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Published on June 19th, 2014 | by Irev

Maleficent-Inspired Looks

The Maleficent movie is a box office hit fantasy film adaptation from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where the villain Maleficent portrays her perspective from the antagonist.

The story revolves around the villain Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie who was then a vengeful fairy driven to curse the infant Aurora, played by Elle Fanning. Soon she discovered that the child Aurora may be the only one to restore peace to the troubled land between fairies and humans.

The movie does not only show a story of love and forgiveness but it also showcases various amazing costume designs that can be made into a statement look: a modern fairy or a modern princess.

Maleficent’s vengeful, fairy appearance and Princess Aurora’s look inspired many bloggers to create their own versions of the fashion and make-up. The headdresses they wore on the movie are really stunningly beautiful and very realistic (especially Maleficent’s horns).


Maleficent wore black dresses that depict her vengeful, fierce look. It had different textures like leather and crochets and her accessories are those of gold accents and feathers.
Princess Aurora on the other hand, is the charming type; her outfits were more of lacy dresses and emphasized with the dreamy and floral details of the look.


To get Maleficent’s look, go for a black dress with black pumps and the bun up your hair. A goth-inspired makeup like a black eye shadow or winged eyeliner can depict a Maleficent’s evil look.
On the other hand, a lace top or a lace dress with peach to rose pink color and flat doll shoes with a light make up is the how you can achieve the look of Princess Aurora.


There many ways to get a look inspired by Maleficent or Princess Aurora. Try mix and matching dresses and accessories. Just remember that if you are more of a Maleficent then go with dark or black colors, but if your aiming for the sweet and innocent look like Princess Aurora’s, then you are to go more of floral and lacey and pastel colors.

Have you seen the Maleficent movie? What are your thoughts about the movie?

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