Mar 08
March Madness Sale!!

March Madness Sale!!

We would like to announce The March Madness Sale as a celebration of 75 years of NCAA Basketball from the Hot Buckles Team! We are offering you 20% off qualifying purchase orders of $45.00 or more on starting today March 8th – ending Midnight March 11th which you will be entitled to redeem a 20% off discount with the following coupon code “HOT20″ by placing the code with the field titled Vouchers Code and clicking the Add button. You will be applied the discount amount to your grand total.

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Happy Holidays Everyone! – From The Hot Buckles Team!

Mar 08

Do you believe in the saying “history repeats itself?” It may sound like a cliché bit there is some truth to it. Way back years ago, it was a trend to wear high waist pants, with shirts inserted. And to finish the ensemble was a belt. This was more than 20-30 years ago. But look at the fashion fad now. The statement that was once obsolete has now returned but better. Pants are not the typical bell- bottom style anymore, rather, tight fitting ones. Shirts may have different prints and it may be loose or fit, long or short. As for the belts, there are the usual ones made out of leather and some are made up of specialized cloth, metal chains and a lot more. To top it, buckles have their own unique designs like the marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles

For women, belts are more than just a tool to hold up pants. In fact, they are considered more of an accessory to complement their fashion statement. So nowadays, belts have a dual purpose. And because of such, sales are getting higher and higher. It’s not only the women that find belts to be of such purposes but surprisingly to the men as well. Although it is of primary importance to them to help keep their pants up, they have also injected their own taste of fashion with the use of belts.  This is for the reason that more and more designed belt buckles are on the rise. An example would be marijuana belt buckles.

Marijuana belt buckles may bring about cultural and moral issues because of the 5- star leaf design. To many, it is known to be used as an illegal drug while some also use it for health reasons. Nevertheless, it is not much of a problem because it is solely just a design. Just because you are wearing one of the marijuana belt buckles, it doesn’t mean that you yourself are a user.  It is simply just your own taste for fashion. So if you are thinking of buying yourself a marijuana designed belt buckle just for the heck of it, feel free to buy online at There is a wide array of designs to choose from not limited to marijuana. What’s better is that it comes in affordable and reasonable prices too. Whether you want a belt for fashion’s sake or you need it to simply hold your pants up, Hot Buckles online store have it all for you.

Mexico City Museum of Drugs

Mar 05

People from around the world consider belts as one of the most popular accessories known to man. They have been existing for a very long time and has proved time and time again that it is one of the most useful and practical accessories. Belts are commonly used to hold up pants that keep falling down from the waistline. They are also, more often than not, used as a fashion accessory for women all around the world. Most men like their belts with buckles in them and like to add various designs like revolver belt buckles designs to help accentuate its beauty.

Many million reasons can be pointed as to why there are some people who are obsessed with belt buckles and having belts to their belt collection and collection of a wide range of accessories in general. One of the most common reasons why they purchase belts and belt buckles is because they are attracted to these buckles and use them as a fashion accessory for the world to see. Men in particular like having fashion accessories that are edgier and that give them a sense of masculinity and superiority. Buckles like the revolver belt buckles are the ones that usually do the trick. is an online store highly dedicated to selling a wide variety of belt buckles for people coming from around the world. They have almost every single design that is catered to both sexes. The buckle designs that they sell include revolver belt buckles, LED belt buckles, rock belt buckles, belt buckles for women, military belt buckles, bottle opener belt buckles, rhinestone belt buckles, skull belt buckles, western belt buckles, and a whole lot other belt buckles for you to look at and to have for yourself. These are belt buckles that you will most certainly cherish for the rest of your life.

The best things about the belt buckles like revolver belt buckles that are being sold at is that they are made out of the finest steel and are crafted to utmost perfection. You can see in the pictures that they were made as if to match any kind of outfit. sells belts and belt buckles worldwide, so you can get a piece of these belts and belt buckles wherever you may be. And though they come at high prices, you are most certainly guaranteed with a belt that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Mar 01

Belts, without a doubt, are one of the most useful and practical accessories known to man. The purpose of these belts is to hold up pants that are extremely loose to the waist. They can also be used as a fashion accessory that can be worn around the hips. These fashion belts are usually belts that have wider straps that is strapped around the top of the wearer. Belts are used by both men and women, and they usually use belt buckles to accentuate it. Example of belt buckles that men use are spinner belt buckles.

