Feb 16

Whenever you see a horrendously grinning skull as a piece of art, the tendency is, you would always fail to search for the reason of its existence and singlehandedly dismiss that the skull symbolized grim things: danger, perhaps, or most likely, death. That is why most people shun the idea of including skulls as designs, especially in their clothing. To some people (mostly to teenagers), yes, the skull could qualify as a wonderful design, but to the rest of the population, it won’t sell that much.

This article, anyway, is written for those who could accept, and those who do love skull designs. Skull designs could really be used as valuable design motifs for clothing, and the impact of it becomes more felt when it is engraved or printed on a hard and/or sturdy surface. A skull design on a pair of jeans will be of more impact than a skull design printed across a shirt. Thus, if this is the case, then the skull designs with the best impact shall be those seen on belt buckles: we call this, “skulls belt buckles“. Not only does it leave the wearer with a cool fashion sense; it also gives the wearer a sense of heightened esteem and (for teenage boys), a more powerful ego. The biggest man usually gets the skull on him, if not the eagle with wings open wide.

This trend was long seen and analyzed by Hot Buckles, and its crafty artisans did not waste time in creating skull buckle designs. As of now, Hot Buckles has already created not only dozens, but almost two thousand different buckle designs with the skull in it. Some are just plain engravings over metal, while some seem to go beyond what plain imagination can see: skull buckles sparkling with rhinestone and Swarovski crystals. Artists at Hot Buckles even came up with a diverse range of fancy versions of skulls: one design came up with a Native American skull, another was a skull turned into an alien, while others were clad in top hats, hoods, and eyeglasses. If you are either moderately obsessed or fanatically crazy over skull buckle designs, I’m pretty sure that the range of choices that you can see in HotBuckles.com will really make you feel confused because each design was definitely done in supreme craftsmanship.

The prices? For a hobbyist or a fan like you, the range of prices would be relatively affordable. Of course, you would not mind splurging your cash over those cool skull buckle belts, but anyway, the possible prices for a magnificent skull buckle would range from US$12.95 (for simpler, cleaner designs) up to US$125.00 (for the grandest designs on display). And you would be eager to search for your tight-fitting, high-rise shirt after you have managed to purchase one, so that your beautiful skull belt buckle will show and receive compliments from your peers.

Sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. Skull is equivalent to death? Not always. To teenagers, skulls only comprise a part of images for expression brought about by pop culture. And to those who wish to express themselves through how they clothe themselves, wearing skull buckles would be a popular option. And Hot Buckles made ways to make skull buckles a choice item of clothing.

Feb 06

Ever got the dream to be one of those cool, rope-swinging ranchers in the sunny Texan weather? Ever yearned to be one of those dashing cowboys in the Wild, Wild West and to wear the outfit that matches your get-up the best? Perhaps you will be thinking of the best pair of pants, the best pair of shoes, and the best set of blazers to complete your Gold Rush get-up? Well, I guess what capture the attention of everybody could be located in between your tops and your trousers: a spectacular, similar-themed buckle can blow their minds away.

Perhaps, nowadays, it would be difficult to look for novelty shops that could provide you high-quality themed buckles, but just let your fingers do the job. And definitely, through the Internet, you will be led to Hot Buckles, where the craft of their indefatigable artisans never fail to catch the interest of their ever-expanding clientele. And the rave as of the moment is on their new design release: longhorn buckles. These buckles, created in honor of the Texan Longhorn, the University of Texas’ football team (which was nicknamed ‘Longhorns’), and practically of the State of Texas itself, will definitely give the fever of Texan identity to whoever who wears it. The horn’s length may epitomize the wearer’s pride on wearing such admirable buckles, with its shiny silver finish and intricately carved patterns. Furthermore, the vehement desire of acquisition itself may even surpass the desire to impress others by showing off what these longhorn buckles got.

Though the search for longhorn belt buckles may be specific enough, the search for the exact kind and design may be a bit hard to narrow out. Hot Buckles has created several new designs that involve longhorns, and I am pretty sure that they are parts of a wide array of designs from which the customers could choose for their own satisfaction. Hot Buckles has almost every design that they could come up to spice up the “Longhorn Theme”, and all of them are simply wonderful. Designs range from the simple “Longhorn Head”, to the longhorns with the carved unfurled flag of Texas on its side, to the buckle with the “University of Texas” embedded below the longhorn logo. One of the designs is quite unique: a Longhorn buckle that does not really emphasize “Texas” in it, but the splendid patterns on the buckle’s background can still make that design as captivating as the others. And all these flashy buckles could go down your waistline at prices ranging from $14.95 to $22.95. Expensive, you think? I’m pretty sure the inert gorgeousness of these longhorn buckles can outdo the price.

