May 01

How you can be one hot tamale for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is an annual celebration that captures the festive spirit of Mexican fervor. When Mexico refused to pay interest to the country of France, the French invaded and tried to occupy Mexico. But the pride and determination of the Mexican people could not be defeated on May 5th, 1862. The Battle of Puebla is the historic site of this holiday victory where a festive parade is still held every year. Not to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, this victory played an important role in Mexico’s independence.

The party goers and parade people of the town of Puebla have mock sword fights, play traditional games, and dance to mariachi music. There is lots of sounds and music, eating and drinking, and festive fashions (think big belt buckles, fancy boots, and rhinestone hats ) all take front stage for a celebration without limits.


You may not remember the Mexican victory over French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla…. heck, after all the food, parties, dancing, and good times, you might not remember this May 5th in the morning. But, you still want to look good right?

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Feb 24

Your belt is wearing out and the buckle is still in great shape and you are in love with it. Mmhh, you want to get rid of the belt and keep the buckle, but you have no idea how to separate the two.
Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore…

Hot Buckles Inc offers revolutionary belts that allow you to safely detach or change the buckle as you wish while still maintaining the quality of both the belt and the buckle.

How to removing a buckle

How to safely detach a buckle

Instead of having many similar belts with different buckles, you can have a single belt and several buckles. The best thing about this is you of course saving space in your closet, and among other things, your fashion gets greener without sacrificing a lot.
With several dozens of different buckles on offer, you can choose simple designs for your casual wear and funky designs for nights out or costume parties.

With the ideal belt and buckle on you, you can sashay to any function with great style and vigor.