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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Nir A.

The Handbag Diary

mary kate olsen-Alexander Wang bag

The real conclusion has drawn to me as soon as I set my eyes on designer bags. Yes, they look beautiful, stylish and well-made. But as much as you enjoy carrying them on your arms, they bore and tear your pocket like bleach on an overused cotton shirt. If “look for less” is one of your fashion motto’s then I suggest you keep your eyes off these tempting bags. Some lessons I learned way back when I was naïve enough to even think of purchasing one was never buy it for the sake of “social status” or

even Label Blindness. Women buy expensive bags while men drive expensive cars to be able to validate their economic standing (at least from my perspective). I believe we should spoil ourselves sometimes but isn’t a $1,000 hand bag kind of goes beyond the limits? But if you want hand bags that are beautiful, stylish and affordable at the same time, why not check out these Fashion Handbags.

Tote Handbags are perfect for work or a night in the town. They are big enough for you to store all your essentials and they are small enough for you to carry. And when you have a fancy dinner or maybe attend a special event, isn’t carrying bulky handbags a turnoff and would just spoil your whole outfit? Evening Handbags are must-

have in these occasions. From Rhinestone Studded Fuchsia Sash Evening Handbag to a Black Polyester Evening Handbag. You can choose a wide variety of colors, size and design that would suit your style best. And who says handbags are only for women? Automotive Handbags have this unisex style that can use

for both men and woman. It’s sturdy, durable and functional. And as they say imitation is the best form of flattery, so if you want to have a designer bag but not willing to pay the price, why not buy these Designer Inspired Handbags they honestly look good as the originals and serve the same function but are more affordable and easy on the budget.


My lustful attraction to designer handbags has vanished from my system. My infidelity for designer and expensive things may come back to haunt me from time to time and I may crave some when I see these delectable handbags online or inside glass windows. But law of gravity dictates, what goes up must come down and these once “it handbags” becomes just handbags.



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