Published on October 21st, 2008 | by Nir A.


The Connection Between Celebrities and Fashion

You are sitting at home in your comfortably flannel pajama pants and a pizza stained t-shirt. With a bag of potato chips in one hand and the remote in the other, you excitedly switch on the tube to watch the event of the year… well, at least of the week … the Academy Awards.

Which films have been nominated? You are not sure. Who is the Oscar favorite for “Best Cinematography?” You do not care.

What will Halle be wearing?
How many diamonds will fit around Nicole’s thin little wrist?
Yes! Those are the questions!

And thus we see the reason for the relationship between fashion designers and our favorite A-list celebrities. Calvin, Donatella, Marc, and the rest of the gang are certainly not fools! Fashion designers are aesthetically driven – they seek to create physical beauty inspired by their thoughts, ideas, and visions. This physical beauty is known to us as clothing. And how beautiful it truly is!

And what can be better than a meticulously constructed and designed floor length Vera Wang gown? A meticulously constructed and designed floor length Vera Wang gown on Julia Roberts! Fuse the most beautiful fashion designs with some of the most beautiful faces, bodies and people and the result borders on sublime – a sensory delight that keeps us tuned in and left wanting to emulate.

Flashback to the months leading up to my senior prom…just weeks after Gwenyth Paltrow won her Academy Award for “Best Actress,” the racks of Macy’s were overflowing with replicas of Paltrow’s bubblegum pink ball gown. As much as we value our individual tastes and fashion sense, there is at least a part of us (no matter how small), that emulates the beauty we find in the world. This is natural, right?

I have heard that a celebrity wearing your gown/tux/creation to a red carpet event is worth over a million dollars in advertising. Further, they tell me that slipping a gorgeous frock onto an Academy Award winner is worth tens of millions of dollars in advertising. This does not seem to be much of a stretch. Beauty sells – making the relationship between fashion and celebrity brilliant….

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2 Responses to The Connection Between Celebrities and Fashion

  1. Sean Buckle Man says:

    Lets get some of these celebreties to wear buckles on the red carpet, now you’re talking my language and stop eating those chips!

  2. Valeria Kelly says:

    Julia Roberts always have that classice beauty that we admire..;,

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