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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Nir A.

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I’ve always asked myself whether I wanted to yearn for simplicity. It does not only apply to my lifestyle, work ethics but even with the way I dress. They may mention the old cliché quote, “simplicity is beauty” but I just can’t seem to bare seeing myself wear generic outfits like a pair of white button down shirt and jeans. I need to have something that would make me standout and to give me that swag that would take me through the day. I need to have something that others don’t have. As superficial as it sounds, the best way to have a little flair in your outfit or that hidden sparkle is to wear bracelets and making them arm candies.

The definition of arm candy is not only an attractive person clinging on your arm but they are also diverse bracelets piled on your arm that resembles some sort of a party. And some aren’t even parties. Some are gatherings, soiree and even a mass revolution. They make your basic outfit look interesting because they give that quirkiness and eccentricity.

Now, if you’re planning to organize your own arm candies. I’ll give you some calculations to properly decorate your arm. Let’s start off with leather bracelets these bad-ass babies have so many designs to choose from that can be the basic foundation of your arm party. Tattoo Johnny Star Machine Leather Cuff Bracelet, Red Distressed Holy Leather Cuff Bracelet and Brown Marble Full Grain Leather Bracelet are just some of the designs to choose from. Next are wrist bands, They have some athletic façade in them that would be a fresh piece to see from an array of bracelets. They come in different colors and designs, And adding that industrial look to the party is the wide cuff bracelet made from stainless steel and leather that comes in modern, classic and floral design that would highlight the whole look. And lastly are Rhinestone cuffs with feminine and sparkling designs it would surely make your arms shine and would balance out those hard and masculine pieces. They come in turquoise stone, gem rhinestones and even black and wide brown rhinestones.

blue distressed leather cuff bracelet

If you’re planning to standout and stick out from your usual fashion norm, why not try these arm candies? Forget the old saying “less is more” because in fashion, more is definitely more.

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