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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Irev

How to Take Care of a Hat

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The hat became one of the most important accessories for people not only for getting in style with the fashion trends but also as a protection from heat. Making your hat’s life long requires a proper way of taking care of it. Once you own something, you are responsible for taking care of it even if it is a hat or not. There are many ways on how to care of a hat – from storage to cleaning.

  • The way to store your hat


Your hat will not stay on your head and you must put it somewhere. When you put down your hat, maybe on a flat surface, you must lay it upside down on its crown to maintain it’s original shape. There are available hat racks, you could have one and put there all your hats. If you want your hat to really last longer than usual, you should place it in a hat box that supports both the hat’s crown and brim.

  • Cleaning will make it live long

There are different types of circumstances that your hat needs to be cleaned in order to prolong its life.

    •  Dirt – it just needed to be brushed. You could use a horsehair brush that will not torn out your hat. You could also use a soft shoeshine brush or even brushes made only for hats. In choosing a good brush for your hat, you should get a brush with light-colored bristles for light-colored hats and dark for dark hats. Regular brushing without seeing dirt will make your hat’s life long.
    • Stains – you cannot escape the fact that your hat is prone on stains especially if it laid down on tables or anywhere else. You could start off by taking a rubber sponge or a gum eraser. If the stain persists or cannot be removed by simple cleaning, you could try some cleaner made for hats. Having grease penetrating your hat, you could try using cornstarch into it and start brushing it.
    • Hair – when you have pets at home, their hair goes everywhere, and your hat is not an exemption. If your hat is messed up with pet hairs, wrap your fingers with a tape with the sticky side out and sweep it gently across your hat.
  • Make your hat last longhats

The proper way of holding your hat is handling it by the brim and not by the crown. You should take of your hat by holding it at the front and back of the brim. Avoid holding your hat with a oily and greasy hand for the dirt will transfer from your hand to the hat. After washing your hat, you must let it dry naturally like how you wash your clothes in a traditional way.

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Taking care of your hat is also taking care of your life. Hats play an important role in protecting your head from the means of danger likely the heat of the sun. You should love your hat like how you love yourself not only because it can make you look good, but will also help you in the future.

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