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Rhinestone Belt Buckles


Belts are unisex accessories that can still be accessorized primarily through their buckles, which can be customized with gemstones, engravings, and even rhinestones. A belt buckle with rhinestones is a very versatile accessory because it can be paired with different kinds of belts, creating a variety of looks that can match your mood, personality, or style. And with various looks, you can easily find one that’s appropriate for any occasion, formal or otherwise.

What is a rhinestone?
First things first, though, what do you know about rhinestones? Rhinestones are named from the European river Rhine, where rock crystals were originally gathered. Because they have similar characteristics with diamonds, rhinestones are diamond simulants. In fact, they can be used to create fake diamonds, as some manufacturers have successfully replicated a genuine diamond’s glistening effect when touched by the sun’s rays. Rhinestones also have designated sizes and the terms used are “SS” and “PP”: stone size for apparel, pearl plate for jewelry.

Uses of rhinestones

Because of their aesthetic characteristics, rhinestones are often integrated into clothes, costumes, jewelry, and accessories. A thin metallic vacuum-sputtered coating can be used to make a rhinestone have an iridescent effect, which means it can reflect any color that is near it. Rhinestones can make apparel more attractive, costumes more convincing,and jewelry more alluring. And when you add them to accessories like belt buckles, they can express the wearer’s creativity and style.

1. Rhinestone Eagle Belt Buckle, 2. Gun Metal Flaming Star Rhinestone Belt Buckle, 3. Crystal King Tut Belt Buckle, 4. White Cracked Leather Fleur De Lis Rhinestone Belt Buckle, 5. Cocky Rhinestone Belt Buckle

Application on belt buckles
Flatback rhinestones are often preferred when embellishing clothing and accessories, including belt buckles. Such rhinestones can be made from different materials like acrylic, glass, or lead crystal. Acrylic rhinestones are often the cheapest and aren’t sparkly, so when choosing rhinestones for your belt buckle, you may want to consider other kinds of rhinestones.

Because a buckle is expected to hold a belt in place, it’s also important that the rhinestones on it are of good quality. The cut and type of glass used to create a rhinestone are factors in determining whether or not it is a good one. Generally, the more cuts or facets that a rhinestone has, the better its quality because they break any reflected light into tinier pieces, making the rhinestone sparkle more. Moreover, as a general rule, rhinestones should look good not just from afar, but up close as well. After all, you’d want to be proud to show off your rhinestone belt buckle, especially when you’re wearing something that doesn’t cover it.

1. Pink Rhinestone Belt Buckle, 2. King Crown Rhinestone Belt Buckle, 3. Big Rhinestone Rose Belt Buckle, 4. Rhinestone Crown Winged Skull Belt Buckle, 5. Gold Turntable Belt Buckle

If you’re customizing your own rhinestone belt buckle, make sure to use the right glue. Super glue or similar products are not recommended, except for emergency repairs. There is a number of embellishing glue brands available in the market; you just need to find one that best works for you. Whichever glue you get, just make sure that it isn’t old or hasn’t been exposed to a lot of moisture. Moisture prevents glue form drying properly, so a humidity level of below 60% is ideal when gluing rhinestones onto your belt buckle.

If you’re the type who prefers to go shopping, go ahead. Rhinestone belt buckles are available online and in many shops, so you won’t have difficulty finding one (or more) that will suit your preference.

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