metal studded ones in 1998. In addition, belted shorts are a thing of the past. Therefore, leave them out too, unless you are going sailing, golfing or lunching at a country club. You should also avoid wearing dress belts with jean. On the other hand, you should never pair a casual one with dress slacks.

You should also avoid wearing tucked in shirt without a belt in your pants. Moreover, you should never wear a belt that comes with a hole that you made yourself. If ever your waistline is expanding, you can try exercising or you can buy a bigger belt. offer a wide variety of belts. Check them out here.

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