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Published on June 21st, 2014 | by Irev

How to Wear Chambray Shirts

One may ask what chambray shirts are. Wearing chambray shirts is a growing trend especially for people who love to dress and to make fashion statements.Chambray shirtsare affordable denim button-ups which are comfy and easy to wear.They look fabulous when paired with the right bottoms.

However, most women todayare having trouble pulling off chambray shirts which lead them to avoid purchasing or wearing them. Most often, the questionsthese women asked is on how to wear these denim shirts. Therefore, it is essentially needed to know the do’s anddon’ts when followingthis emergingfashion trend to be able to create a perfect match of top and bottom. This will surely boost the confidence and bring out the true beauty of every woman who is in to this fashion trend.

Below are some tips on how to wear chambray shirts.


  • A chambray shirt is so neutral. One may go ultra-feminine by pairing it with bright colored denim such as yellow, red, purple or green. One may also pair it with printed or patterned pants or keep it simple by pairing it with white or black jeans.
  • Try to open a chambray shirt over a dress for a chic – spring look orwear it as a light jacket together with a scarf combined with pants on cold weathers – kind of like a cardigan.
  • Wearing a chambray shirt with denim is all about contrast. Pair a light chambray shirt with dark jeans for contrasting look. Also, a chambray shirt with a heavier colored jacket which creates contrasting textures is a must try.
  • Give a chambray shirt a glamorous look by pairing it with a mid-length shimmery skirt tucked in with a belt and pumps
  • Wear chambray shirt with a cute pair of floral jeans. Shirt may be opened or buttoned.
  • To keep a chambray shirt paired with white or black jeans from becoming too ordinary or dull, add lots of bold accessories.


  • Pulling the sleeves up and stacking some of your favorite bracelets will add glamour to your look.
  • Give your outfit some visual interest with a pair of flats. Wearing a pair of animal print ballerina flats gives a classic look.
  • Color coordinating is very important. Bags and shoes must be well color coordinated.
  • Tie the denim shirt over a skirt for a super cute and fabulous look.
  • Button the chambray shirt all the way to the top and pair it with the following long pants:
    • Bold colored jeans with a neutral belt
    • Black tights paired with riding boots
    • White jeans paired with chunky heel
  • Try a bit undone chambray shirt with floral, sequined or leopard printed skirt.
  • Casual hair do is advisable when pairing an undone chambray shirt with a sequined skirt.
  • Polka dots skirt and a chambray shirt is a match made in heaven.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear an all- denim outfit. Mix Light and dark washes.
  • Wear a chambray shirt under a blazer for a professional look.

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