There are a lot of reasons as to why people love to wear belt buckles. Most of them who are fond of belt buckles would say that they are fascinated with the various designs to choose from and have a go at trying them on and show off to family members, friends and co-workers alike. Because of their massive popularity, more and more belt buckle designs are created for the pleasure of belt buckle lovers all around the world. These buckles, especially spinner belt buckles, do not come cheap, however, as they are often made with high quality materials. But there are still certain shops and online stores that sell these at much affordable rates.

If you want to look for some of the most affordable belts you can find, head on over to for belt buckles that are out of this world. They have a wide range of belt buckles for you to choose from. From the spinner belt buckles, the LED belt buckles, the hip hop belt buckles, glow in the dark belt buckles, belt buckles for women, star wars belt buckles and a whole other belt buckles that you can choose from to wear or to add to an existing collection of sorts. sells a variety of belts to customers not just living stateside but also to customers around the world. If you come from a different area, they would gladly ship your orders wherever you may be. Spinner belt buckles are not all that hard to find, especially if you are a certified shopaholic who goes to stores and/or research the internet for online shops that sell the best ones. Belt buckles are created for a reason. They provide an added touch to dull outfits and show off one’s personality through these belt buckles as well.

Feb 24

Tired of your ordinary looking belt buckle? Here is an idea to spice up your everyday outfit: scorpion belt buckles. Functioning the way a regular belt buckle does (and more), these buckles will surely give your regular outfit a boost.

But of course, because of its unique design, there are certain ways by which you can wear them as to bring out the intended style with which they were conceptualized. Just as everything in our wardrobe can be classified according to a certain style, the scorpion belt buckles tend to lean towards the Western and leather-y styles more.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear them and look good while you do so:

Wear it with a leather jacket

Leather jackets are very easy to find and are, in fact, a usual item in many people’s closets. Leather jackets, however common they have become, give off a certain kind of aura and makes an ordinary attire thrown in together look special and crisp.

In addition to that, leather jackets also lends a hint of wildness to even the most regular outfit. Scorpion belt buckles will fit the whole ensemble perfectly. Most of the time, the men are fonder of using this kind of belt buckles, but if you are a she and you want to try it out, there’s absolutely no harm in doing so.

Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans

Just as with leather jackets, both men and women are able to sport a pair of skinny jeans nowadays. In fact, if you choose the right kind color, the right fit, and the right cloth, a pair of skinny jeans will flatter your figure. If you are really thin, then you can go for the ultra skinny jeans that hug your legs and make them look a lot longer (when, of course, paired with the right kind of shoes or heel height), except if you naturally have long legs.

Scorpion belt buckles look really great with a leather belt worn over dark colored denim jeans. Dark-colored jeans have a cleaner look, so it is a perfect combination if you want to look crisp and decent at the same time wild and playful, which does not sound very easy to achieve, but is easily done with this match. A pair of jeans that are a bit looser and lighter colored give off a more laid back look.

Feb 16

Whenever you see a horrendously grinning skull as a piece of art, the tendency is, you would always fail to search for the reason of its existence and singlehandedly dismiss that the skull symbolized grim things: danger, perhaps, or most likely, death. That is why most people shun the idea of including skulls as designs, especially in their clothing. To some people (mostly to teenagers), yes, the skull could qualify as a wonderful design, but to the rest of the population, it won’t sell that much.

This article, anyway, is written for those who could accept, and those who do love skull designs. Skull designs could really be used as valuable design motifs for clothing, and the impact of it becomes more felt when it is engraved or printed on a hard and/or sturdy surface. A skull design on a pair of jeans will be of more impact than a skull design printed across a shirt. Thus, if this is the case, then the skull designs with the best impact shall be those seen on belt buckles: we call this, “skulls belt buckles“. Not only does it leave the wearer with a cool fashion sense; it also gives the wearer a sense of heightened esteem and (for teenage boys), a more powerful ego. The biggest man usually gets the skull on him, if not the eagle with wings open wide.

This trend was long seen and analyzed by Hot Buckles, and its crafty artisans did not waste time in creating skull buckle designs. As of now, Hot Buckles has already created not only dozens, but almost two thousand different buckle designs with the skull in it. Some are just plain engravings over metal, while some seem to go beyond what plain imagination can see: skull buckles sparkling with rhinestone and Swarovski crystals. Artists at Hot Buckles even came up with a diverse range of fancy versions of skulls: one design came up with a Native American skull, another was a skull turned into an alien, while others were clad in top hats, hoods, and eyeglasses. If you are either moderately obsessed or fanatically crazy over skull buckle designs, I’m pretty sure that the range of choices that you can see in will really make you feel confused because each design was definitely done in supreme craftsmanship.