Texans (and ol’ folks from the Southwest, too) should be proud of their unique heritage by flashing out their roots through their cool buckles. You not a Texan? You still have something to be proud of, too! Why not just show off your new longhorn buckles and show them all that you got swag? Definitely, Hot Buckles’ buckles will not leave you without something to be proud of.

Jan 27

Go to a live game prepared and ready to cheer as if it’s the last game you are ever going to witness. Aside from yelling all-out together with other sports fans, there is another very unique way to show your support to your favorite team and at the same time let everyone you meet know that you are a fan of a specific sport. The great thing about it is you can do it in style, and it won’t take so much for you to do so. All you need are trendy sports belt buckles.

Sports belt buckles are visible enough to be seen by people around you and yet are not too conspicuous to cramp your style.

A different buckle for a different sport

Sports belt buckles are available for different sports, so whatever your favorite sport, there is a buckle for you: NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, and many more. Browse through the different styles and designs that are available for purchase online. There is a wide array of choices, and you can buy them online, so you can make your purchase in the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of the holiday season to buy different kinds of belt buckles that can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones who are fond of playing or watching sports. They are unique gift ideas that will surely be appreciated by a fellow sports buff like you. And what’s really great about this is that the buckles can be bought at a very affordable price. The products can be bought at an average price of $8 to $13. The cost is very reasonable, considering the quality materials that were used in creating these products.

sports belt buckles

Quality materials, durability guaranteed

Belt buckles at hotbuckles.com are made of quality steel, brass, or metal that are guaranteed to make the product last a long time, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and usability.

Look your best in casual attire

Also, the belt buckles come in unique designs that look perfect with a casual attire. Make your everyday, casual ensemble stand out with this simple addition to your wardrobe. Belt buckles are a very convenient, very effortless addition to any attire to remedy often lifelessness of a usual everyday look. They can make a simple combination of blue jeans and a T-shirt look more stylish and attractive.

Jan 24

There’s no doubt that belts are one of the most beneficial accessories anybody could ever have. Belts are used to hold the pants up and prevent them from falling down. While there is no denying that belts live up to its purpose, the belt can sometimes appear dull if it is paired up with a buckle that is simple but with no spark. If you want to add a special touch to your outfit, put on punk belt buckles to enhance your outfit and give it that much needed attention. With it, you can truly stand out from the rest.

In today’s times, belts have become more than just an accessory that is needed. Over the years, belts, especially those that come with buckles, have become more and more fashionable. More importantly, they have become a very important part in the world of fashion, as the belt is often credited as an accessory that truly accentuates a particular outfit. Punk belt buckles are not much of a challenge when it comes to matching it with the right clothes for as long as you choose the right belt buckle. The better the belt buckle design, the better your outfit becomes.

One of the best ways of finding and purchasing belt buckles is through online stores. Hotbuckles.com is one of many online stores that sell belts and belt buckles in a wide range of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. They have an entire section on their website that contain a variety of punk belt buckles that come in various designs they have the Pewter Old Cassette Belt Buckle, the Rising Sun Belt Buckle, the Grunge Tattoo Belt Buckle, the Wood Star Belt Buckle, the Skull Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle, the Derby Girl Belt Buckle and other designs for you to select from.

On the whole, punk belt buckles, and all other belt buckle designs, help improve one’s overall outfit, gives the person wearing the belt an edge and help that person wearing that belt buckle stand out from a sea full of people. One colorful belt buckle can truly make a difference when it comes to enhancing an outfit. Highly durable belt buckles do not come cheap. Fortunately though, the belt buckles sold at hotbuckles.com are affordable and worth the purchase because they are durable. You can never go wrong with a belt buckle, especially with a belt buckles that comes with style.

Jan 21

Belts are one of many accessories that people use for their everyday needs. People wear jewelry to help draw attention to their outfits. The belt in itself is also considered an accessory, but a necessary one in that it helps keep pants, most especially loose ones, from going down. They come in handy, especially if you own loose pants that you do not want to throw away. While for the most part belts would come in useful, it becomes even more attractive if you put a customized belt buckle with it. A fine sample of these is oversized belt buckles.

These belt buckles are extremely big that it would make people turn their heads to get a closer look at it. If you intent to get the attention of your family members, friends and colleagues at work, you will need an accessory to get noticed. And one of the best ways to do so is to get a belt buckle that immediately catches the eyes of people you meet anywhere you go. Oversized belt buckles are belt buckles that are truly worth having. In fact, you can even start a collection of these belt buckles as well.

