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Published on November 6th, 2012 | by Nir A.


Rhinestone Belt Buckles: Buckles Roaring with Elegance

Since the Bronze Age, belts have been part of peoples’ clothing may it be on a usual day-to-day wear or on an out of the ordinary event. Both genders wore them not just for necessity but for aesthetic reasons as well. Belts may come in a variety of dimensions and shades, but it would always be the buckle that ultimately creates the statement. With its tons of distinctive motifs, it would suit whichever preference one wants or needs in a day. Some are simple, some filled with prints and adorned with lots of pretty stuff, while others are studded with diamond-like stones. Some of these artistic stones are called rhinestones where RHINESTONE BELT BUCKLES are named after.

These stones used to embellish RHINESTONE BELT BUCKLES were originally from rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine. But to enlarge its availability for the general population, an Alasatian jeweler Georg Friedrich Strass made an imitation by coating the lower side of glass with metal powder making it look quite like diamonds. Years later, Swarovski, a brand name for a range of cut crystal and related luxury products introduced Aurora Borealis, a thin, vacuum-sputtered metallic coating which were applied to crystal stones making a uniquely beautiful iridescent effect on the stones. The coating, which tends to reflect whatever color is worn near it, was named after the Aurora Borealis atmospheric phenomenon.

Moreover, a variety of these aesthetic stones are not just used to make belt buckles fine-looking and only one of its kind but also to make other pieces such as costumes, used by not just ordinary people attending special occasions but by celebrated stars alike as the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ Elvis Presley and most notably in liberal use by country music singers; apparel, jewelry, and other glassworks to be as delectable as well.

Whatever your preference may be as an individual, and for whatever reason you may have to wear belts on a certain day or event – a wise choice of a buckle is utterly important. Buckles do great things to a certain wear, be it a one-piece or a two-piece suit. It can make a ‘nothing’ into a ‘something’. A simple casual wear can turn into something you want it to be – exactly how you wanted to look like, just by adding a good detail. RHINESTONE BELT BUCKLES are just a few of the countless selection of buckles you can freely choose from.

From a purely simple black-colored ‘Rhinestone Fleur De Lis Belt Buckle’ to a beautifully studded ‘Gold Baseball and Bats Belt Buckle’, you have loads of these uniquely appealing RHINESTONE BELT BUCKLES to pick from. You can look up and grab for yourself at


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