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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Nir A.

Shaded Days

Whether during hot summer days, where you just want to lay on the sand the whole day with some high SPF tan lotion and some cold refreshment or even during rainy days where you wrap a large scarf around your neck just to give you heat and company, sunglasses would always be relevant in those situations. I have to admit, I’m also addicted to sunglasses. I think they are most brilliant invention after the penicillin, oh well, at least from a fashion devotee’s perspective. As much as it completes your overall look, it also has a vital function that would be beneficial to your health and well-being. Let’s face it; due to some changes in our environment that caused some damages to our ozone layer, UV rays became hasher and can result to eye damage, skin cancer by way of eyelid, cataracts or straight up blindness. I know it, it may seem pretty scary but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that sunglasses are one of the many precautions to prevent these types of health complexities.

I have always been particular in choosing sunglasses because as much as they give me protection they must also look chic. And I find out some pretty notable sunglasses that serve both fashion and function. Having a basic silhouette that would go with many outfits, New York Giants Wayfarer Sunglasses is the quintessential representation of a classic frame. Wayfarer’s have this universal appeal that would go well with different looks, occasions and even time periods. They have the basic and classic look that would last for eternity. Metal frame sunnies, like Thin Black Metal Frame Inspired Sunglasses would give an incognito moment if you don’t want to be bothered or that simply bad-ass facade. And if you’re an outdoor type, who enjoys being on an open environment why not try on a Thin Black Metal Frame Inspired Sunglasses, they are durable and sturdy that can last even after our wildest adventure.

In line with everything I just wrote about why we should wear sunglasses. It is very important that we choose a frame that would suit our style, lifestyle and personality. And an essential point to remember is, we should be cautious enough to know how a simple accessory can prevent some life changing misfortune. Because even if they are just mere accessories that we wear on our faces, as cliché as it may sound, prevention is really better than cure.

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