Shop for oversized belt buckles over at hotbuckles.com and get a wide range of belt buckles that come in various looks, sizes, colors and designs. Besides the oversized ones, they also have belt buckles for women and kids and have other kinds of belt buckles available to choose from such as hip hop, animal, fantasy, rock, punk, automotive, religious, glow in the dark, LED, rhinestone and a whole lot other kinds of buckles you would kill to have to use or add to a certain collection. Whatever the kind of buckle you have, you are guaranteed that you will get high quality belts you will ever find.

Oversized belt buckles in general are not that hard to find. All you need to do is select the kind of design that suits your personal style. Do not settle for belt buckles that do not match your personal interest or belt buckles you feel that are not worth spending your money for. Always go for quality belt buckles that would last a lifetime. Belt buckles provide you with an opportunity to be confident with what you wear. With a belt buckle that looks good, it is a guarantee that you will look the part every day.

Jan 14

For some people, they consider belts solely as an accessory that holds up their pants so that it will not fall off. But for some people, a belt is more than just an accessory that is needed. They also regard the belt as a sort of fashion accessory, depending on how you can tell if a belt is a fashion belt when you see one. And a belt becomes even more fashionable if it has an equally fashionable belt buckle. Razor belt buckles are a fine sample of cool and one-of-a-kind belts that most men will most certainly enjoy.

Shaved Razor Belt Buckles

Nevertheless, no matter what kind of belt you buy, it is always important to ensure that what you buy has a secure and stable buckle. Besides the strap, the buckle is an integral part of the belt as it is the one that secures and ties both ends of the straps together. There are some belt buckles that are made of real metal while others are created out of plastic. A variety of designs are made available for people who are not contented with just one designs. Razor belt buckles and cowboy belt buckles are some of the buckles you will most certainly enjoy having.

If you want to look for the best kinds of belt buckles, then hotbuckles.com is the place to go to for the most stunning and sturdy belt buckles sold. They have an entire section on their website that is filled with numerous razor belt buckles that caters to razor enthusiasts. And if you are looking for a belt to give to your significant other, they also have women’s belts available with designs ranging from rhinestones and heart-shaped designs that your woman will surely love. The availability of these belt buckle designs is endless.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Hotbuckles.com, no doubt, is the go-to place if you are looking for belt buckles that are durable and exquisite all at once. If you are looking for an accessory that can help emphasize your overall outfit, they have an abundant number of buckle designs for you to choose from. They ship belt buckles worldwide, so this means all their belt buckles and other items are made available to those not living at stateside. From razor belt buckles, women’s belt buckles and vintage belt buckles and vice versa, they have it all over at hotbuckles.com at affordable yet highly reasonable prices.

Jan 04

These days, belt buckles are no longer just a necessary part of a person’s outfit. They have become more and more stylish as the years went by, and as a matter of fact, they have become an important part of the whole trendy ensemble, be it for an everyday affair or a special occasion. Snake belt buckles can be a challenge for some people to find a match for, but because of the uniqueness of the designs of most such belt buckles, a lot of people are wondering how to properly wear them and what sort of occasions call out for these kinds of accessory.

Examining the design

Snake belt buckles come in different designs, styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. You can get belt buckles with the most elaborate designs or ones with designs so inconspicuous that people need to look at the buckle closely in order to notice the snake design. More commonly worn by men, snake belt buckles with snake heads sculpted to the tiniest detail. These buckles usually come in bigger sizes and are hard not to notice. They are best worn with jeans and a casual T-shirt with minimal design or print. They exude a certain toughness that a lot of males go for. The steel or metals ones that come in big sizes are best worn during casual occasions, and are hardly worn on formal gatherings or events.

There are also snake belt buckles with snake skin on the face of the buckle. They often come in various colors, but the most common are shades of brown and black. These elegant-looking belt buckles look great with slacks and a smart casual ensemble, for going to work or attending a company dinner. They look good when used with thinner leather belts that are either brown or black. Often, when people pair white leather belts for this kind of buckle, the size of the buckle is also smaller.

And then there are, of course, buckles that display a whole snake using white metal or steel. This kind of design can vary from small, medium, to large buckles. These are less common compared to the ones with snake heads or snake skins.

In general, snake belt buckles give off a certain confident aura that makes the total outfit have an extra edge over others, even if you are only wearing something simple on an ordinary day.

Dec 31

A belt buckle is known as the part of a person’s wardrobe that is used both as an accessory and a necessity. But one specific kind of belt buckle takes functionality and trendiness in one stylish buckle. The seatbelt belt buckles are actual belt buckles that can also be used to hold up your jeans as a belt buckle.

