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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by Nir A.


Make Your Own Fashion Statement with Marijuana Belt Buckles

Do you believe in the saying “history repeats itself?” It may sound like a cliché bit there is some truth to it. Way back years ago, it was a trend to wear high waist pants, with shirts inserted. And to finish the ensemble was a belt. This was more than 20-30 years ago. But look at the fashion fad now. The statement that was once obsolete has now returned but better. Pants are not the typical bell- bottom style anymore, rather, tight fitting ones. Shirts may have different prints and it may be loose or fit, long or short. As for the belts, there are the usual ones made out of leather and some are made up of specialized cloth, metal chains and a lot more. To top it, buckles have their own unique designs like the marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles

For women, belts are more than just a tool to hold up pants. In fact, they are considered more of an accessory to complement their fashion statement. So nowadays, belts have a dual purpose. And because of such, sales are getting higher and higher. It’s not only the women that find belts to be of such purposes but surprisingly to the men as well. Although it is of primary importance to them to help keep their pants up, they have also injected their own taste of fashion with the use of belts.  This is for the reason that more and more designed belt buckles are on the rise. An example would be marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles may bring about cultural and moral issues because of the 5- star leaf design. To many, it is known to be used as an illegal drug while some also use it for health reasons. Nevertheless, it is not much of a problem because it is solely just a design. Just because you are wearing one of the marijuana belt buckles, it doesn’t mean that you yourself are a user.  It is simply just your own taste for fashion. So if you are thinking of buying yourself a marijuana designed belt buckle just for the heck of it, feel free to buy online at There is a wide array of designs to choose from not limited to marijuana. What’s better is that it comes in affordable and reasonable prices too. Whether you want a belt for fashion’s sake or you need it to simply hold your pants up, Hot Buckles online store have it all for you.

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