The prices? For a hobbyist or a fan like you, the range of prices would be relatively affordable. Of course, you would not mind splurging your cash over those cool skull buckle belts, but anyway, the possible prices for a magnificent skull buckle would range from US$12.95 (for simpler, cleaner designs) up to US$125.00 (for the grandest designs on display). And you would be eager to search for your tight-fitting, high-rise shirt after you have managed to purchase one, so that your beautiful skull belt buckle will show and receive compliments from your peers.

Sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. Skull is equivalent to death? Not always. To teenagers, skulls only comprise a part of images for expression brought about by pop culture. And to those who wish to express themselves through how they clothe themselves, wearing skull buckles would be a popular option. And Hot Buckles made ways to make skull buckles a choice item of clothing.

Feb 13

At the dawn of the fashion era, many kinds of fashion accessories have surfaced in the market. Most of them come with multiple purposes for the benefit of the consumers, often they serve as accessories and necessities at the same time. To narrow down this topic, let’s take a look at belts for example. Almost all men and women (and even children) use belts every day: to work, to school, to the mall, and etc. These long straps of leather that hold our pants up are also being used to jazz up our look. That is why for most people, it is important that their belts match their entire outfit to complete the look that they are trying to project, including the buckles. Uh.. wait, let me say that again: especially the buckles J. A belt’s buckle gives accent to its style, so people often opt for buckles that have a statement. No wonder, as the fashion world have progressed, the demand for fashionable and sassy belt buckles have also grown large.

Licensed Belt Buckles

To meet the growing demand for quality and trendy licensed belt buckles, numerous shops have popped up in the market selling all kinds of belt buckles. Unfortunately, not all of these shops offer superior products. That is why often times, we are left searching the internet or asking around for shops or boutiques that sell top of the class products and not just some low-class imitations of logos, characters, and stuff, but licensed: Which is one awfully important thing for fashionistas nowadays. Because when we flaunt our “cool” buckles and someone says: “hey, nice buckle. Is that thing genuine?”, you can’t answer: “yes” and actually mean it when you know it’s really not, can you? I mean, having authenticity in what we wear just adds up to that sense of pride in our fashion statement. I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to my stuff, I personally think it somehow boosts my egoJ. And products do come in exceptionally good quality when they are legitimate.

So the next time you hit the stores for striking licensed belt buckles, look for the authentic ones. Keep in mind though that they don’t have to be expensive just because they are licensed. At all times go for stores that manufacture and sell high-class buckles at low prices (like Hot Buckles Inc.), affordability and good quality should always go together. That’s wise shopping. Hence, in the future, when you go display your style your buckles will shout: Affordable authenticity at its best!

Feb 06

Ever got the dream to be one of those cool, rope-swinging ranchers in the sunny Texan weather? Ever yearned to be one of those dashing cowboys in the Wild, Wild West and to wear the outfit that matches your get-up the best? Perhaps you will be thinking of the best pair of pants, the best pair of shoes, and the best set of blazers to complete your Gold Rush get-up? Well, I guess what capture the attention of everybody could be located in between your tops and your trousers: a spectacular, similar-themed buckle can blow their minds away.

Perhaps, nowadays, it would be difficult to look for novelty shops that could provide you high-quality themed buckles, but just let your fingers do the job. And definitely, through the Internet, you will be led to Hot Buckles, where the craft of their indefatigable artisans never fail to catch the interest of their ever-expanding clientele. And the rave as of the moment is on their new design release: longhorn buckles. These buckles, created in honor of the Texan Longhorn, the University of Texas’ football team (which was nicknamed ‘Longhorns’), and practically of the State of Texas itself, will definitely give the fever of Texan identity to whoever who wears it. The horn’s length may epitomize the wearer’s pride on wearing such admirable buckles, with its shiny silver finish and intricately carved patterns. Furthermore, the vehement desire of acquisition itself may even surpass the desire to impress others by showing off what these longhorn buckles got.

Though the search for longhorn belt buckles may be specific enough, the search for the exact kind and design may be a bit hard to narrow out. Hot Buckles has created several new designs that involve longhorns, and I am pretty sure that they are parts of a wide array of designs from which the customers could choose for their own satisfaction. Hot Buckles has almost every design that they could come up to spice up the “Longhorn Theme”, and all of them are simply wonderful. Designs range from the simple “Longhorn Head”, to the longhorns with the carved unfurled flag of Texas on its side, to the buckle with the “University of Texas” embedded below the longhorn logo. One of the designs is quite unique: a Longhorn buckle that does not really emphasize “Texas” in it, but the splendid patterns on the buckle’s background can still make that design as captivating as the others. And all these flashy buckles could go down your waistline at prices ranging from $14.95 to $22.95. Expensive, you think? I’m pretty sure the inert gorgeousness of these longhorn buckles can outdo the price.

