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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Irev

How to Wear Black This Summer?

In many occasions black outfit makes us shine for a reason. But if the sun shines is black still in season?
Absolutely yes and here are some cool ways to rock black even the sun is up! Here’s some of our tips on how to wear black this summer.


Black Skater Dress with Sweetheart Neck
Feel light and bright with dark sweetheart neck skater dress. This black dress offers a lovely cut for summer time. Either sleeved or sleeveless brings a dazzling and refreshing feel for you. No need for lots of accessories but feel free to wear some as long as you will not ruin the elegant simplicity it possesses.

Some more advice:
*A bracelet, bangle or watch for accessory can justify your skater dress. Search for summer bags, they are the best choice to accompany you with this outfit. Flats or heels will perfectly match.


Black V-neck Tank Top
Summer elegance is possible. Don’t let the sun limit your fun! A kind of sporty but elegant top will style your summer days. Pairing this V-neck tank top with pants or leggings shall create a comfortable get up for you. Accessories are also welcome but make it seldom.

Some more advice:
*T-bar sandals would be adorable to pair with this kind of outfit.
*You may also want to accommodate high heeled sandals for more sophistication.


Black Maxi Beach Dress
Who would think that a long dress could fit on a beach? Obviously a black maxi dress looks very striking especially if surrounded with sparkling white sand under the sun. As you walk, it dances with thesummer breeze and makes it more stunning to wear. An easy day awaits you for the coziness this dress may give.

Some more advice:
*You might want to wear this maxi dress withbeach hat for a more summery feel.
*Aside from eye protection sunglasses will make your beach experience more stylish.


Black Floral Dress
Dress with floral prints. How summery could that sound for you? A black dress with flowery prints celebrates the sweet blistering summer as you blossom with this outfit. A plain black dress would be great however a little color do lighten up one’s day.

Some more advice:
*Fancy earrings are meant to match this playful kind of dress for summer.
*Try other fancy bracelets too.


Black shorts top with a black long sleeves/black shirt
A sexy masculine aura for gentlemen can be delivered by shorts top with black rolled up long sleeves. If you choose to be more casual a relaxed fit black shirt will suit your taste. Do not forget to highlight your black summer outfit with a good choice of belt.

Some more advice:
*Choose a different color of belt. Black leather belt may also work but a good contrast for this color will set a lighter mood for your outfit.
*Loafers plus shorts always results to a cool classy look.

Good choices of accessories will always be astounding especially with black outfits. But black outfits are simply classy and doesn’t need too much of exaggeration.

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