Various designs

This kind of belt buckle comes in varying designs. Hotbuckles.com is one of the most popular websites that you can go to if you are interested in buying belt buckles. They offer many different designs and styles, and one of the most common are the signature logos of different automobile brands, such as Nissan, Ford, and Honda. These are great because you can choose a belt buckle that goes perfectly with your car, whatever the brand. When worn as a belt buckle, the belt buckle of your choice also looks great, with its simple and classy appearance. You can also choose Jeep seatbelt belt buckles, if you are fond of jeeps or if you own one.

Great with your own choice of belt

Another advantage to this kind of belt buckle is that because of the simplicity of the design with which they come, they can look great with whatever kind of belt that you want. Some of the most common belts that go with these belt buckles are those that are designed with humorous texts. Belts also come in different colors that can be matched with the perfect belt buckle that comes in different sizes and shapes, depending on the look that you are aiming at and your personal style.

Great for emergency purposes

We can never tell when emergency situations are going to hit us. Of course safety belts are very important in a vehicle, especially if you are a parent and you need to be assured that your kids are going to be safe when you travel together. One way to solve an emergency situation of a missing safety belt and make it a fun time is by making use of stylish seatbelt belt buckles that do not only look good but function well.

Express your love for automobiles

Adjustable and easy to use, these belt buckles are very convenient and flexible. But that’s not all. You can let your friends know how your love for cars by wearing these belt buckles.

Nov 27

Most people today have a specific team they root for in the NBA, and because of this, come game time, you can expect people wearing all sorts of things with the logo of their team on them: T-shirts, caps, jerseys, and many others. But you can show extra support to the team of your choice by wearing NBA belt buckles, even if you are only watching the live broadcast of the game in the comfort of your living room.

Belt buckles have always been one of the most common part of a person’s daily attire. Both men and women wear them too, so they go beyond gender. They can add that lacking pizzazz in an ordinary everyday outfit, as well. From an ordinary-looking belt buckle, you can try something that can be stylish and playful at the same time. NBA belt buckles can achieve that effect for you.


You will be surprised at the many different designs that are available in the market. It doesn’t matter what team you root for, you are sure to find belt buckles that have your favorite team’s logo on it. Not only can they be used as belt buckles, they can also be a wonderful addition to your collection of NBA paraphernalia, if you have some. Most NBA fans collect things that remind them of their favorite team or player. If you do have a favorite player, you can also find NBA belt buckles with his name on it. Some of the most famous players are sure to have their names engraved on the belt buckles of many NBA fans.

Where to Get Them

Hotbuckles.com is a great place to buy NBA belt buckles. There is a wide array of buckles that you can choose from. The biggest advantage of buying your stuff online is that you are not limited in terms of browsing available items. If you go to your local store, there can only be so many items for you to check out. But online, you are free to browse as long as you want. Plus, picking the item you want to buy has become extra easy because the choices have been categorized to make it more convenient for the customers. Also, if you check their website, http://www.hotbuckles.com/, you can get the chance to buy buckles on sale! There’s nothing better than good quality stuff that you can buy for a cheap price.

Nov 24

Gone are the days when accessories remain accessories. One very creative and useful thing to add to your wardrobe essentials are bottle opener belt buckles.

Have you ever experienced going to an outdoor party or something of the sort, with cold drinks for everybody, but no one remembered to bring a bottle opener along? It is very common, and I bet most of us have experienced this a number of times already. With bottle opener belt buckles ready, you never have to worry about such party bloopers.

Style and Design

Thinking about this kind of belt buckles, it is natural to wonder how they are supposed to look like, and whether they can be any stylish at all. Well, if you have never tried this one out, you are in for a surprise. They come in various creative designs that you can choose from. And boy, are they stylish. Often, they also come with witty and funny phrases that are sure to be a big hit among your friends.  They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Below is an example of a belt buckle that has a unique shape. There are many others that come in the shape of a guitar, a beetle, and others. If you want the big, noticeable ones so you can brag about them to your peers, you are sure to find those that fit that category. There are also bottle opener belt buckles that are less conspicuous, if you want something sort of low-key.


There is absolutely no question about the usability of these buckles. You can use them to open bottles in several ways. Since this kind of buckles are attached to your belt, you can use them to open your own beverage bottle just as you would use a bottle opener attached to a fridge or a wall. If your party is really lacking a bottle opener, like if nobody remembered to bring one along, then you can remove the buckle from your belt so it can be passed around for everybody’s use. It’s very easy to use, and well, it encourages camaraderie and stimulates good humor from among the people in your crowd as well.


Another really good thing about bottle opener belt buckles is that they are very cheap. You can buy the ones with really good quality yet you don’t have to spend a lot. And you can buy them practically anywhere. And it is very easy to buy one online too. When you buy one online, you also have the advantage of being able to browse through more choices than you would have at your local store.