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Published on February 15th, 2011 | by Nir A.


New design for the website gets approval from viewers!

Changes are part of lifecycle and innovation is part of website cycle. Working on this aspect few months back, we at redesigned our web-store that sells all types of belts, buckles, caps, watches, handbags and other style fashion accessories.

Though we were sure out customers will like our new approach, we decided to conduct a poll to know their views. There by a poll named as “How you like our new design” was conducted and thanks to all our viewers, we got an overwhelming response. The visitors were asked choose one out the following five options: Wow; Love it; I guess it’s OK; could be better; and I want old one back. The poll was recently closed and here we are with the results.

We know everyone has a different lookout and prospect to analyze something. But when we asked for user reviews more than 77% accepted our new design with their position notes. Many others helped us with their creative inputs to make the site better. We are thankful to all of them who appreciated our effort and helped us make the site better.

These results are going to help us in improving our web-store as well as website in the future. Belts, buckles, caps, watches, handbags and other style fashion accessories are fashion-products and their selling mainly depends on “how they look” and “how they are presented”. Keeping this in mind we started with few changes and will go on with future necessary changes. However, we will always require our client’s support and their feedback. This keeps us going and gives us the enthusiasm to go for a lot more improvement. Once again Thanks all you viewers for overwhelming response.

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I am an experienced entrepreneur, with background in e-commerce ( I have a big e-commerce website that sells fashion accesories) and I've been developing websites for a while. I know all trends in the ecommerce environment and I can help you plan and evolve your online business

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