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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Practically In-Style Knife Belt Buckles

Belt buckles or clasps are used to fasten two ends just as on belts and straps. The use of buckles have been existing for as far way back as the Iron Age and one of the greatest finds on the evidence of its ancient subsistence is the gold “great buckle” buried at Sutton Hoo – a site of two 6th and 7th century cemeteries which is of complete significance in understanding the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia and the whole early Anglo-Saxon period, shedding a light on a period of English history that is on the margin between myth, legend and historical documentation. During these times, buckles are associated solely with men. Buckles have been primarily decorative such as the image shown in the upper left portion of the page which is a seventh-century buckle, showing a naked man with spears, horned helmet, and a belt. Belt buckles in the nineteenth century were primarily a masculine adornment because of its well-built association with the military equipment.

However, in the early years of the twentieth century, belt buckles became more all the rage. Mostly popularized by cowboy movies in the United States, it has been then often awarded to rodeo winners as prize medals or trophies and then later by other competi tions such as marathons. In the recent times, from being primarily a thing for men, buckles have moved dramatically into a thing for both men and women since it has turned into a trendy fashion accessory, giving rise to a new-fangled way known merely as the “front tuck”, wherein one tuck’s his or her shirt in an attempt to show off the belt buckle. Belt buckles made it greatly possible for people to express themselves with ease with its wide array of finicky designs. Knife belt buckles has become one of the common accessories for clothing.

As a tool, knives are quite significantly part of our daily thing. Of its various use, be it an important ware in the kitchen or a good tool for small or big repairs of anything, it became more practical for it to come in handy – though some types might be not allowed to be carried on. Having one of these great knife belt buckles can then be of a huge advantage to anyone who wants to be ready at all times – not for fighting though but on sudden event where a handy knife is a great need in an instant such as on camps and others.

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