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The Types of Custom Belt Buckles

Belt buckles have been in existence since the Iron Age. The word “buckle” is from the Latin  which roughly means “cheek strap,” like for a helmet. Aside from their practical use, belt buckles can be an avenue for showcasing a wearer’s creativity, style, or beliefs, particularly when a belt buckle is customized. Custom belt buckles are often well thought of and well-crafted, especially when they commemorate something special or of great importance to the wearer. If you’re planning on getting one, it’s best to know the types of custom belt buckles first.


You have a lot of options and styles to choose from when wanting a custom belt buckle. You can have any type of belt buckles customized. Below are the most common buckle styles.

If you’re more of the classic type, go for a frame-style buckle, which is the oldest type. Such buckles have a frame and prong combination, wherein the latter is attached to one end of the frame and is extended away from the wearer via a hole in the actual belt. The prong is then anchored against the other side of the frame.

For a more military feel, go for a plate-style buckle, which is a solid plate of metal that is fixed onto the end of the belt. Plate-style buckles were common among traditional Western military belts. They often have a clasp with three hooks. Two hooks fit into one end of the belt, while the third hook fits into the other end.

Another military style buckle is the box-frame buckle, which is also common among web belts. This type of buckle has three parts: the front, the back, and the post. The post is positioned perpendicularly to the belt so it can be pressed against the often solid rectangular-shaped box that completely surrounds the webbing to lessen accidental adjustments if ever the belt snags on to something. A metal tip on the tongue often connects the buckle to the belt for easier insertion.

If you prefer fashion over function, then you should get a box-out buckle. Box-out belt buckles are often made of enduring leather or any synthetic materials, which are often more fashionable than functional. They gained popularity since appearing in Hollywood films aiming to have a fresher and newer look. They are often attractive and used to accessorize and complete a wearer’s fashion style.


Another type primarily meant for showcasing purposes is the clip buckle.It is often larger than other types. Its huge solid plate has a peg or pegs that pop into the belt. The plate is usually decorated with something that the wearer wants to be displayed. So if you’re planning to have an engraving or your company logo on your custom belt buckle, this type will suit your needs.

Lastly, if you’re more concerned about actually securing your belt, you can either go for a snap buckle, a tang buckle, or the traditional buckle. Snap buckles pop securely onto special belts, while tang buckles have two metal tongues that feed into holes on the belt. Traditional buckles are often made of silver, brass, or nickel and feature one or three clamps.

Now that you know the types of belt buckles, it’s time to pick one that you like and is best suited for whatever purpose you have in mind.

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