Published on November 15th, 2011 | by Nir A.

How To Put A Belt Buckle On A Belt

Hey everyone this is the Hot Buckles Team, and this is the official guide on attaching a belt buckle to a belt
How to attach a belt buckle
 1. Grab the snap on belt and unsnap the clasp and the end on the belt. Make sure that the belt was made for interchangeable buckles .
How to attach a belt buckleHow to attach a belt buckle 3
2. Once the clasp is open and un folded, Slide it through the belt buckles back side loop.
How to attach a belt buckle 4How to attach a belt buckle 5
3. Re snap the belt clasp together, attached to the buckle. If you have a differnt style for a belt clasp other than buttons, make sure you reclasp the connectors on the folded end of the belt.
How to attach a belt buckle 6
4. Make sure that both the belt buckles loop and the belt’s back side are facing the same direction.
How to attach a belt buckle 7
5. When Complete, Check to see if the belt and buckle are put together properly , wear your belt and see if it came out correct. If the belt buckle was attached the wrong way, follow this guide again with your buckle rotated.
How to attach a belt buckle 8

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