Texans (and ol’ folks from the Southwest, too) should be proud of their unique heritage by flashing out their roots through their cool buckles. You not a Texan? You still have something to be proud of, too! Why not just show off your new longhorn buckles and show them all that you got swag? Definitely, Hot Buckles’ buckles will not leave you without something to be proud of.

Feb 05

When it comes to totes and handbags, you are certain that you always get what you pay for. But sometimes that is not always the case. There are times that you would get very expensive totes and handbags that turn out to be fake and flimsy. You would also get bags that, while highly stable and useful, end up being not the kind of bag you are actually looking for. It is a certainty that totes and handbags can be useful in their own right. But would it be better if you get a bag that can give you an opportunity to help Mother Earth?

totes and handbags

Ma’mitons, a brand dedicated to creating some of the most fashionable and eco-friendly handbags across the globe, gives you the opportunity to do just that. Ma’mitons was first conceptualized by Cameroonian-born Priscilla aka Ma’mitons with the goal to help poverty around the world one step at a time. She comes from the village of Bangoulap and was given the rare opportunity to study and earn her bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Maryland. From then on, she focused on linking her own culture to the rest of the world while saving Mother Earth from further harm.

And she did just that through diligence and patience. For many years, she did thorough research and saved enough money to start her own fashion accessory brand you know as Ma’mitons. Most of her products include totes, handbags and many more accessories that you would die to have and they can serve as a great gift for your loved ones as well. Every totes and handbags she has available are created out of natural materials and are handmade with sheer intricacy by some of the best Cameroonian artisans she has ever hired.

The natural materials her brand uses are found somewhere in the forest of Cameroon, which can be found somewhere in Central Africa. The handbags, in particular, are crafted out of leaves known to them as raffia (ra-phia), leaves that grow naturally and are only found in the Cameroon forest. The raffia leaves are purely supple and hard-wearing, which makes it an excellent cloth to use to make clothes and wallets as well. With a cloth that is so durable yet so soft, there is no denying that these totes and handbags will last a lifetime and will be worth your purchase.

Looking at the pictures of totes and handbags on the website, you cannot help but be amazed at how beautiful the bags are and find it hard to believe that these are all handmade. And while they may come at hefty price tags, you are surely guaranteed that these totes and handbags will not disappoint you. And also, what you pay for will go to a good cause. Because every 1% of their sales will automatically go to the SOS Children’s Villages, a charity organization that helps orphans and abandoned children find a new home. Be part of the good cause.

Jan 27

Go to a live game prepared and ready to cheer as if it’s the last game you are ever going to witness. Aside from yelling all-out together with other sports fans, there is another very unique way to show your support to your favorite team and at the same time let everyone you meet know that you are a fan of a specific sport. The great thing about it is you can do it in style, and it won’t take so much for you to do so. All you need are trendy sports belt buckles.

Sports belt buckles are visible enough to be seen by people around you and yet are not too conspicuous to cramp your style.

A different buckle for a different sport

Sports belt buckles are available for different sports, so whatever your favorite sport, there is a buckle for you: NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, and many more. Browse through the different styles and designs that are available for purchase online. There is a wide array of choices, and you can buy them online, so you can make your purchase in the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of the holiday season to buy different kinds of belt buckles that can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones who are fond of playing or watching sports. They are unique gift ideas that will surely be appreciated by a fellow sports buff like you. And what’s really great about this is that the buckles can be bought at a very affordable price. The products can be bought at an average price of $8 to $13. The cost is very reasonable, considering the quality materials that were used in creating these products.

sports belt buckles

Quality materials, durability guaranteed

Belt buckles at are made of quality steel, brass, or metal that are guaranteed to make the product last a long time, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and usability.

Look your best in casual attire

Also, the belt buckles come in unique designs that look perfect with a casual attire. Make your everyday, casual ensemble stand out with this simple addition to your wardrobe. Belt buckles are a very convenient, very effortless addition to any attire to remedy often lifelessness of a usual everyday look. They can make a simple combination of blue jeans and a T-shirt look more stylish and attractive.