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Published on July 21st, 2012 | by Nir A.


Never Going Out of Style with Wood Belt Buckles

Let’s admit it. Belts these days have gone from mainstream to unconventional. Gone are the days when one purchases it merely for the purpose of fastening the two ends of any clothing, particularly pants. They are now a staple in one’s wardrobe used to represent or send a message of your personality, your principles and beliefs and how you take into perspective the entire world surrounding you. Equally important to the belt are the belt buckles. It is probably the most important portion of the belt that makes one decide whether to buy the belt or no. The better the belt buckle and the more suited it is to your preference, the more chances there is that you would purchase the said belt.

The history of belt buckles traces back to 1600s when sailors had difficulty holding up their pants. They were very particular with this since they were faced with situations where their pants sag easily because of getting too soaked with the seawater. They started using leather strips instead of strings and clasped the two ends of the strips with a buckle.

From its humble beginnings, belts and belt buckles have now changed dramatically. It has now gone to explore the use other materials in its production. Nowadays, belt buckle varieties may cover those made of steel, wood, and even LED. Some buckles may also differ with how big or small they are, how discreet or flashy they may be and how simple and intricate they can be. Its functionality has also evolved. They can now accommodate other roles aside from the usual clasping of the two belt ends. They may be used to hold objects like cellphones, money and there are also those that literally send messages to the ones that may get to read them.

Wood belt buckles in particular have a growing number of enthusiasts. More and more individuals today are opting to choose this specific kind of belt buckle. It has a natural feel to it and for those eco-friendly consumers, wood belt buckles are the ultimate go-to when it comes to accessorizing as well as advocating natural awareness. It has the tendency to last longer and they are able to withstand styles through the ages. This sure piece of belt buckle is one wardrobe accessory that can stay in your closet for a lifetime and never go out of fashion.

It can be a challenge as to what type of belt buckle to buy and where it could be purchased. The best venue to check is online where there are millions of sellers to choose from. is the website to check and order for wood belt buckles. You have the liberty to select the best among the rest and better yet, have your desired belt buckle customized to your own preference.

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